INAGI_Pvtches's "Enter The Way Of The Competitor"

INAGI_Pvtches's "Enter The Way Of The Competitor"

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Entry 1 (6/17/2019):
Hey Everyone!:ness2: :pikachumelee:Pvtches here! Formerly known as the-R00ki3 (not the mario main :mariomelee: A rookie) I have returned to remake my old guide "The-x-R00ki3's rainbow road to competitive smash" It was a 5 star guide out of 8 ratings and even today I'm super proud of the makings of that guide! The only issue was my skill level as a player was super super low and inexperienced and some of the information I presented wasn't entirely true. It was all just me describing things the best way I understood it. I understand it all much better now that I'm more notable in my state and a tad more recognized in my region so hopefully I will be able to spill even MORE information than i had like 2 or 3 years ago!

Okay first things first: It seems smash boards has limited posts to 5000 characters? or something? Well to fix that I will now be linking you to Google Docs pages of my tutorial which will be awesome because that way my sections will be more organized. It just wont look at pretty as it could on smash boards :( . Anyway My First section is below! Its a very baby step section so if you aren't a beginner it's probably not for you. The Sections will grow more advanced each sections but if you wish to get better RIGHT NOW here is my link to my older guide:

Entry 2 (6/23/2019):
So with my work schedule working on a section will take a lot longer than I had expected:143:. I just finished Section 2! but in my head after making section 1 I figured it would only take a few days. It took nearly a week! Well Here it is! Look below for the post of section 2! :039:
:GCDpad::metaknight: Come... enter the way of the competitor.

I will guide you through the path of being a bracket demon. It will take work. It will take practice. It will take weeks of severe disappointment. It all requires time and effort. With just that, you can start as a weakling who has just received a Super Smash Bros. copy to a warrior who has bathed his controller with the blood of his victims. Of course everyone who learns to walk their path starts with baby steps. This Lesson here will be the end of your crawling days. Please take your first peek at the criteria that will some day allow you to survive the gallows of round 1 pools.

Lesson 1: The Basic Controls Of Super Smash Brothers For Beginners

:GCDpad::ultfalco:Piece of cake right?

You now know how to hold your weapon of choice. The next lesson will be a walk in the part too but after starts the REAL grind.

:GCB::falco:Personally, I prefer the air!

The more advanced version of lesson 2 is all about the Aerial controls. You'll learn how to jump, how to double jump, your third jump and how to recover. You'll also learn about aerial attacks and certain aerial movement techniques. Soon, you'll prefer the air too:017:!

Lesson 2: The Advanced Controls Of Super Smash Brothers For Beginners

:GCDpad::ike:Prepare yourself!

This is where my demand for your hard work begins.
Lesson 1 - 2 was baby stuff. This is where most people decide if becoming a Melee/Project M player is right for them. If you feel like this lesson is too hard. Don't bother. :ultike: You'll get no sympathy from me!

Lesson 3: Basic Tech Skill for Beginners Coming Soon...
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  1. Entry 2 (6/23/2019): Lesson 2 has dropped!

    So with my work schedule working on a section will take a lot longer than I had expected:143:. I...