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Bowser-Kicking ***

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Hello everyone. I am Cauis and im going to give you some insight on what bowser can be truly capable of.This is my first guide so bear with me . Lets start with what moves and how they are going to be used.

Jab: Good

It has space, nice speed and 11%. This move is great for quick punishes and powerful early. Use it to rack up quick damage and apply shield pressure.

Tilts: Good

Lets go worst to best with all these.
-Utilt is just not as good as the others its too slow and usmash is better in most situations.

-Ftilt is nice. Its as good as jab but has more knock back so it is a very versatile move.

-Dtilt NOW THIS IS WHERE ITS AT. This move is just awesome. I sends your opponent almost completely vertical and can be used to cover the ledge for amazing gimps. It even has two punched so if you miss one you can still hit the other, but this second hit is weaker. This move can space, punish, gimp, it just does things.

Smashes: Great

-Dsmash......sigh. This move is just so useless. His grounded Up B and Dtilt are just so much better.

-Usmash this move is just as good as Fsmash. This move has a lot of priority, damage, knockback, its just a great smash that is also slightly safe because it has a second hitbox when he hits the ground. Use this to catch people rolling into you or to catch airborne opponents. Overall this move is very nice because its powerful and its slightly fast.

-Fsmash the legendary dropkick. This move has INSANE knockback and can kill super early. It has a slow start up and a ton of ending lag though so PLEASE only use this as a hard punish/read tool. Use this move to punish a read roll, smash or if your opponent is venerable for whatever reason.

Specials: alright

-Dspecial mediocre at best in the air. It can break shields but other than that its inferior to Dair. On the ground it can be used as a nice punish or surprise attack, be careful though, its very laggy.

-Neutral is nice to put up a wall that can rack up free damage if your opponent is too close. You can use this to cover the ledge or B reverse. pretty self explanatory.

-Uspecial on the ground this is nice to use if someone gets behind you or to quickly punish. If using to recover make sure to tap B a ton so you go higher.

That article shows how this move works in the air so give it a good read.

-Fspecial nice mixup tool. Its a command grab and kills around 120% for almost everyone. It can be used to bowsercide and that is always funny.

Grab: Good. His grab has great range.

Throws: alright

This one doesn't really need sections. His Uthrow can string a bit. His forward and back throws are strong and are nice for getting people offstage and Dthrow is pretty useless outside of its funny animation.

Aerials: Good

-Nair this move is just a meh. It can do some damage but it has lower kill potential then his others. Not bad just not as useful as his others

-Uair nothing special. Use this to cover yourself from opponents above you.

-Fair now this is nice. It has amazing knock back making it very scary offstage. Use this to try and gimp occasionally and scare your opponent but be carful because it has a bit of start up and ending lag.

-Dair this move is great for coming down. It can make your opponents think twice about attacking you in the air. It can also suspend you in place for just a second so you can use this to doge attacks if done perfectly. Don't spam this though because you never want your opponent to catch on to what you are doing.

-Bair same thing as fair but it comes out faster and is just as dangerous. This move should not be spammed as its landing lag is just painful.

Combos: Bad

Im sorry to say it but this guy just does not have any that are worth using at least. The biggest thing I use is fair to jab and this only works at really low percents and is dangerous because fair has lots of landing lag.

Overall: PUNISH PEOPLE. Bowser is all about punishing to rack up quick damage so he can finish with his smashes or aerials. He has tons of kill moves and he can do a ton of thing like shield grabbing, using fire, jabbing, tilting, etc to make your opponents think twice about approaching you. He does suffer from a lack of approach and is still very combo-able because of his weight. However a good bowser should always stay calm and be watching his opponent's movements so he can read them later. This man brings the pain and you should try him for sure.

Please leave feedback in the comments for my guide because this is my first one and im excited to see how I can improve.
Caius oni
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a good guide, has the essential things to make a good Bowser
only it lacks specific things, in my opinion ...
as additional data, the Usmash Bowser provides immunity, capable of evading counters (sorry for my english)
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