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Link General

Link General

Due to there being far better guide(s) here for 64 Link I've decided to discontinue this guide. Please disregard

A general Smash 64 Link guide based upon my basic knowledge and tips from websites and top players (...OK it's just Isai).

What I'm sure about, I'll talk about. What I'm not sure about, I'll still talk about but I'll inform you as such.


Button key:

:GCA:=N64 A (Attack)
:GCB:=N64 B (Special)
:GCRT:=N64 R (Grab)
:GCLT:=N64 L (Taunt)
:GCZ:=N64 Z (Shield)
:GCN:=N64 Joystick (Movement)
:GCCN:=N64 C buttons (Jump)


General Aspects

When playing as Link, you have to be alright with knowing that you're pretty much always at a disadvantage. (See matchup spread at the bottom of this section. He's somewhat slow, has relatively poor combo potential on the current viable stages, and has quite possibly the worst recovery in the game.

He's not all bad though. In all of his normal moves, he uses his sword. This isn't smash 4 with a ton of sword fighters and people with tons of disjointed hitboxes, Link is the sole sword fighter in the game. He has the advantage of a disjointed hitbox and a long one at that. Sure, in this game there are tons of disjointed hitboxes, but he has probably the most consistent one. His standard and down specials are also long ranged and hard hitting projectiles, which also helps with his range game.

Characters like Pikachu make most of these aspects irrelevant, because it has great range, combos, and a projectile.

No, you probably can't be a good player being only link (unless you're Isai) but if you just like the idea as playing as him, go for it, just don't expect great results and have at least a pocket Pikachu if you're gonna main him.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.58.20 PM.png


More to come later
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