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Falco's Combo's, easy punishes, and approach options

Falco's Combo's, easy punishes, and approach options

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Hello everybody. My name is Estravo and today I am here to give you a beginner through advanced falco guide.

0-45%: If you get a grab at this percent range then you could down throw into dash attack (Leaves them at 13 or more percent) After the dash attack, you can short-hop Nair into a short hop fair, or spike, depending on DI and where you are at the stage. Another guaranteed combo at the percent range is up throw, nair into fair. This does at least 20% if you hit every attack.
46-150%: At this percent range, if you jab lock a heavy character like bowser, you can punish with a forwardsmash, or extend the lock by footstooling, and jab twice and punish with an forwardsmash. Also at this percent range uptilt and downtilt can lead into many other follow ups
Uptilt Follow Ups: Up air into Nair, bair, spike, and even up air into Nair (all Follow Ups listed are not in a row and are separate.)
D-Tilt: Nair, grab (sourspot d-tilt only), bair, fair, and Nair into up air.
Approach options: Good approach options include dash dance grab, dash attack, falco illusion, and all aerials.
And of course, everything I have said works on the 3ds version as well.
Thank you for tuning in and ill see you on the next guide.
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Badly done. Not even a guide really
this guide was ok. it lacked organisation and the part about jab locking mad littil to no sense
I know. Jab locking can be a confusing topic to master and understand in writing as well.
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