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How to be a 必殺技 Player! (Anti-Meta arts and advanced technique guide)

How to be a 必殺技 Player! (Anti-Meta arts and advanced technique guide)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Your arts offer protection. You are a 必殺技 player!

This is a short guide on how to think outside the box. You have to master art cancelling for some of these techniques. I understand that most players just don't get it when it comes to technique that is 'unique'. That doesn't mean you should assume that I'm telling you that these are the only uses of moves. It means these are alternative uses that many players don't discover on their own.

Up B - your quick attack that protects you from grabs and attacks after you do an airdodge or laggy attack.You're not gonna want to use the second hit on some characters when they're at low percents, because it'll put them in range to hit you again. it has a set knockback so it's good for resetting neutral. The second hit should be reserved for when you're below the top platform on BF or when you have damaged the opponent enough for the knockback to prevent retaliation from your opponent. It has about as much range as your dsmash and is quicker on start-up, offering a faster roll-reading option and counter to quick moving foes.

Backslash - Your landing catcher, long range move when you appear out of range, and ledge-kill option. Can be used from behind the ledge, against opponents returning to the stage. Is great after a back throw. Landing opponents are extremely vulnerable and can't dodge if it's timed right. Great for giving you extra range against opponents who think they're safe against your standard attacks. Use against ledge-roll and leap get-up options. Can be used forwards at ledge too for mixup. Unexpected range in shield art since you move slowly and this move puts you forward a bit.

Invincibility and Hissatsuwaza - Activating arts in quick succession gives the opportunity for several instances of invincibility along with changing your momentum, direction, air/ground speed/trajectory. It allows for instant attacks after landing lag, or makes fair/bair safe on shield when using speed or jump arts.

No Art - Use this very special 'art' to confuse your opponents. You can cycle through your arts while fighting, and time correctly for when you want to be invincible. It's great to change the pace at which you're selecting arts to match when you're going to strike. They don't know which one you're choosing or if you're just choosing an art to cancel with.

Jump - Use this to stall when you need your other arts.

Speed - Use this to stall, space aerials, and run away when needed. This is your trump card when it comes to neutral, since you have more control of when you land and how fast.

Shield - Use this when you sense a killing-blow from your opponent. Stall as long as you can, because vision with a ton of rage is extremely formidable. This art changes your momentum when in the air upon activation, making unique spikes and strikes viable. Never die! You can use this to get out of combos when you activate it just before a grab. This is why cycling arts is important, since they can't adjust to your weight change if they don't know which art you're using.

Buster - This makes a longer stun on foes' shields, making fullhop double fair viable when space correctly against characters that aren't sonic and don't have a long tether. Use the low knockback to wait after you strike instead of rushing in after strikes. Regrabs after utilt, nair, and dtilt are amazing. Jab to hissatsuwaza ( 必殺技) is not a bad option. Use this to space against foes that like to grab. They'll have more trouble running in after shielding IE Luigi. Very good at gimping opponents who can't escape the low knockback, allowing you to chain fairs offstage possibly into an airslash (and still living) against opponents with poor recovery.

Smash - Use this only when you have a kill confirmed or a large lead. I personally only use this for vision or offstage work, or a for-sure grab. It alters your weight so it can easily be used defensively or for a cute gimp on foes with poor recovery.

Suicide - many of shulk's techniques allow him to carry opponents offstage with him. If you're in a stock lead or doing very poorly while on an even stock with your opponent, consider suiciding with them to make sure that you take them with you. Airslash, a slow nair, or a cheesy bair should do the trick against most opponents. Remember, you're taking them with you so it's not important to survive when you're at high percents or trying to end the match early.

Hissatsuwaza (必殺技) -

This technique is Akenaga X's Sure-Killing-Art. It mysteriously extends the range of fsmash while moving backwards, and can be used while sliding long distance. Keeps you out of range from counterattacks and is usable after many techniques such as uthrow (you would normally miss when standing still) and offers a unique moment of invincibility because of the way that the game judges character positioning. It's like a counterattack, but with a deceptive range and it safely moves you out of the way. But how do you do it?

Love, Haru
Akenaga X
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Unlike every review that gave 1★, I'm giving 2 because you add in uncommon information that's not thought about very much. And I give you props for that. However, you add in misinformation such as saying that "Shield & Smash arts alter your weight", when really they affect Shulk through a knockback received multiplier. I like that you add things like using Air Slash 1 at early percents since Air Slash 2 at low percents would be unsafe on-hit. But then you talk about this thing called Hissatsuwaza??, and I don't really quite get what you mean when you say "extends the range of fsmash while moving backwards". . .something like that being sad should probably require a video follow-up.

Basically, I can like what your guide offers but there's too much inconsistency & not enough "thinking outside the box".
Suicide is never the answer!

(Or an actual strategy)
Activating arts in quick succession also wastes them..?

Why would you not use the second hit of up-b?

>Suicide section exists

Speed for camping and stalling... Jump for stalling for arts... Whatever you say, man.
I'm disappointed there isn't a zero-star rating, since I can't give that to you.

First off, your Up Special needs to use BOTH hits, otherwise it's awful in the netural and even then isn't that great due to startup, no invincibility, and being poor overall of all the options you could use. It also isn't at all your best roll-reading option, which is a Forward/Down Smash or a Forward Tilt.

You make Back Slash sound like it's a god, when it isn't. It isn't a ledge killing option, since you only hit the sour part of the attack, but you did get that its decent after a Back Throw. But only decent.

"No Art - Use this very special 'art' to confuse your opponents."

That you don't know how to play Shulk? That you don't want to use the Monados and look cool and un-meta when doing so when in reality you are just limiting yourself? I don't understand.

Jump is BY FAR more useful than Buster and isn't ONLY useful for stalling. Forward Air gimps, constantly chasing down opponents, timestalling, catching aerial approaches easily due to massive mobility, recovery - It's got it all.

Speed should be covered more; it has a lot of uses in Shulk's neutral game and is amazing.

Suiciding is NOT something that should have its own section when you aren't covering other techniques like lag canceling with the Monados, whatever that is. My memory is awful and I don't often use Shulk outside friendlies.

What the hell is a hissatsuwaza? Don't just simply leave the damn thing there as if 'Oh hey, guys, I have this really cool technique but I'll never tell you guys how to do it and leave people clueless! Also, it sounds really cool but isn't even an actual thing!'

I can't give you anything other than a One Star until you improve this pile of crud or just delete it. It's difficult to even read this, let alone see you across Pokemon Showdown with your ego.
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