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Fighting effectively: Mega Man

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Smash Wii U
Mega man is a difficult character to play as, but if used correctly, he can decimate his opponents. Most veterans have a hard time getting used to Mega man's use of projectiles, but don't be deterred; He is just as effective on the field as any other fighter.

At the beginning of your fight, toss a metal blade down into the ground and immediately pick it up. You can now throw of your opponent with a quick flick of the right-stick, causing them to flinch and allowing you to follow up with a side smash or dash attack.

Second of all, NEVER attempt to spike unless you know what you're doing. Many players make the mistake of using Mega Man's down aerial without the correct distance between them and their target. His hard knuckle only meteors at mid to long distance. I find his down aerial is much more effective at opening up your landing zone after a high recovery.

Finally, something I cringe at with new Mega Man players, USE YOUR UP-TILT!! Mega Man has one of the most powerful up-tilts in the game, with the ability to K.O. consistently at as low as 60% or 70%. When using the "Shoryuken" make sure you hit your enemy near the ground to get the most power. This can be easily done with grounded enemies, but with practice, you can take out seasoned veterans with relative ease.

One last rule of thumb; be versatile. Every one of Mega Man's attacks has a weakness that can be exploited. Avoid being caught with your pants down by constantly changing strategies. For example, after spamming your dash attack for a bit, charge at your enemy, but instead of another dash attack, hop and use a down aerial. Keep your opponent guessing your next move, and victory will be yours.
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His u tilt is rarely used because of the end lag, and using his down air is good it can force opponents to shield and or roll because of megamans air lateral movement is one of the best
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