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Falco Uair Combos

Falco Uair Combos

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Hey there, this will be my first ever guide on a character, but believe me when I say I know Falco tech. An interesting thing came up a while back involving Falco's Dair Cancel. It is an amazing tech but I also found it unsafe and hard to hit on a consistent basis. So, I played around with some of Falco's moves and I found that his Uair is REALLY good. It can lead into some pretty useful stuff. I will also be listing everything using percentages on MARIO with NO DI.

Another thing to note is that depending on where you hit his Uair, the angle you launch them at will be different. If you are right above them, they will go up. If you hit the back end of Uair, they will be launch away and behind you, and if you hit the front end of Uair, they will be launch ahead of you.

FF = Fast Fall
SH = Short Hop
FH = Full Hop
JC = Jump Cancel
DJ = Double Jump

Combo 1: Works at 0-10%, Deals 19%

SHFF Uair into DTilt
- Aim for the tip of Falcos Uair, as it leads into the Dtilt. When done right, you will also hit the tip of his Dtilt. If you hit too close to Falcos body, Dtilt won't connect properly. Also, try aiming for the top of Mario's hat with your Uair.

Combo 2: Works at 0-30%, Deals 19%

SHFF Uair into Ftilt
- Similar to the Dtilt variant, but is more lenient on spacing and has a wider percent range. You can be much close with this version when using the Uair. When you get towards the 25-30% range, all you have to do is angle your Ftilt to connect it.

Combo 3: Works at 0-40%, Deals 18-19%

SHFF Uair, Utilt
- Again very simple, just space so that you are right above them when you use the Uair. Like, RIGHT above them. If done right, the combo counter will read 3 hits.

Combo 4: Works at 0-30%, Deals 26%

SHFF Uair, USmash
- Once more, you will want to aim to be almost right above them. When you start getting to the 35-40% range, you can JC the USmash to connect it.

Combo 5: Works at 40%, deals 20-30% depending on the number of Uair's you string

SHFF Uair into 2-3 Uairs
- I struggle a little bit with this one, mostly because I end up accidentally JC USmashing when I try to get the second Uair, but it is possible. Again, aim to be on top of them.

Combo 6: Works at 40-65% (Goes to a Maximum of 110%), Deals 23%

SHFF Uair into Bair
- For this one you want to aim to be above and SLIGHTLY past them. I find a quick, small dash into a rising Bair works well when they're at 40%, but I don't think its mandatory. After that, the dash isn't needed at all. At around 70%, you will have to use your DJ to connect your Bair. From there on it should connect to about 95%, at which point you can substitute another Uair for your Bair. AT 105-110% THIS WILL LEAD TO A KILL WITH BAIR IF DONE PROPERLY. At 110% this should be a guaranteed kill. There is also potential for a kill at 120 with Uair, but it looks like it might not be true, despite what the combo counter says.

Combo 7: Works at 50-65%, Deals 19%

SHFF Uair into Fair
- A bit awkward space for but still fairly easy. If you do it right, it should have a total of 7 hits.

Combo 8: Works at 0-20%, Deals 13%

SHFF Uair into Jab
- Not sure about how useful this one is but I thought I'd throw it in. Space for the tip of Falcos foot, as it will launch them forward.

Combo 9: Works at 30-60% with no DJ and 60-115% with a DJ, Deals 21%

SHFF Uair into Nair
- Has a wide percent range and deals a fair amount. Be sure to space to be right above them for this one as well.

Combo 10: Works at 65-75%, Deals 23%

SHFF Uair into Dair
-Yep. Its a combo. Now before we all get too happy, let me just say that it most likely will NOT be netting you a stock until at least 75%. At 75% it will kill Mario, and at 80% it will require a read of sorts. Again space to be right above them.

Edit: At LOW percents, his Uair can lead into a grab. So, uh, yeah there's that too. Also its not guaranteed but at around 30% you can Uair > FThrow > Laser, to attempt to Laser Lock them.

And there we go! That's all that I have found as of yet. If I find anything more I'll be sure to update if I do. Before you go try these, remember, this was tested only on Mario so percents for other characters will vary. If you use your DJ you may find that some things connect that normally wouldn't. Also, I didn't include his special moves in this because they don't do much outside of their basic functions. Only his Down B "might" have some use, but its very minimal. If I can upload GIFs of me doing these combos then I will but as of right now, I do not have the means to do so. Have a good one!
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Thank you for giving me such amazing info for falcon and now I can become a better smash player.
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