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Flatten The Competition: A Game and Watch Guide

this review hits harder than caps knee. seriously though, very thorough and helpful!
Desperately needs some formatting, otherwise pretty good.
Well this helped me learn a matchup I had no idea about. Thanks for this amazing guide I'm late to reading.~
This guide is great! Im new to Smashboards, but I've been playing G&W for years now. Provided a ton of information. The perfect guide for somebody new, like me, getting on the competitive scene.
Excellent guide my friend. missing the smash attacks, but very thorough and organized. well done
I've secondaried GW, and all i know came from staring at qerb and oping for the best. this helps alot, thanks.
The first full guide I've read on these forums, and it's set the bar extremely high. I had fun reading this, and you didn't just throw numbers in our face. Beginner friendly, yet in-depth enough to keep the advanced players reading. A++.
Amazing, but the spoilers are very non-reader-friendly
This is an amazing guide that is extremely in-depth! You hit the gold with this guide and if I was up and coming G&W player, I would definitely use this.
Splendid! This will come in handy for maining Mr. Game and Watch. One question. Can this guide be also applied to Project M?
Maybe some of the generalities of Game and Watch himself, but he does have significant differences in Project M. If there is no Project M Game and Watch guide this can at least get you started!
Fantastic! Couldn't ask for more. Gold if I was a G&W player.
Thanks! I'm seriously happy you liked the guide. Maybe you can pick up a secondary ;)
Well first, I'd like to say you put good use to those spoiler tags! Just sayin'

Second, with all this information provided how could anything be missing? 5/5! Good to know there's another Game and Watch representative in this world, no matter the Smash game.
I'm glad you enjoyed the guide! I knew the spoilers would be kind of necessary as there is a lot there to read but I wanted to make sure I was thorough! Good to see Game and Watch fans alive in the world :D
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