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How to Pressure Shields With Falco  (Beginner)

How to Pressure Shields With Falco (Beginner)

First of all, I am new to SmashBoards and have a lot of knowledge about smash games, especially Melee. Also, this is my first post and would like some feedback. If you have something nasty to say about it, keep it to yourself. Thanks! :)


This is a guide on how to pressure shields with Falco (More to Come!) at a beginner's level without the 20XX mod. This is going to be short for your convenience.

1. Go to VS mode.
2. Set a lvl 1 CPU Bowser and turn on Handicap.
3. Set the Time limit to NONE.
4. Set the Bowser CPU to Handicap 9.
5. Set Damage Ratio to 0.5.
6. Choose Falco and set your handicap to 1 and go to FD(Final

1. Become comfortable with short-hopping. To do this, just tap the jump button for a fraction of a second. It is really easy to short-hop with Falco since he takes awhile to become airborne, but just practice.
2. Add fast-falling to the short hops. Just tap down on the control stick at the peak of your short hop.
3. Add Neutral Air (Press "A" while airborne) or Down Air (Tap down on the control stick and Press "A" or down on the c-stick) to the short-hop fast fall.
**Note: N-air is Low Risk Low Reward due to almost no lag and D-air is High Risk High Reward due to it's amount of lag.
4. Now work on SHFFL (Short-Hop Fast Fall L-Cancel) by pressing the L or R shoulder buttons within 7 frames before you land to reduce the landing lag frames by half. Practice this for 15 minutes then move on to the last step.
**Note: The buttons do not have to be pressed all the way down.
5. For this last step, simply add in a shine (Tap down on control stick and press "B") and jump cancel the shine (Press the jump button right after the shine). After the shine is jump-canceled, add in a SHFFL'ed N-air or D-air and repeat this process 10 times. If you mess up, retry.
**Note: It is okay not to get this step. Practice each step individually and move on to the next step.

Thank you for reading my first post :) I'd appreciate it. Hope this helped. Questions, tips, feedback? Comment below!!!
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this guide has a severe risk of misleading newcomers on shield pressure. shine-aerial-shines on repeat leaves punish windows against any character, even link.

they'll get away with this versus players who dont understand shield pressure or who haven't practiced OOS.

the guide definitely could be helpful in learning shine-shffl aerials, which can also be helpful in becoming comfortable playing spacies, but its misinformative to say its a guide on shield pressure.
really all you told me was how to shffl shines and aerials without even tackling the issue of what is actually safe and not safe
This is teaching us how to SHFFL two moves. This is nowhere near all the exacts of sheild pressure. The info you put here is just how to practice spaminh shffls. Sorry. Good job on effort but the guide is misleading to noobs about shield pressure.
Newer players will say this guide is helpful b/c they don't realize it isn't helpful. Kira's guide on youtube is much better than this for entry level players and actually explains why and how different methods of shield pressure are good. The bowser method of practicing shffl'd aerials (that's what ur practicing, not shield pressure) is also widely known. U could give some credit to the people you learned it from. I agree with the other guy, u should be asking questions at this point, not writing guides.
I know you're a beginner, but as a beginner you should sorta "know your place". You shouldn't be writing guides. Everything you said is basically correct, but you don't seem to understand why X option is good. And you don't talk about any options.

I recommend you take this down and have an experienced Falco veteran like PPMD do this.
Thanks, I began to main Falco a while ago
thx im also a falco player
NP :) Glad to help
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