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This is a (hopefully) useful and regularly updated guide on the things a Falco main in sm4sh should know.

1) The last frame of f-air will be the one with the most damage and is good for launching, you don't have to hit all of the damage frames to get the launch just the last one right on the tip of his beak for the sweetspot. This is great for coming from below or above to surprise your opponent to launh them sideways when they would be expecting an u-air or n-air.

2) A short hop fast fall f-air will automatically bring out the strong hitbox. While risky this is useful in forcing aggresive players to retreat which you can then follow up into a combo.

3) His blaster when connecting near the end of an opponents vertical recovery will launch them down. Use this on opponents like donkey kong or Cpt Falcon off of the ledge to get that extra knock down.

4) Down throw into dash attack will rack up a quick 14%. This is a great way to start the match and can lead into a good combo when done correctly. This will work better if you change the dash attack with an up smash (will update who this works well on and % after testing).

5) Fast falling after the first drame of his d-air will cancel the end lag of this move making it a great opener for a combo.

6) Falco's side B recovery when going through opponents will launch them down, higher rage and opponents % will cause them to be launched down further. Use this when opponents are going for the ledge hit them in those seconds before they reach the grab box, also will spike when opponent has re-grabbed ledge no longer getting those invincibility frames. Makes for a good surprise spike.

7) The fox jab lock will also work with falco, the easiest way to do this is to hold attack then let it go as soon as the second jab comes out then wait until the red slash curve line dissapears then repeat. Good for locking opponents and racking up damage also useful in traversing stages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agTPENb_1gY

8) D-tilt is an incredibly useful move, use it to launch opponents at a high % quickly follow up with an u-air for a reliable kill. As the move is so fast you can easily use it to start combos or surprise your opponent by making it a good out of shield option being able to go offensive immediatley also works well with point 5 to maintain control.

9) Using a combination of tip 5 and f-air you can go coast to coast (from one side of the stage to the other) or you can switch it up with d-air f-air d-air f-air repeat to get accross stage faster

10) Perfect pivot into sliding will let you do a foward tilt or angled up in the top corner tilt (jab), this works as the slide after perfect pivot is not the dash but end lag. In this mode you can only do a f-tilt or angled f-tilt as any other tilt does not work.
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Good bit of tips for the Lombardi mains.

Also, another trick for Falco, while it can be unsafe, SHFF fair if done correctly will cause the strong hitbox to come out automatically and since you fast fall you can try making another follow-up.

It's a nice tech to pull out sometimes if your opponent gets too aggro.
Cheers dude will add it to the guide :D
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