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Falco Smash 4 (The Falch combo)

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
What this combo is.
This an insane thing that I figured out a week ago. Thsi combo is good for mix ups and deals a fair amount damage as well. (22% each pillar) and can be done multiple times. This an be used to used offencivly and I will gwt to that laiter though out this guide. Keep in mind that this is something that needs to be experemented with even further.
How this combo is excicuted.
Pretty much what you do are these simple inputs=:GCU::GCA: Then :GCY: Then :GCD::GCA:.

Semes simple right? I want you right now to try this with bowser in FD. You did it? Notice how you have to read or react (prefebly read) the oponents DI. Also notice how when you connect the dair, you oponent has plenty of time (11 frames) to escape and/or punish. In order to cancle that lag what you need to do is simple

How to dair cancle with Falco
In order to cancle falcos dair, you must hit the dair as close to the ground as posible to the oponent and then fastfall. So...:GCY::GCD::GCA::GCD:*2
Still have trouble? then go to this link to master this tech as this will be verry important not just for the combo but to improve your falco as a whole. Link=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spHWz-9F7cQ
Try,Try, Master
I don't even know this combo's potential. Keep experementing. I will update this guide as I go on and you should too. The important thing is to remember to alway follow the oponent and predict where they go next. It may not even work with some characters and I will keep updating this further.
What can this be used for? This is great to apply preasue and rack up damage while this should not be overused. This is verry good for mix-ups as well to through of your oponent. Use this when openings are present but how to find openings is a guide for another time.
What people thnk so far
Snipnigth said:
Its pretty cool but the problem with the dair cancel is that its really hard to get the timing right and its really slow and unsafe, if you miss of hit the shield you will land with all the landing lagg of the move, if you can bait them to do an airdoge so they land with the airdoge landing lag, then maybe youll have enough time to execute the move at low risk, also i dont think there is enough time to combo uptilt with dair, its a good mixup after you condition them to airdoge after an uptilt to upair/nair combo, works as a frametrap...but the dair cancel it could be very useful and interesting if we find a safe and concistant way of doing it...

I hope people start useing this to i'ts potential and that this can be explored even further. I hope you learned something and that this was worth your time. this took me a while. Thanks
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