From Dinosaur to Dragon

From Dinosaur to Dragon

Applicable Games
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
From Dinosaur to Dragon: A Guide to Understanding Yoshi
(v0.85, 12/16/14)

Yoshi has received some interesting buffs in Smash 4 and 5, these allow Yoshi to stand up to characters that used to be considered counters in past games. Yoshi is strong, quick, and has many options. He has the ability to rake up damage quicker than most characters in the game, if not all. Having this ability while also staying quick with an insane recovery makes Yoshi a character to fear.

I'd like to say, you may not know my name, and in truth, I think I have more intelligence about Smash than actual skill. Of course I practice to get better, but, it still stands that way to this day. I believe this comes from the fact that I played Smash for so long (since 64) without the light of a competitive community. Which I've only been shown in the past few years.
Anyway though, let's talk about Yoshi.​

12/16/14, v0.85
+Added Up Tilt Strings subsection
+Added Down Tilt Strings subsection
+Added Jab Strings subection
Unfinished, will be continuously adding to them. More subsections to come.
12/16/14, v0.8
+Added the Attack Strings section
+Added NAir Strings subsections
I plan to work on this for quite a while, the strings that is, once it is finished this guide will be in version 1.0. However, I will not stop there! I would like to make actual tutorial videos that use this guide as it's basis, so those who don't want to read a ton can watch the videos instead. Also showing off the strings and whatnot.

12/15/14, v0.71
+Added Grabbing, Dash Grabbing, Pivot Grabbing, and Neutral B subsections to Technical Options.
~Neutral B subsection is unfinished

12/15/14, v0.7
+Added Rolling, Spot-dodging, and Double Jump subsections in Defensive Options
~ Time to work on the Technical options section which will be fairly short. Pivots, Grabs, Neutral B, and B techs will all be different things. Might be longer than the Defensive section, not sure. We'll see.

12/4/14, v0.66
+Shielding subsection in Defensive Options
+Up Special subsection in Defensive Options
+Retreating Back Air subsection in Defensive Options
+Changed the title on the source text itself (from "Understanding..." to "From Dinosaur to Dragon: Understanding..."

12/2/14, v0.61
+Technical Options section, will be adding subsections to both Defensive and Technical at the same time in the future
+Moved the Updates/Plans section to the top, so that it's out of the readers way
+Added a few things to the Plans for 1.0 section, changed 'Chains' to 'Attack Strings'

12/2/14, v0.6
+Up Special subsection under Offensive Options

+Defensive Options section, preparing next bundle of paragraphs

11/27/14, v0.59
+First two subsections for Specials
+Button inputs for each subsection

11/25/14, v0.53 - Made further changes to alignment and made sections into spoilers so that it can be easily navigable.
+Alignment changes
+Moved into Spoilers for convenience

11/25/14, v0.52 - Made many changes to the layout of the guide, adding some color to flare up the reading! Changed many sections of wording and added intros to every section so beginners can further understand what's going on!

11/24/14, v0.51 - Edited the layout. This will change a lot over the course of having this guide. Should look good in the end! :3

11/24/14, v0.5 - Added sections on Tilts and A moves. Still need to add Specials and other options while in game.

11/10/14, v0.31 - Revised the introduction, added bold fonts and italicized text. Not a very big update.

11/10/14, v0.3 - Added the introduction, Beginner's Formula, and sections on Aerials and Smashes. Will add much more at a later date.

Plans for v1.0:

  • Complete all written sections. (Offensive, Defensive, Technical, Attack Strings)
  • Have a terminology section for newer players
  • Have a good layout that is easy to understand and nice to look at.
  • Be colorful! Color adds to learning experience due to portrayed separation.
Plans Beyond 1.0:

  • Add pictures for hitboxes and possibly other stuff. Videos would be awesome too! I'll try to do what I can.
  • Add damage measurements for just about everything.
  • Create a string of video tutorials using information found in this guide.
  • Improve the guide over time! Criticism is needed!
  • Much more!
The Beginner's Formula
To be good at Yoshi, you have to understand your options in the game overall and know what your options actually are. Your do's and do not's and when's. In Smash, I like to divide moves and options into three separate categories.

Offensive, Defensive, Technical.

This works like rock, scissors, and paper. Offensive moves are nullified by Defensive options, while Technical moves counter those Defensive options. However, Offensive moves come back in being the counter to Technical moves. During a match as Yoshi, you'll have to think a lot about this (or at least I do), as Yoshi has a decent amount of lag throughout moves and options. If you dash attack into a shield, and you get grabbed? That was your mistake of not expecting your opponent to do so. This is less prevalent in characters like Fox or Sheik, who has small lag and can generally jump out of a situation that they don't like, or change their option half-way through. Keep in mind that in Smash, Offensive moves are given a favoring, as you could not spam any of the other two in expectance to win.

Yoshi's Offensive Options
An Offensive move is one that can do good damage and possibly lead into other Offensive moves. These beat technical moves by disrupting them, successfully disallowing them to go off. In Smash, Offensive moves are generally favored by the game's engine (unless you're talking about Brawl). This is due to the fact that even Defensive moves which considerably counter Offensive moves, still can be broken and disrupted by a strong Offensive move or even certain moves that are meant to break them. A good example of this would be Lucina's shield breaker.

Yoshi has many Offensive moves, like any other character. Yoshi is quick and powerful with them, allowing you to be very aggressive, or even play mind games to trick your opponent into expecting the aggressive approach.​
All of Yoshi's Aerial attacks are very strong and good to use, these are your core approaches and general moves as well. In particular, Back Air and Down Air are your bread and butter with Yoshi, as they do tons of damage and either have very strong range or very strong pressure.
Back Air (Jump > Backwards + A)
Your Back Aerial can do massive damage, and is one of your main forms of approach with Yoshi. Doing the input: Dash Cancel ~ Back + Shop ~ Back(what was forward before) + A. That's a very smooth way to approach someone. It covers good ground, hits multiple times and does a lot of damage initially. It's something you'll want to use most of the time that you need to rush at someone. Cases you'll need to rush would be that of a Robin charging, Rosalina in general, Sheik, etc. All damage you take as Yoshi is a lot, because your recovery, while good, isn't as precise as the rest of the cast (not without lots of practice, at least).

Down Air (Jump > Down + A)
Your Down Aerial is just so powerful in this game. It can deal up to 36% if you get every single hit off (sometimes I've seen it go higher than that), which is just insane. Doing it twice will put your opponent at 72%, but your not likely to do that. This is a decent approach (Shop + DAir) but it's more of the approach to use when you're falling near an opponent. It's hitbox is fairly horizontal, and will hit enemies away, as well as sting them a bit. You don't want to spam this, even though it's very good, because after doing it, there's a good bit of lag after hitting the ground which is punishable. It's good for the early game, but not when both you and your opponent are at 100%+. This attack is neutral, in that it doesn't suck in enemies or push them away, it simply hits from where you are, and won't move the enemy.

Forward Air (Jump > Forward + A)
Yoshi's Forward Aerial is fairly different than the rest (in terms of usage), it's not the smartest thing to spam, as it's hitbox is VERY decisive. You have to get used to using it before you can just throw them around. Don't chase a Marth player off the edge to go for the spike when you don't even have the muscle memory for the input. Practice this move with a few friends, just getting used to the timing and hitbox. It's a good move to use when jumping out of a ledge, as it'll hit whoever's standing too close. It's the equivalent of Melee Marth's Neutral B versus his FSmash (which in this case is the reverse back air). It meteors very strongly, and allows to KO some characters at as little as 40%. If you can hit the sweetspot after properly propping them up of course. However, keep in mind that a good opponent will simply air dodge if they know that you're going for the meteor, if you feel that your opponent is good enough to know to do that, then your option of choice is between the delayed Neutral Air and Down Air. This attack is fun to pull out in random situations, where opponents don't expect you to use it and think it would generally not work well. Because it then becomes unpredictable. This is specially present when fighting a character who is both Aerial but with low range options (such as Jigglypuff, Kirby, maybe Sheik).

Neutral Air (Jump > A)
Yoshi's Neutral Aerial is your combo starter, doing a simple Shop + NeutralA will get your opponent in the position for you to play with them. It has a reverse hit box as well, so make sure to not make extra inputs when you're facing the opposite direction. This and your DAir are your main moves when your not facing the right way, of course, other than the simple BAir. It has a good hitbox and is very quick.
Your Up Aerial is your main kill move while in the Air. While FAir and BAir and do it, none compare to this beast. Up Air will send your opponent upwards for a kill at around 110-120%. Down/Up Throw into Up Air is probably the best kill combo you have (on the 3DS version). On the Wii U version, there is one more, however, it's not very possible on the circle pad. As Yoshi, you have many ways to prop up an opponent for an Up Air. The simplest way is using throws, while your dash attack is another very strong option.

While playing Yoshi, keep in mind that you should never spam your Smash attacks. They have flaws with lag and will get you punished by an experienced player. Keep in mind however that they do have very good range, power, and knockback ability. All of them are considered core kill-moves due to just how powerful they are.
Up Smash (Hard Up + A, C-Up)
Your Up Smash is the main one to talk about here. It's your other good kill move. In the Wii U version, we'll be able to do an Up Smash out of shield a LOT easier than with the 3DS' circle pad. That will definitely be a good kill option, as your Up Smash is as strong as Megaman's Up Tilt, while also having more range and doing move overall damage (due to chargability). Treat this like Fox's UpSmash in Melee, because they basically gave that to him. With the right roll at the right time, you can kill really quickly with this move.

Forward Smash (Hard Forward + A, C-Forward, C-Backward)
Your forward Smash is highly underestimated by non-yoshi players. Hell, I even underestimate it sometimes. It has supreme range, being greater than Ike's FSmash, while also having medium-high priority over a lot of moves. It does strong damage, and is a decent kill option. If a Sheik player is ledge camping you to try and bait you? Your Forward Smash will out reach their explosion from the Up Special, which will allow you to hit them out of it and apply good pressure. Not much else to mention here.

Down Smash (Hard Down + A, C-Down)
Down Smash is very good for rolling behind a player. It's a slower version of Marth's and does it's job well. When you're caught up in a web of rolling against another player, it's very easy to quickly end it by doing a Down Smash, as, if the player rolls behind you they'll get hit. This would force a good player to roll or dash away, in which you can shield and escape the situation.

Your tilts with Yoshi are not core moves, they are simply good answers corresponding to the position of your opponent. They are parallels to your Smash attacks, however they are quicker. Throwing out a tilt out of Shield is probably the best option you have from Shielding, aside from a few Technical moves. Try to stay in a mindset of using tilts for combos and pressure, not to spam for damage.
Down Tilt (Tilting Down > A, Down(Ducking) > A)
Down Tilt is the weirdest of the bunch, as it's hitbox comes in late and takes some timing to pull off. It isn't very useful unless if a character is freefalling, such as Bowser Jr. or Villager. It has good range though, which makes it another option to use when you're being ledge camped.

Up Tilt (Tilting Up > A)
Up Tilt is really useful, whether it's to spam them or combo into Up Smash. You can get two Up Tilts in, and if they don't jump out, you can Up Smash for the combo. If they do jump out, they won't have another jump, which can allow you to juggle with Up Airs, or even just wait for them on the ground for the advantage. It has good range, however, lacking a bit from horizontal (but not much). It has little post-lag, however, if you use this to juggle an enemy and they air dodge to avoid it? You'll have just enough time to use a Forward Smash or other form of attack to catch up with their landing lag, which makes the post-lag only relevant when you can be punished.

Forward Tilt (Tilting Forward > A)
Forward Tilt is great for Pivots. This was talked about earlier, where you can interrupt a Pivot by performing a Forward Tilt, Forward Smash (C-Stick), Forward Special, or Grab. This allows for a quick surprise, sometimes you can even combo it into Up Smash or Forward Smash at the right percents! It's not spam worthy, however, is worth mentioning.

To make this section clearer, an "A" move is one that uses the "Attack" button. This is primarily binded to the A button, hence, "A" moves. There is very few of these moves when you do not count Smashes and Tilts, however, they are definitely worth mentioning for almost all characters. These are spam-worthy, however, easily readable. So choose wisely when you're using these moves.
Dash Attack (Dash > A, Dash > C-Foward)
Yoshi's Dash Attack has to be one of the best in the game now. It is quick, does lots of damage, combos into many different things at many different percents, has strong priority, and is hard to punish if the opponent didn't roll behind the Yoshi player. This is a good attack, and another one of Yoshi's outstanding approaches. It is NOT for spamming though. That will get you killed.

Jab Combo (A, A > A)
Your Jab Combo is good, as like I said before, you have Fox's Up Smash. If you want more proof, you can perform the Jab + Up Smash combo in this game as well as Melee. It's a solid way to get a kill on your opponent. Your second hit in your Jab Combo has really good range, and will actually push your opponent quite a bit back. Use this to push away pesky Little Mac players, who just urge to punch your bulbous snout. This attack is very instantaneous, working like Neutral Air, so, use it as such.

Yoshi's Special moves are interesting, and should be treated as niches rather than a core move. They're useful in situations, however not spammable. Of course, there is one of them that doesn't fit this criteria. I'll save that one for last, as it's generally what good players think of when they think of Yoshi. Yoshi's Specials are mostly Punishable, however, with proper timing and good usage, they can work wonders. They also are your go to options to combat players that are significantly worse, since they deal a very large amount of pressure to these kinds of players, and influence them in making bad decisions more often.
Side Special (Forward / Backward + B)
Yoshi's side B is odd, it's more of that one screwdriver that you have in the back because it doesn't fit anything anymore. It's a lone tool, however, if you know how to use it properly, it can get you out of some situations. For instance, in Smash 4 every single character but Robin can push another character off the ledge of a platform and do a huge True Combo. They all do 30-70%, and it's a huge deal. If you catch yourself on a platform like this, and your opponent is approaching as a high speed, this may be a solid option that will both deflect your opponent, and get you to a better spot. It doesn't do that much damage, however it has decent knockback. Pressing jump when touching the ground will actually allow you to reach as high as the top platform of Battlefield. Which if the opponent cannot forsee this, will be very hard to follow up. This attack has surprising priority over other attacks, however, is quite easy to punish. Extra info: Pressing B will break you out of the rolling egg at any point! Don't roll off the edge my fellow Yoshi friends!

Down Special (Down + B)
Your Down Special is the main one I was talking about when I said that it's more of a niche thing. It's very punishable by a Shield-Grab, many dash attacks, and can take heavy projectile spam. It's not something to spam every time you're above someone. Yes, Yoshi is stronger on the ground and below his opponent, however, this does not mean you have to rush to get back onto the ground at all times. My tip for this attack is to not use it until your opponent seems to have adapted. This is shown by them chasing you in the air instead of camping on the ground for you to land. That's when you can use it, and play a nice mind game with your opponent. This move tends to be the biggest gap between a good Yoshi player and a bad one. I see opposing Yoshis on For Glory spamming it all the time and then they wonder how I'm constantly getting more damage than them. I understand it's a habit for some, however, with discipline and practice you should be able to break it. It's also worth mentioning that this move IS a kill move. Using it from a grounded point will prop your enemy up and hit them with the peak damage and knockback. This is particularly good if your opponent is facing away.

Up Special (Up + B)
Yoshi's Up Special has always been the main feature talked about when it comes to this character. Yoshi flings an egg at the opponent, the egg is able to be aimed in many different angles and powers. It has good knockback, allowing you to be able to spam to rack up damage. It does 5% (on Mario) with a non-held shot and 6% for a held shot. Practice this more than anything for Offensive Options, because this move also counts as a Defensive Option. It allows you to keep your opponent away, apply pressure, and rack up damage. This is Dedede and Bowser's worst nightmare as well, a large projectile that'll slow them down? Forget about approaching, it's GG. Such big targets should be practiced with in the early stages to get used to the mechanics. Yoshi's Up Special is also good for baiting someone's Up Air, such as Fox or Sheik's who's can kill with ease. Use it at the last moment to get an extra vertical boost to fake out your opponent! Egg spamming is strong, but be sure to have a good distance from your opponent. Keep in mind as well that any opponent who is exceedingly fast (Sheik, Sonic, Little Mac) will be able to dodge your eggs unless you aim them shorter and lower. This tends to catch them off guard, however, they may still be able to punish.

Yoshi's Defensive Options
As it is hopefully known, this section will cover all of Yoshi's Defensive Options. What to do when you are being attacked, dodging, and things of the sort. Like other characters, Yoshi has quite a lot less Defensive Options than Offensive Options, due to the game designers generally designing the game around rushing down and getting damage. A good example of a Defensive Move is one that has low startup lag, does not last long or force an animation, and can successfully put your opponent's Offensive play in check. Not all of these need to be fulfilled, however, the ideal Defensive Option would consist of all of them.
Shielding (Shield, Default: R)
This, as expected, is one of your best, if not the best, Defensive option that all characters have. However, Yoshi's Shield works quite a bit differently from other characters. You cannot shield-drop from a platform using Yoshi, this does give you a slight disadvantage when both you and your opponent are put into Neutral on a platform, but your aerials and strong shield make up for it a lot. Dashing and holding Shield will pull it out asap, although, you will take quite a long time to pull it out due to Yoshi's fast speed and heavy weight. This means that you have to pull out the shield early, which reduces your options while running in. Unlike a character like Sheik, who I seem to mention a lot for some reason, you cannot pull your shield out as reaction. At least, it would be overwhelmingly difficult and would need lots of practice. Yoshi's Shield also reduces hit hurtbox size significantly, shortening him into his egg. This allows you to avoid having your shield damaged during a situation such as a Marth approaching with FAir, or Mario with NAir. Your best options for OoS (Out of Shield) moves are Up Smash, Forward Smash, Neutral Air, Forward Air, and things similar. For beginners, remember that you can always press jump while holding shield to get a first-frame jump OoS. Also keep in mind that once you let go of the shield button, you can make an input before actually being able to walk. In the case of inputting C-Up, you would do an Up Smash once the animation ends, this is better known as buffering however, and can be done at any instance by pressing an input 10 Frames before being freed from whatever is holding you in your position (including doing another move.). Shielding is VERY important people, it'll allow you to get past overly aggressive opponents and punish them for being that way. If your opponent is comfortable with being that way, it'll only make the match easier, as they're comfortable options will be reduced and they'll have to get creative. You wanna use Shielding with Yoshi as a sort of a mixup, sometimes shielding, sometimes not. This is how high-level players handle it, knowing when to shield, when you bait a shield, and when to reverse-bait a shield. If you notice your opponent thinks you'll always shield, think of something that'll counter what they're doing, then add that into the mixup. They won't know how to counter it and will treat it as luck, when in reality, it means that you're gaining control.

Up Special (Up + B)
As said previously, your Up Special is very useful for Offensive purposes, however, in similar ways it is also useful for Defensive purposes. Do you have an Ike player rushing you with Forward Specials and Dash Attacks? Aim an egg on their path to keep them from reaching you! What about a Ness who keeps spamming PK Thunder? Use an egg to have both the egg and the thunder be destroyed, then punish the Ness for doing so! Eggs can keep characters and projectiles away from you, keeping you very safe. Practice keeping a friend away for as long as possible by only spamming eggs, once you get the hang of it, you'll see just why these things are so good. They are both an Offensive and Defensive option, while also applying pressure on your opponent! They'll annoy them, and maybe even make them angry and begin getting overly aggressive. This is the great thing about Yoshi, the fact that you have a way to put them into playing like that, while also having your strong shield and options OoS to combat that playstyle. In a game versing a player who is newer than you, spamming eggs and OoS options will certainly be one of your best options. Why do people hate egg spamming? They hate egg spamming simply because it works, especially with a good Yoshi who can predict where you're going easily. This is shown extremely well by aMSa in Melee, showing just how crazy eggs can be. Of course, that's a different game, but pressure and playstyle is still a thing, which makes it applicable.

Retreating Back Air (Jump Away > C-Back/Jump Away > Back+A)
Using Aerials while retreating is such a great thing with Yoshi. The main thing to make sure you don't make a mistake in doing however is landing with the Aerial itself, this will give you more landing lag than usual, and will end up removing the effect of this Defensive Option. Back Air has so much range and power, that most characters won't want to even run in with their shield against this. This keeps you away from your opponent and safer. However, beware of projectiles, as a high-level player who reads you will just throw projectiles to combat this kind of thing. Keep in mind that the goal here is to be Defended, not to hit the opponent. While having this in mind, do not move towards the approaching opponent, your best option in that situation would be to use your double jump to pluck yourself out of the situation, then quickly punish whatever they used with something like a FAir or DAir, as FAir may be harder to land on a grounded enemy.

Rolling (Shield + Forward, Shield + Back)
Yoshi's roll is honestly really bad. However, useful for spacing eggs and retreating from behind your opponent. This move is not that great for hitting out of it or approaching from it. It's very slow and punishable, so I'd simply recommend to not use it as much. Use it when you need to, or at an unpredictable time, however, do not use it otherwise.

Spot-Dodging (Shield + Down)
Yoshi has an okay spot-dodge. It lasts a mediocre amount of time and can help you dodge projectiles mainly. Running in with a NAir then Spotdodging as soon as you touch the ground is great for avoiding grabs. Yoshi's spot-dodge is sadly slightly nerfed compared to other characters due to the way his shield works. It's good, but not as good as most of the cast. Not all situations it normally is applicable will be applicable with Yoshi.

Double Jump
This one's a weird one, however, the reason why it is here is namely to spread the word of it. During Yoshi's double jump animation, Yoshi has Super Armor, which means that he cannot be flinched or take Knock back during his double jump. He will take damage, but not knockback. This is VERY important to know, as some players will drop low on a ledge, then double jump to barely grab it to avoid getting hit, when in truth, that's more dangerous than just double jumping from your initial height and grabbing the ledge. Yoshi's super armor is what makes him one of the least Gimpable characters, as using your double jump will prevent you from being meteored/spiked, hit further away from the stage, and generally avoid getting projectile spammed while off stage. The super armor ends before the animation ends (As far as I know) meaning that you should be careful when using this move. Don't come from too low, or you'll be punished. Try to hit a solid area before the armor runs out.

Yoshi's Technical Options
A Technical Option is one that beats a Defensive Option by breaking it or disrupting it. The name Technical generally relates to the fact that it falls as a Neutral compared to being considered Offensive and Defensive. One of the main Technical Options in Smash, the Grab, can be used as an approach to test who wins the rock, scissors, paper type of approach mind-game. A good Technical Option is one that counters a Defensive Option, while also allowing for a good advantage to come of it. Not all will fulfill this, but the most ideal would.
Grab (Z)
Yoshi's grab definitely has the top 10 longest range for a grab. This allows you to swipe opponents up before they can do the same to you. If you have a pocket Diddy who keeps running in for the grab, you'll have priority due to your range. This is the plus side of Yoshi's grab, however, there's a big downside too. Yoshi's grab animates with Yoshi's tongue being stuck out in order to eat the opponent before spitting them out in the direction you want. It has a large amount of startup lag, and even MORE ending lag. This is most prevalent in his Pivot Grab, in which you can see just how much end lag there is. This is a huge disadvantage, since rapid characters with little lag like Ness and Fox will end up out shielding you half the time. You'll notice when going against a higher levelled player that they'll shield a lot against Yoshi in a lot of situations. Grabbing is your main technical move for most characters, except Yoshi just so happens to have a better one. Yoshi's grab is a basic one, nothing too much to talk about here.

Dash Grab (Dash + Z)
Yoshi's Dash Grab is another mediocre Technical Option. You can use it when approaching an opponent who likes to shield a lot, however, if they have strong reaction timing, they'll surely just jump out of the situation and punish. You have lots of lag both at the start and end. Your hitbox is reduced however you are moving, which makes you less vulnerable to being rolled behind. This is better than your standing grab, but it's not necessarily that great either.

Pivot Grab (Dash > Smash Back + Z)
Pivot Grab is something that's fantastic with all characters in Smash 4, Yoshi is one who can use this very well including. Yoshi can use their Pivot Grab to quickly and efficiently grab an opponent. The best way to use this (In my opinion) is to run away, then perform a Pivot Grab facing what used to be forward. Why? Because most fast characters will chase after seeing you're running, and even if they shield, they'll get grabbed. It's a good tactic, however, again, mix it up with the other two forms. Dash Attacking through someone's shield, then quickly Pivot Grabbing before they can punish works against medium-speed characters as well. Watch out though, as mentioned, Yoshi's Pivot grab has the worst end lag if it doesn't hit.

Neutral B (B)
Oh crap, we're already here, huh? The only thing arguably more menacing than Yoshi's eggs. This section will take two updates to fully write. Yoshi's Neutral B consists of Yoshi sticking their tongue out in order to eat the opponent and turn them into an egg. This has shorter range than your grab, however, is MUCH better in a lot of ways. It has little startup and little end lag, which makes it very, VERY useful when used with B-Techs such as Wavebouncing. The most relevant of such would have to be using a B-Stick to shift your momentum and face in the opposite direction. To do this simply press Neutral B and directly after press back. If done quick enough you'll see the sudden shift in momentum. Keep in mind, this must be done in the air. This is fantastic, as it allows you a Technical move in the air that has way to many mobility and approach options. Wavebouncing is also fantastic for playing Defensively, as it allows you to hold a wall in front of you that your opponent CANNOT touch without using an attack with greater range, which is EXTREMELY unlikely. You want to beware of other characters technical options however when using this attack, options such as Diddy's banana and Donkey Kong's Side-B are extremely lethal. This move, when done correctly, is one of the few moves I can confidently say can zone your opponent. This separates the bad from the good Yoshis, and by using this move in creative and innovative ways, it will allow you to obliterate the competition. This move is exceedingly fantastic against a character like Little Mac, who has a very bad recovery, as you can use it on him for a quick and easy gimp. Using the Neutral B offstage is fantastic as well! Dash offstage to a recovering opponent and eat em' up! It'll send them downward and they will NOT be able to recover at that point, unless you're dealing with a Villager. There is so many uses with this move, it's ridiculous. Neutral B can be used for approaching, applying pressure, punishing, gimping, and generally applying damage. It's arguably the best move in Yoshi's arsenal and should be exploited with all solid opportunities to do so.

Yoshi's Attack Strings
Yoshi players are commonly feared for their egg game, B-techs, speed, power, and over all pressure. What does this amount to though? Well of course, with all of those attributes comes combos and Attack Strings. In this guide, I will refer to a true combo as a Combo, and a non-true combo as an Attack String, referring to a set of attacks that CAN be DI'd or jumped out of, however, with proper timing will still pressure your opponent.
This section will be different from the others, in that it will be more of a list of a ton of Strings/Combos rather than subsections. Keep in mind that all Strings/Combos can only be done at certain percents, and weight DOES matter heavily (pun intended). As of right now, there will be no differentiating between combo and string, all will be listed as strings until a later update.

~ means that the next move comes afterward or should be timed.
+ means that both inputs should happen at the same time or very close to the same time
SHop is short for Shorthop, which is the input of doing the lowest jump
Fastfalls are done by pressing down when in the air

NAir Strings
NAir + Fastfall ~ UTilt ~ SHop NAir
NAir + Fastfall ~ Dash Attack
NAir + Fastfall ~ Dash Grab
NAir + Fastfall ~ Up Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ Down Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ SHop + FAir ~ Up Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ SHop + FAir ~ Down Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ SHop + FAir ~ DTilt ~ Dash Attack
NAir + Fastfall ~ SHop + FAir ~ Jab 1 ~ Up Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ FTilt ~ UTilt ~ UTilt
NAir + Fastfall ~ FTilt ~ UTilt ~ Up Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ Jab + Jab ~ Dash Attack
NAir + Fastfall ~ Jab + Jab ~ Dash Grab
NAir + Fastfall ~ Jab + Jab ~ Running Up Smash
NAir + Fastfall ~ Jab + Jab ~ Rising NAir
NAir + Fastfall ~ Jab ~ Up Smash
Falling NAir ~ Forward Smash
Falling NAir ~ Running Up Smash

Jab Strings
Jab ~ Up Smash (Like Fox in Melee)
Jab ~ NAir ~ Fastfall ~ Forward Smash
Jab + Jab ~ FAir ~ Up Smash
Jab + Jab ~ Dash Attack
Jab ~ DTilt ~ Dash Attack
Jab ~ Forward Smash
(I know there's a ton more, just haven't tested with Jabs that much)

Up Tilt Strings
UTilt ~ UTilt
UTilt ~ UTilt ~ UTilt
UTilt ~ UTilt ~ Up Smash
UTilt ~ Up Smash
UTilt ~ SHop NAir
UTilt ~ SHop NAir ~ BAir
UTilt ~ SHop NAir ~ Fastfall + BTilt ~ UTilt... (Not infinite)
UTilt ~ Full Hop NAir ~ BAir (Higher %s)
UTilt ~ NAir ~ Jab + Jab ~ Dash Attack
UTilt ~ NAir ~ Fastfall + Up Smash

Down Tilt Strings
DTilt ~ Dash Attack
DTilt ~ FAir
DTilt ~ FAir ~ Up Smash
DTilt ~ FAir ~ UTilt ~ Up Smash
DTilt ~ Dash Grab

Lots more to add to this section coming soon!

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