Greninja: A Guide to Drowning Out The Opponents! (WIP)

Greninja: A Guide to Drowning Out The Opponents! (WIP)

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U


I. Author's Preface
II. Basic Information

Smash Lingo.................................................................(0201)
Who's Greninja?.................................................................(0202)
III. Standard Attacks
IV. Special Attacks
V. Tactics
VI. Matchups
VII. Miscellaneous

*(This exists so you can easily navigate my guide by using CTRL+F and typing in the code located to the right of each subsection listed under all sections. For example, pressing CTRL+F and typing in 0202 will take you to the "Who's Greninja?" section of the guide.)

Dec 8th, 2014 - Created the guide, adding info on Greninja, his attributes, Smash lingo and the jab section.

Dec 28th, 2014 -

I. Author's Preface
Hello! I'm ZaoMonichi, also known as Zao and Edgekid on Smash 4, and I'm a Greninja main. I've always been interested in making a guide for a character, and the absence of any Greninja guides on Smashboards along with the recent competition piqued my interested. I hope my guide is helpful to all current and future Greninja players!

Before I start this guide I'd like to state that I don't have a reliable method of taking video in HD, so I have to resort to using screenshot gifs, which have all taken several hours (6-7) to make. I'm trying to upload as many screenshots detailing the moves and tactics Greninja can use as possible along with mediocre gifs until I can acquire a capture card, so please enjoy what little I can offer until then! Now, onto the guide. (THIS GUIDE IS CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS.)

II. Basic Information
Smash Lingo
There are many words exclusive to the Smash Bros. community which may be unfamiliar to those not apart of it. I also have some words, abbreviations and codes I've made exclusively for this guide. To clarify, let me list them:

Fair: Forward Aerial
Bair: Back Aerial
Dair: Down Aerial
Uair: Up Aerial
Nair: Neutral Aerial
(N/A)Zair: Z Aerial

Fsmash: Forward Smash
Dsmash: Down Smash
Usmash: Up Smash

Ftilt: Forward Tilt
Dtilt: Down Tilt
Utilt: Up Tilt

Lvl: Level
Lvl 1 Shuriken: Instantaneous Shuriken
Lvl 2 Shuriken: Water Shuriken charged for ~1 second.
Lvl 3 Shuriken: Water Shuriken charged for ~2 seconds.
MAX Shuriken: Water Shuriken fully charged or ~3 seconds.

(F/D/U)smashC: Fully charged F/D/Usmash.

Sweetspotting and sourspotting moves refer to hitting the move in a spot where it does more damage and/or knockback than normal, called sweetspotting, or hitting a move where the damage and/or knockback is less than normal, or sourspotting.

Spacing is the act of keeping your distance from your opponent, or positioning yourself in such a way that you can land a move just as you want. Spacing is useful for sweetspotting certain moves, such as any of Marth's moves due to the sweetspot on the tip of his blade which most players refer to as a "tipper."

Half percent: You may also be wondering what "1.5%" means in any of the tables or descriptions I have below. In this game there is a secret "half percent" which is tacked on to a lot of moves and is hard to notice in game. Through careful observation I've tested as many moves as I can to make sure I can spot all of these half-percent moves.

Who's Greninja?
Greninja is a frog-like ninja Pokemon first introduced to the world through Pokemon X and Y in 2013 as the fully evolved state of a starter Pokemon. The rising popularity of Greninja in competitive Pokemon as well his basic evolved state, Froakie, being a popular casual player starter pick lead to his surprising inclusion in the latest entry of Super Smash Brothers for 3DS as well as Super Smash Brothers for Wii U, both being dubbed Smash 4 or Sm4sh. (0202)


Ground Speed: Greninja is a remarkably speedy character, having the 6th fastest running speed and the 4th fastest walking speed. His speed allows him to quickly dash in and attack opponents and sneak back out, as if he were a ninja.

Aerial Mobility and Weight: His air mobility is relatively fast due to his low fast fall speed and low weight, being tied for 32nd and 33rd out of 55 possible rankings (due to Shulk's Monado Arts and Mii Fighters.)

Overall Greninja's weight, fast fall speed, dashing speed and aerial mobility all allow him to elegantly dance across the stage as he pelts enemies with water shuriken like they're pincushions. (0203)

III. Standard Attacks

Jab Description: Greninja's jab, like most fighters in the game, has the option of being multi-hit or a 3-hit jab depending on how much you press the button when initiating the jab. Pressing the button twice will make Greninja strike twice with hits that do 2% and 1.5% respectively. This is where the jab branches into the multi-hit and 3-hit jab, the former being a hard-to-escape flurry of water blades each doing 1% sparing the final 2% hit and the latter being a nicely (3.5%) damaging water ball of sorts with decent knockback and great range over any of his other jab moves.

Jab Uses: Greninja's multi-hit jab is a great move for adding on a couple extra percent, adding at least 10% if all hits connect and you do the least amount of multi-hits and adding even more if the attack button is pressed fast enough. The more useful of the jabs is Greninja's 3-part jab, which has such great knockback and range for a jab and can help distance you from your opponent so you can focus on mid-range fighting if necessary. As mentioned before in the Smash Lingo section (0201), this distancing is called spacing.

Jab Combos & Strings: The jab by itself does not combo into any moves truly. The first two hits can be combined with a special such as a lvl 1 Water Shuriken or Shadow Sneak to catch an enemy off guard due to the small window they have to react.

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I don't blame you considering that this guide hasn't been updated in a year! I'm not going to at the moment, but after I play this character for a bit more time (a few months or so) I'll consider doing a video guide instead.

They are a lot easier to manage anyway. I gave up Greninja and Smash 4 in general so it's gonna take a bit of time to get caught up with the current meta...
thank you, someone finally makes a a guide of my main, although i am a main, i can't because i'm am a smash newb and know only simple chains, i do hope that there are some true combos with greninja, and i do hope that more info will be added to this guide and i will be checking this out regularly
I will be adding a section on combos later on. School is making this guide hard to consistently work on, but I'll try my best to update it when I can.
nice job! any chance u can look for any competitive use of his Dtaunt?
Wonderful guide! I look forward to seeing all of the work come out of it! I understand it is a work in progress and that a lot will go into it. Hooray for the first Greninja guide!
Extremely detailed.... On the stuff you have mentioned so far. I understand this is a work in progress, so I am not going to taint the score just because you haven't finished. (AHEM other reviewer.)
Thank you for the review! I plan on finishing this as soon as possible, but with school I'm not able to spend much time working on it. I'll get most of my work done this weekend, so please look forward to it! The combos and strings along with matchups is where my 3 months of playing Greninja will really show :D!