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A Guide on how to fly from the bottom of the "Pit" to the top

A Guide on how to fly from the bottom of the "Pit" to the top

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
First off I would like to mention notable Pit/Dark Pit mains in the community.
Number one of course being Nairo, a top brawl player who has carried over his incredible Meta Knight tech to the best original/clone duo in the smash series. To see any of his matches just type in Nairo dark pit and you will find one in no time. Nairo has been a founding father for pit mains in smash 4, he started out only using dark pit but has branched out and now mains both Pit and Dark pit. However, Nairo is one of the few Pit mains to do anything notable other than Pink Fresh, who has yet to accomplish anything of Nairo's calibur.

Next I would like to mention that all combos with percents are factored with no rage so its up to you to know what works at what percent with rage.
Alright now,lets get to the Guide.
-Aerials: up air, down air, neutral air, forward air, back air. (Up air, forward air, and nair are multi-hit and all combo into each other.) (Down air spikes.)

-Tilts: Forward, down, and up:
-Forward tilt is quick and excellent for punishing roles with pivot forward tilts.
-Down Tilt is also quick and is great for spamming at the edge against a recovering opponent.
-Up Tilt is good but situational, for most situations just stick to a running up smash. (One thing to note is that pit and dark pits tilts aren't always safe as they do have moderate cool down)

-Smash attacks: Forward smash, great for kills, pit and dark pits best kill move use it sparingly because you don't want to stale your best kill move.
-Down Smash: Amazing, is what comes to mind when I think about it, it punishes a roll into you like no ones business and if you catch your opponents with bad Di this will throw them off stage at a bad angle and sometimes KO.
-Up smash: good and quick great for killing people with a bad habit of jumping over you and trying to attack.

-Specials: (Power of flight) Up special (recovery) one of the best in smash 4, plus the characters four jumps make him very frustrating to edge guard.
-Neutral b: (arrows) Great for both original and clone but note that pits are much more effective for edge guarding.
-Side B: (electroshock arm) This move is great for both characters, for pit is a less common used move mainly for getting kills, but for dark pit is good for spacing and overpowering weak attacks as they both have super armor. Remember Pits kills earlier, Dark pits does more damage.
-Down special: (guardian Orbitals) Great for reflecting projectiles and blocking some attacks

-Jab: Quick move both variations are good but it's safer to stick with the 1-2-3 jab and not the infinite plus finisher

-Dash attack: it has a good sized hit box and has amazing follow up potential. But be careful about using it as it is unsafe on shield like nearly every dash attack in the game.

-Grab: one of pits best moves as it his combo starter and one of his finishers.
For pit and dark pit here are a list of combo starters dependent on their DI:
-Down throw + Up smash at 0-10% is gaurenteed on all members of the cast and does about 20 damage and is great for getting some up airs in.
-Down throw + up air at most percents will work and does about 15 damage and puts opponent in a great position for up airs
-Down throw + forward air does about 13% every time but has less follow up potential perhaps a second fair could be possible but it is of course dependent on their DI
-Down Throw + neutral air this is a good combo as the aerial is multi-hit and the hit box is pits entire body does decent damage around 13-14%
-Down Throw + Down air a good combo that can go either way back to the ground or up in the air for some more combos. Since Pit/Dark pit's Down air has a frame where it can spike, if you use this out of a grab you can go back to the ground and land an attack or grab them again and follow up.
-Forward throw/Back throw + Dash attack good combo that is mainly used at low percents and can be followed up with almost any of his aerials.

Now here are some tips on how to get a KO with Pits forward throw. First off the blast zones are really weird in this game, so if you forward throw someone in the middle of the stage at 120% you would question whether or not it can actually kill, but if you do it closer to the edge the blast will "suck them in" In a way. It is best used by baiting your opponent on to the ledge and make them do a regular getup and grab them, or to run up and shield to bait a get up attack and then shield grab them and forward throw them. For a average weight character (ness, Marth) this move will kill at about 115-120%

Tips and tricks:
Arrow reverse: if you didn't know Pit and dark pit can change the direction that the arrow is going before shooting it, all you have to do is hold the button and aim it up forward or backward. What I like to do is run to one side of the stage pull out an arrow then turn around and shoot it and surprise my opponent.
Guardian Orbiter edge guarding: this move not only reflects projectiles but also can stop a recovering opponent in their tracks. For example a character like ness is getting ready to pk Thunder to the stage what you do now is jump off stage right next to him and pull it out, it will kindly push ness away from his thunder leaving to him to fall to his death. Pleasant right?
Using side special to recover: Pit's side b has a good horizontal range in the air and since it has super armor it almost makes you impossible to edge guard if you know the angle.
If there are any suggestions or corrections you see that need to be made PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I want to see more pit and dark pit mains in the community!!! Thank you everyone for reading this guide I hope I helped you out a lot!

To see me play pit in tournament click here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9qCwDxX2K4
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Very helpful for learning basic combos. Exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you :)
good guide. Its not as advanced as i hoped it would be but a good guide for those wanting to main my PIT.
It's a good guide for beginners but I doubt anyone will find this particularly useful when they want some more advanced strategies/combos/mix-ups/etc. I think explaining the differences between Pit and Dark Pit is needed.

It's enough to get people into Pit and start experimenting with him but it lacks the depth needed to get to a high skill level. But then again, you can't cover everything at once so I'll be looking forward to seeing it develop in the future.
Decent overall and a good source for beginners, but some of the information is either misrepresented (side-b isn't a particular useful recovery for the most part) or lacking in elaboration (f-smash is a good kill, but it's slow and unsafe on shield).

A few nitpicks aside, it's a good resource for new players, and it's got potential to flesh itself out with more solid information and critical input. Good luck with that!
Well I know side b isn't amazing but it can safe you from a falcon down air for example
Very nice, and informative. This will certainly assist new players in picking up the Flightless warrior.

Felt as if there could have been a bit more information distributed, but I suppose it's necessary to take one step at a time when climbing your way "to the too of the Pit".

Just gonna throw this out here as well. In regards to D-tilt, I think you should have included the fact that it's a good tool to utilize against rush downs, and a safe landing option.
Alright I plan on updating this guide as I learn from playing other people but thank you I will add that very soon!
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