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A starter Bayonetta guide

In this guide I won’t really teach you new combos, but teach you the best way to use them!

As a smash 4 bayonetta main I can tell any new bayonetta main that the best advice is to not compare ultimate Bayo to 4. It will only make the character look horrible. As a Bayo main now I can tell you that bayonetta is a good character if you play her correctly. The first thing you need to learn is that YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP AND CHANGE COMBOS.This can take practice but it will definitely benefit your gameplay.

For example, if you’ve performed a down ABK>ABK>WT, do not continue the extended combo if the opponent is already falling out. Instead, finish with a fair or stop the combo completely to shave off landing lag.

When learning combos you also need to what moves can end a combo early or alter combos.

For example, if you’ve already performed a heel slide>up tilt>up air and your opponent ends up under you, your could end the combo with a bair, or fast fall up air>ABK>WT>WT>fair. This requires a lot of skill and experience with Bayo to do quickly in a match.

In my opinion, the biggest nerf Bayo for was long combo starters. Her only reliable one is heel slide and since that got nerfed too, it’s harder than ever to combo. I will give you a few tips to help get the heel slide.

First, Nair. This isn’t true but it will almost always get you the heel slide. This works because once your opponent gets hit by any of Bayo moves, they immediately assume you will follow up with something in the air. Most people will DI away but others will try to dodge. When on the ground( people will miss input and you can easily get the heel slide. (I know I didn’t do the best job explaining that but trust me, it works)

The second is down throw. This doesn’t work as well as Nair but it will catch dodging opponents. Simply down throw, short hop to bait a dodge, land, and then side b.

This is a bit off topic but I might as well say it’s anyways. My final piece of advice is to not witch time at lower percents. The move doesn’t give you as much time as it did in the previous game, so getting in at lower percents is a complete waste.

Well that’s all the advice I can give. I know this is short but I hope I helped new bayonets mains. If you have any questions about anything Bayo I can answer them!
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