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How to play marth

You probably know the basics, tipper, spacing, chain grabs, blah, blah, blah. I will show you more about them and hopefully give you a better understanding of Marth.

Marth is a character that needs correct spacing. He has a devastating F-smash if tippered. His fair is a great way to space and to set up combos. It also leads into grabs. His neutral air does too. With marth you need to have good spacing.I will show you how to and what to do when you have an initial setup. I will go through each move and show you how to use it correctly. First with ariels. Not the little mermaid but aerials.

Throw out fairs when a player is on a platform it leads to up airs. Also it leads to grabs
Fair is a great way to let foxes know that you are ready for them to come to you. Make sure you can L-cancel right though.

Fair-grab-chain throw on spacies
Fair- to reverse dolphin slash for off stage finisher at 100-125 if he is still not dead

Uair is great for juggling. Watch some PewPewU videos he is great at using it.Use it to shark characters on platforms also you can string some uairs together on FD then fastfall and get a tipper F-smash.

Uair grab on spacies when they are on high percents in the chain grab

One of the best spikes in the game. When a fox or falco is recovering and you are on the ledge with no invincibility frames left quickly pull the stick down and use dair. It absolutely demolishes opponents. Also you can dair a person then when he lands on a platform F-smash them. Use dair for spiking or setting up an F-smash. Don't throw it out mindlessly because it has a lot of lag

Dair-platform f-smash
Dair when oppenent is recovering from under you
Dair-tech chase-grab-whatever grab combo a good option is forward throw to f-smash

Bair is used when you need to turnaround to grab the ledge in the air.I see it as something to use when you can't use a fair.

Start using nair when an opponent tech rolls and then stands up. Do whatever you want from there.It leads to a grab or an edgeguard opportunity. It has a big hitbox it is definitely one of marth's best moves.Use it to get into an opponent that is lasering.

Tech roll- nair-edgeguard or grab
Nair at low percents about 10-30 percent- wavedash forward- F-smash

Great to use when a fox or falco is using the phantom move when recovering. That or F-smash. Also when the opponent is trying to get in with a nair or whatever f-tilt and then do something awesome. Man I want a tootsie roll right now. Good thing halloween was 2 days ago. No combos just edgeguard.

D-tilt is great it leads to grabs, F-smashes and even edgeguards
Also you can start dash dancing and throw out a d-tilt every once in a while.

I will do the rest of this guide later. Look for a continuation. I will go into dash dancing and mindgames in another guides.
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Next to no usable information if you really want to improve.
It's an okay review mainly covering basics. Something I recently picked up but wouldn't recommend too much use, is making an "almost combo" meaning there is an opening in which they can attack you during you combo, at that point using a parry is fairly effective. I've been using this strategy some and it seems to be effective. Don't recommend much use of it though
This had some good tips on combos. You should have taken into concidiration that people from Europe playing PAL doesn't have as good of a Dair as the rest of the world.
you need to finish and need a brief explanation of the basics.
I will finish later. Yeah and sorry I totally forgot about the basics thank you so much for reminding me
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