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I'll Make A Sheik Out Of You- SSB4 Sheik Guide

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Welcome Smashers, I assume you are here to learn about Sheik. Well, we should probably learn her pros and cons before moving on.

  • Great SH
  • Amazing Combo Game
  • Fast and Agile
  • Excellent Frame Data
  • Great Neutral
  • Good Projectile
  • Has 1 of the Best Recovery
  • Good Edgeguarding
  • Dies Early, Lightweight
  • Can't Kill(Compared to others)
  • Popular Pick, Opponent Likely Experienced
Overall, Sheik has better pros to outweigh the cons. Now, lets take a look at her moves.

    • Jab
      • 2%, 3%, 0-1% multi hits, 3% final hit
      • Sheik's Jabs are decent. The multi hit is OK, but your opponent can SDI out of it. Jab 1 and 2 are what makes this move shine. The first two jabs allow you to get a free grab for a huge variety of percents.
    • F-tilt
      • 4%
      • F-tilt is also another combo starting move. At low percents, F tilt can combo into a variety of moves, such as Fair, Grab, or even another Ftilt. At high percents, if you hit your opponent with the tip of Sheik's feet, you can follow up with an Uair to possibly take the stock.
    • U-tilt
      • 5%, 6%
      • Sheik's U-tilt in my opinion is underrated. U-tilt combos into bouncing fish from mid to high mid percent, as well as hit foes on a platform above you. Sheik's U-tilt can also allow you to follow up with moves like Fair at low percents.
    • D-tilt
      • 5%
      • Sheik's D-tilt is amazing. Sheik can hit foes that are on the ledge and foes that has their heads stick up when they use Up-B (ie. :4falcon:,:rosalina:). At high percents, this move can get a possible sweet spotted up smash followed up. Dtilt can start combos at low percents.
    • F-smash
      • Uncharged: First hit 5%, second hit 8%. Fully charged: FH 7%, SH 11%.
      • F-smash is a generally a smash that Sheik players want to avoid using. F-smash has a lot of lag if whiffed, and it also doesn't kill well. IMO it's Sheik's worst smash.
    • U-smash
      • UC 11%, FC 15%
      • Sheik's U-Smash is Sheik's strongest smash, especially the sweet spotted. You can catch opponents on platforms with a sweet spotted up smash if u are below them. This move is one of Sheik's major kill moves, but you don't want to spam this move because you will still get punished. Also, it's usually a rule of thumb to not stale your major kill moves.
    • D-smash
      • UC: FH 3%, SH 6%. FC: FH 4.5%, SH 8.5%. (Never does more than 13% FC)
      • D-smash is a bit disappointing. It lacks knockback, making it a bad kill move. it can catch opponents rolling with its long range, but I just find the move disappointing.
    • Fair
      • 5%
      • Probably the best move in Sheik's arsenal. Very little lag, great combo starter, and probably your most reliable kill move when your opponent is at a very high percent. Fair can combo into itself, a bouncing fish at low percents, etc.
    • Bair
      • 7%
      • This move isn't as strong as it used to before it got patched, but it's still a great move. When RARed, it can do a nice amount of damage and knockback. It can kill at high percents and it also is good for stage spikes. If you get a ledge trump, this move is also great for punishing your opponents.
    • Uair
      • 1%, 1%, 1%, 4%
      • This will be your kill move off of your down throw at high percents. If you catch your opponent with this move up high, it will get the kill. Comes out quickly, and can spike if you don't land the last hit.
    • Dair
      • 8% in the air, 2% when Sheik hits the ground.
      • This move isn't really good for anything unless you know you're going to spike your opponent and it's worth it. This move has terrible landing lag, and doesn't do too much either. Almost never use this move.
    • Nair
      • 8% first frames, 5% after.
      • Very useful move in my opinion. Comes out fast so allows you to escape combos, the strong spot allows you to launch your opponents, great OoS option,
    • Side Special
      • Explosion: 13%
      • Suck in effect: 1% repeatedly
      • Hit with the grenade while using side b: 1%
    • Up Special
      • Disappear: 12%
      • Reappear: 5%
    • Down Special
      • 12%
    • Neutral Special
      • 1-2% uncharged
      • 7-11% fully charged
    • Down Throw
      • 6%
    • Up Throw
      • 5%
    • Back Throw
      • 7%
    • Forward Throw
      • 7%
    • Pummel
      • 3%
    • Dash Attack
      • 6.5% (early) 4.5% (late)
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