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Falcon Ditto Guide

In the ditto, both falcons have the same speed, same tools. So a lot of it comes down to choosing the right mixup, but a lot of it also comes down to using momentum to keep a falcon pinned, to rack up damage or send them offstage. The matchup allows for a lot of creativity in both neutral and punish, so I'll go over a list of Falcon's tools and you can explore these while looking out for which tools your opponents favor. I won't cover punish extensively, just remember you're trying to build damage to 30%+ and either comboing to death or sending them offstage and edgeguarding. How you do this is up to you.

Zoning Ranges and what to look out for
Far away distance (dashing short hop nair length)
  • should be able to avoid any attack started at this distance
  • dash dance can establish space and observe their intent
  • take stage if they show refusal to approach
  • pullback nairs to bait whiff punishes
Mid distance (Dashing pullback nair length)
  • Can't react to most things = greater pressure to preemptively attack
  • You could put up your shield or begin CC, but you're vulnerable to false positives
    • you might overreact: thinking a dash in = approaching aerial, when it could be... anything
  • Tempo becomes important (see below)
  • Use smart shield pressure (late or cross up aerials), be observant of their counterattacks
  • Dash dancing is strong
Close distance (just outside of shield)
  • Tempo is super important
  • Use smart shield pressure, and smart out of shield options
  • Crossing up is strong
  • Opponent can read dash back and reach you if you try dash dancing this close
CONCEPT #1: Tempo
- Chess term: Since white moves first, all things equal, white should always beat black. White will always have Tempo, or be one step ahead.
- So, which falcon has tempo?
- IF YOU HAVE TEMPO: you can stuff everything falcon does, especially if he's close enough.
- IF YOU DON'T HAVE TEMPO: you NEED to back out to neutral and try to gain tempo. You can also use CC!
- How do you gain tempo?
- Baits: manipulate your opponent to committing to a whiff punish that won't work. Because they are approaching, you gain a timing advantage equal to the distance they have to cover to reach you.
- CC/ASDI down: by taking an intentional hit, you can turn the tide and have access to your moves while they're still in end lag. You can use this while down in tempo, but be ready to act or your percent sacrifice will be for nothing!
- How do you lose tempo?
- Unnecessary shields or rolls: lets your opponent set up pressure on you, gives them control of the situation by deciding when to hit your shield, hesitating in shield also diminishes its size and makes you antsy to act out of a bad spot.
- Whiffing too close: If you're whiffing and your opponent is close to you, they don't need to sacrifice any time to dash towards you, they can immediately gain the upper hand with an attack while you're still in lag. Even if you can act before you get hit, their movements will already be ahead of yours. You can use CC, but beware of strong hits like stomp or knee!

CONCEPT #2: Cross up Falcon's slow ass aerials
- Don't respect his aerials as a threat
- His moves are so slow. You can run under him before his moves come out.
- Crossing up falcon is very valuable, because now you threaten him from both sides, and he has to guess which direction you're coming from to zone you out.
- Cross ups are vulnerable to aerials in place, particularly stomp is most dangerous

Falcon's tools in the Ditto (Neutral)
Aerials, properties and uses
Upair, bair: fast moves that stuff falcon approaches. Decently long-lasting and good range & disjoint.
- upair: for facing towards, can catch in between hits of nair, catches knee, catches stomp
- bair: for facing away, same as upair

Knee, stomp: strong moves that break CC or cause knockdown early.
- Strong knee: can kill early and catch bad DI (they are dashing, fast falling, CCing - holding down or away), hard to react to with good pressure. Beware: weak knee is super vulnerable to shield grabs and CC.
- stomp: causes knockdown early, beats CC, hard to react to with good pressure. Stomp better for catching opponents who cross up.

Nair: fast, can stuff falcon approaching BUT...
- you have to catch them rising, AND with first hit of nair.
You can also get creative with nair
- ex: short hop double jump nair, catch full hops and come down with a whiff punish.
- first hit: fast, stuffs approaches
- second hit: comes out super late, the animation between nair hits extends your hurtbox. Late upair is a great alternative to only second hit of nair.
- can catch dash ins, second hit knocks down asdi-down early ~35%

Crouch cancel/ASDI down
- Falcon is HEAVY, 0-50 range is PRIME CC/asdi percent.
- Run into nairs, bairs, upairs and quarter circle down, from dash to crouch. Quarter circle back from crouch to dash, into aerial or grab.
- Use it to gain the Tempo, even if your opponent has it! Only stipulation is percent.
- This gets beat by strong moves like stomp or knee

- Jabs stun at any percent. Are hard to react to. Leads into gentleman which can knockdown quite early, ~40% after the 3 hits
- Jabs are versatile, especially if you can turn around jab
- good out of shield pressure, good out of run, fast and mobile.
- Jab can lead into all three hits, just two hits, immediate grab, or dash away.
- Counter to jab if you expect it: let yourself get jabbed, hold down, and spam grab.

Fullhops & double jumps
- sharking and controlling tempo
- Falling with threats grants you a lot of control and pressure
- Can time your moves and fall to catch opponent coming in, but you gotta be fast with it so the timing of your moves line up with their end lag.
- Double jumping acts as a bait, and gives you ample time to whiff punish committal moves.
- short hop double jump is a tricky option that lets you react with punishes.
- Vulnerable to anti-air upairs, you may get hit out of your double jump, but you can still get hit onto the side platforms at mid-high percents.
- can also take to side platform and whiff punish (since they're expecting you to be on the ground) with shield drops.
- don't try to camp side platform, upairs poke too easily if your opponent knows you'll be on the platform.
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