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Become one of the Sheikah!

Become one of the Sheikah!

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Hello everybody! I've played Smash for a very very long time now. I've probably spent over 20,000 hours playing various smash games in my life. I would like to share my opinions on the playing styles of my main character in the new game, Sheik! I will post a few more guides as I get more familiar with the forums. I figure this will be a good start :) Hope this helps alot of you out there hoping to learn one of the fastest attacking characters in the game! (If any other Sheikahs out there think of anything else, feel free to add on/message about it!)


Sheik is a very speed oriented character. She is one of the faster characters in the game, therefore her forte is staying far away from the enemy and when you get the chance coming in, striking, then backing off again. Now that being said, there are ALOT of chain combinations you can go into when first coming in for an attack.

First I want to talk about her attacks though.



Sheik has a dash attack. It is her running, then somewhat crouching down and sliding very little into a pretty powerful split arm type attack. This attack is mainly used as an edge guard when the enemy is trying to grab on the ledge. KEEP IN MIND it does leave you quite vulnerable afterwards, so use it when you're sure of yourself!


UP TILT: It is a kick that first shoots up, then comes down like a hammer... that being said, it is more like a rubber hammer that sticks to the ground. It is generally a move I don't find myself ever using as Sheik has many other moves that are better for an up retaliation.

SIDE TILT: This is one of my most used attacks with Sheik. This move is a swinging kick that arcs from the bottom nearly 180 degrees to the top. With this move, not only is it great because you can spam this attack to rack up damage on people, but it also retaliates the front, the top and the bottom when people are attacking. Also to note, it does very low knockback, it is not intended for KO usage, but rather for an excellent retaliation to force your opponent into your hands.

DOWN TILT: I've found myself using this one very rarely, it is a kick that rotates on the point where she is laying down on the stage. I've never found it particularly useful myself, except for the point where an enemy may be ledge hogging and I want to poke at them from the top of the stage.

NEUTRAL ATTACK: Though not a tilt attack, this fits in to this control category. Her neutral attack is a jab combo, that leads into a very quick, rapid succession jab attack. This is useful for when you come out of a shield, or some attack and you want to quickly cancel the opponents attack before they hit you.


FORWARD AIR: this is a quick karate chop style swing, that is somewhat short range but very powerful (For Sheik) and very quick. This is an amazing attack for pushing an enemy further and further away when they are off the stage, it is also great for comboing when mixed with the side tilt stage attack (IE use side tilt til the enemy falls out, then run>short hop> forward A> repeat from side tilt) It is a very quick and useful move in her arsenal.

DOWN AIR: This is a move I don't use frequently, though it is good to catch your opponent off guard if you're above the playing screen. The down air is another move where the character starts in the air, then kicks down to the stage in a lightning quick fashion. The interesting thing about this move though is that it has 3 hit boxes. Hitbox 1 is at the very start. If you hit an enemy with this at the moment you start it, it will spike the enemy down. I've used this a few times to actually spike the enemy near the edge of the stage, and because Sheiks moves slightly to the side when going down, I was able to land on the edge while the enemy plummeted to the bottom of the stage. The second, is during the fall it does very weak damage but knocks them back a tad, then the final hitbox is at the bottom upon landing, which deals a decent amount of damage. Now the only thing about this move is it can take a second to recover, I recommend immediately after landing if you're near the enemy using a down smash attack.

UP AIR: This move is a spinning kick that points straight up. This move is an excellent juggle, as well as a pretty good punishment for when the enemy tries to air dodge or something. As this move starts with a gatling style kick that hits multiple times, then on the last kick it gives the most damage and knockback. This is a very good move to get a KO with as well as juggle the enemy very brutally. This also is a pretty decent way to come back to the stage from the ledge.

BACK AIR: this is one of Sheiks longest reaching attacks, as it is a kick that extends her entire leg into a very powerful kick delivering alot of knockback. This is one of her more powerful moves for delivering a surprising KO. Though the most I use the move is when an enemy is hanging onto the ledge, if you run off of the ledge and immediately go into a back air, you'll bounce them off the ledge. If they are at a higher percentage they are done for.


So right off I'm going to inform you that smash attacks are the attacks that take more strategy to place than any other of Sheiks attacks.

UP SMASH: This is an attack that uses both of Sheiks hands in a triangle pattern. Its hitboxes are on the sides that hit more to the side, then there is at the top of the triangle where her hands first meet, which is the most powerful point and is an easy way to KO, though it can be difficult to land. This move is best delivered when you hit the enemy off to the side, and while they are in the air while stunned or you are waiting for their air dodge to run out you can charge the attack and hit them hard.

SIDE SMASH: This attack is formed with 2 kicks, the first being lower knockback to lead into the second kick which has very high knockback. This again is an attack best used when you can predict the enemies movement. Generally speaking the safe way to approach with this attack is to be just far enough away so that you hit with the second kick, I do it that way so that in the event the enemy tries to recover after the attack I'm not still doing another kick while they attack.

DOWN SMASH: Now I had mentioned this attack earlier when talking about the d-air attack. This move is a spinning kick attack that activates very quickly. It does pretty decent damage, but the main appeal of this move is that it rotates all around you, therefore it is a very good defense when you are not sure where the enemy will end up.


NEUTRAL SPECIAL: Spike throw. This is a move that is pretty easy to prepare through your battle. When you press the B button neutrally, sheik will start collecting spikes, up to 5 spikes to be specific. When she collects all 5 of them they become a decent projectile to stun enemies, generally used while they are off of the stage. When you use the spike throw in the air, it throws them directly diagonally downward in Sheiks facing direction. I almost never use this move airborn, I have a few times when the enemy was further down the side of the stage, but not much more than that.

NOTE: You can actually do a Special reversal/ dash cancel with Sheik in specific. The way it is done is by Dashing, letting go of the joystick, pressing special, immediately pressing the opposite direction after hitting the special button, then you press Shield (Generally speaking) to instantly stop your dash and go into a shield (You can also press the shield button alittle later to make the shield not appear). You must do this combo VERY QUICKLY, though if you time things incorrectly it will have an adverse outcome. In example, if you are accidentally doing the side special (Hand Bomb) you may be pressing Special too quickly during/after letting go of the joystick. This is useful when trying to play mind games with the opponent in most cases, though it is a very good trick to learn to get used to shieks fast movements.

SIDE SPECIAL: Hand Bomb. This is an interesting attack, but it can be a very powerful tool in Sheiks arsenal if used correctly. This attack is a small explosive on the end of a string, Sheik throws it outwards keeping ahold of the string. When you release the Special button Sheik yanks the cord, setting off the explosion. The explosive first pulls the enemy in with a sort of vaccume field, then explodes dealing out a bit of damage and knockback. This move is used most effectively towards the end of the stage, I normally find myself and others using it while the enemy is off of the stage trying to recover, you jump and use the bomb to push the enemy further off the stage, and if they are far enough off KO them. Now BE CAUTIOUS! This move WILL air stun you. So if you're off of the stage you can only recover if you're hit by the enemy afterwards.

NOTE: If the grenade itself (While still attached to Sheiks string) is hit with a projectile or (Some) attack(s), it will actually detonate faster! It's very useful on projectiles like Diddy Kongs Peanuts, Links arrows, Wii fit trainers energy orb... Ect.

NOTE: If an enemy hits Sheik before she pulls the cord, the bomb will actually become a small projectile. It doesn't do much as far as damage or knockback (About 7%), but you can use it to mini stun enemies for combos!

UP SPECIAL: This is a teleport type move, that initially starts with a very short, but useful hop into the air (Very useful when trying to recover back to the stage, that extra hop Sheik does makes it to where most of the time you don't even need to use the full Up special to recover) Followed by an explosion, which does quite a bit of damage and Kockback! After which, you simply appear in the direction you pointed the joystick in, and continue your battle. This move is a very good recovery, but also a good KO move, It is useful in the fact that most people don't notice right away when Sheik is starting this move, I use it most of the time while hanging off the stage and doing a drop recovery. This gives me the opportunity to hit enemies hard with the first explosion that comes up. The second explosion from the teleport is interesting in the fact that it actually pushes your enemy more than it would damage them. This move is very useful when an enemy does an attack that air stuns them (Lets use Donkey Kongs N Special punch for an example) if you use your teleport just as he is finishing the punch, you can push him off of the stage, stunning him all the way down.

NOTE: With Sheiks up special, if you go straight up with the up special it will give you landing stun. Though if you do it diagnally, upon landing you will have no stun and you can go straight into your attack when done correctly!

DOWN SPECIAL: This move is also known as the Bouncing Fish. This is a kick that starts from the players position, pushes Sheik out very far, hits the enemy then jumps away from them. The initial direction you face will be known as forward in this example. If you press forward and the Special button, you will start the kick, When you are in the air, pressing forwards or backwards on the joystick will influence how far Sheik will actually fly in this kick, ranging from immediately in front of Sheik, to a little under halfway across the stage (Omega forms) Once you come into contact with the opponent while using this kick, this will automatically kick at the end of the jump with alot of horizontal knockback though in most cases you can manually hit the special button to kick with just the tip of the attack, keeping your distance safe. Immediately after hitting them you will go into another bouncing fish(Which is also influenced by which direction you press the joystick, though not nearly as drastic as the first). This move is INCREDIBLY useful! I find myself using this move while the enemy is recovering off of the stage more than any of the other moves stated. As it not only pushes you to the enemy and hits them straight towards the side expulsion zone, but also makes you jump back as well! Now keep in mind, if you use the bouncing fish to get back towards the stage to recover, you will have to press Special in order to manually do the kick in the air, so that you are able to use your UP special. Otherwise you will be falling towards the bottom with a kick and a twirl.

NOTE: The bouncing fish direction can actually be influenced by pressing the joystick VERY LIGHTLY in the direction you wish to go. If you go too horizontal, you will end up doing a Side Special instead. This is extremely useful to note while using this attack.

Sheik has alot of techniques/combos that are quick, easy and able to be used very frequently in any match. Alot of which include mixing many of her attacks together.


This one is somewhat of a self explanatory tech. You simply
dash towards the opponent and Shield once you come into range with the opponent, This is generally a good mind trick to force the opponent to go into an attack, and since Sheik is VERY fast, she can immediately go into either a grab, or tilt attack, or smash attack... The possibilities are up to the individual to decide.


One very common punishment used by Sheik is her Down Throw Juggle.
You watch for the enemy either to land/fail a grab/Side step... anything that
leaves a gap really, and when they do dash in and grab them. Throw them down into the ground causing them to bounce decently low, at that point you can then jump once and do your UP AIR into them. this will hit nearly every time in low percentages, and at higher percentages if you predict a dodge or move correctly you can get an easy KO this way. When the enemy is up in the air as well, you can actually do another short hop immediately into another Up air, juggling them for a few runs (Known as the AIR JUGGLE). Eventually their HP will get high enough they will have time to react though.


Once again I see this often at low percentages to quickly rack up damage, this one is very easy. You generally
start this by poking with the forward air after a short hop. After you land that hit, as soon as you hit the ground go into side tilt kicks, one after another to build up your enemies HP. Once they fall out of the kick you should have just enough time to do another short hop and repeat the process. Once they get up to about 40-50% it is nearly impossible to keep this going though. This is a very good opening combo to build up damage quick and easy.


:This is something I've integrated into my playing style, that would most likely not work 100 percent of the time. But with Sheik I feel confident enough to mention it.

When your enemy is at a decently high percentage, somewhere in the marks of
70-90%, and they grab the ledge, Run to the ledge and do a quick grab to knock them off of it (To quick grab you simply run towards the edge, the second your character has fallen off you DI to the ledge and grab it, it takes practice!) After they go flying, you have a second of opportunity to drop off the ledge, double jump into a back air into them. I've done this quite a few times successfully, though it is very risky as the enemy can turn the tables on you if they predict you well.


This is something I've done quite a few times, Especially on enemies such as G&W or someone who edge guards very close to the edge. If you hold your directional pad against the wall with Sheik, you'll hold onto the ledge. If you do this while you retain your double jump, you can use it to double jump off the wall, then teleport into the stage. The reason I use this is to jump straight to where the opponent is and use it as a KO move when the first explosion hits. It happens very quickly and I've gotten quite a few KOs with it. This is a nice technique to mix things up a bit while in the heat of battle!

This is actually a very nice technique that you can use, that I found out about by accident though it has been used by many other Sheik players. It is where you dash to the very edge of the stage (And I mean the VERY TIPPY TIP EDGE) and you do your Up special. What this does is you slide off of the edge with the up special, going straight off the edge into a teleport explosion. If used correctly, it can be a very powerful KO tool. I've recently started doing this more frequently and it works VERY well.

As for right now that is all of the info I can think of to put into this quickie guide for all the people curious about Sheik! I'm sure I'll be adding plenty more later haha!
I hope you all enjoy the gameplay and love smashing as much as I do!

Thank you very much for reading!!!
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Very informative and visually appealing
needs an update
I would like to know what to update on it, so as to give people the best information possible from all viewing angles.
Great guide this will definitely help my sheik play!
All's great! I did not quite get the ledge teleport tech. By the edge of the map do you mean the edge of the stage or the edge of the screen itself? I'm confused ?-?
I apologize for the confusion, I mean the edge of the stage when I say that. I'll correct it to make that easier to understand, but just as you come to the edge of the stage (And we're talking pixels here) you hit up b during a dash, which slides you off the edge with the up b causing you to go straight out with it, rather than up and then into it. It's an extremely helpful tool for ledge defense and as a KO tool!
I was going to give this guide a average rating but then I notice you said Bouncing fish automatically hit's if your opponents in range, which it doesn't.

Overall I feel this guide is very incomplete as it just introduces each move with a little bit of information about them and a few notes on the bottom. Honestly those type of notes I think what a guide should be mainly about.
You're absolutely correct, my mistake. I had always distanced myself correctly to hit the opponent, but after testing it Sheik will go straight through them if you are too close! I'll fix that right away.
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