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How to be a Little Mac monster

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
I am making this guide to help people who are struggling with the negativity surrounding little mac. While most people see little mac as a joke the funniest thing about him is how you can destroy people with him if you just understand some basic skills needed to be a Big Mac.

1. Spacing
Spacing is essential for any character but especially for a character like little mac who can't afford to get hit that often. For spacing little mac has a fast jab combo that can actually deal some decent damage. He also has his down tilt which can combo into several other moves(up b, up smash, grab, etc). These two tools can help little mac keep opponents at bay while also racking up damage.

2. Dash dancing
Dash dancing is pretty easy with little mac being so fast. But dont just do it blindly. Do it to test your opponent. See how they react to you rushing towards them and then dash out last minute. If they shield often do dash grab. If they jump hit them with an up b. If they back step hit them with a side b. The problem with fast characters is that they are often predictable. So be unpredictable! Little mac is fast and packs a punch so if you are constantly rushing in and out, attacking when least expected then you will strike fear into your opponent and make them mess up.

3. Stage control
This is by far the most important thing to master with little mac. Little mac is known for having horrible recovery and air game so needless to say you wanna keep him on the ground and away from the ledges. So its essential to keep control of the center of the stage. By combining the two skills listed before you can control center stage and force your opponent to work with the limited room of the stage edges. This also allows you to safely beat the living smash out of your opponent on the ground .

Little mac truly is a force to be reckoned with. I've used him and been successful with him in various matchups that have been presumed to be bad. But yet I still keep hearing how little mac not having air game makes him trash. So I spent time working on how to survive in the air with little mac. To explain what I found here's a story.

One of my friends mains jigglypuff and likes to use a strategy where he gets his opponent off stage and then forward air them far away so they can't recover. So the match started and I immediately established control of center stage. My friend kept floating in and out of my range with fading forward airs. I was able to land some good jabs and tilts but he timed my down tilt and short hopped over it and down aired me into grab forward throw. From that point he kept slowly moving me to the edge with throws. Eventually I was at the edge and I was at about 57% and he was at 78%. He threw me off the edge and then tried to start his forward air string. So, I did the only thing I could do. I down b'ed. I counted the forward air and knocked him away while also getting back on stage. For the entire match whenever he got me into the air I countered his aerials. I eventually one the match and frustrated him. So moral of the story is whenever you get knocked into the air as little mac, stay calm. Wait for them to try and followup and just down b. Even if it doesn't hit them you'll be saved from being juggled and be back on the ground.

Overall to be successful with little mac you should keep control of the stage with spacing and dash dancing while racking up damage with jabs and tilts and going for smashes when they make mistakes(and if you keep jabbing them in the face when they try to get close, they will get frustrated and make mistakes.). I hope this guide helps Little Macs everywhere become Mac monsters and dominate smash. I understand that the strategies in this guide wouldn't work perfectly against projectile camping so I will be making a guide for little mac going against projectiles soon. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it! Please comment and let me know what you you think.
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