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A Beginners Guide to King Dedede


Dedede in PM is a very……….odd character to play as. When Dedede made the switch from Brawl to PM he seemed to have sacrificed some of his defensive ability’s for offensive ones as he seems to rely more on trying to get in and rack up damage than sitting back and waiting to strike. He has more mobility as well with some of his moves giving him tremendous forward or backwards momentum; he also had a slight increase in air speed improving this further. Dedede is still extremely powerful he possesses some of the most powerful smash attacks and combining that with crazy disjointed moves makes him a long range and close range threat. Though Dedede is still a very big target and has a good amount of trouble approaching characters that are faster than him or can zone him out (screw you Sonic). Overall he as a Dedede main you need to play passive-aggressively you need to keep the pressure on but you also need to know when to step back and keep your distance.

Jab and Tilts

· Jab

· F-Tilt

· D-Tilt

· U-Tilt

· Dash Attack

Dedede’s Jab combo is two hit hammer combo followed up by him rapidly spinning his hammer around which acts as a multi-hit move. The first jab can be used to jab reset characters and can even be followed up with a grab in certain situations. The first hit followed by the second can be used to follow up with a D-Smash at certain percent’s. But the last multi-hit move doesn’t serve really any purpose because you have a decent amount of lag after using it and it can be DI’ed out of. Dedede F-Tilt is his overall most useful Tilt as it has good, range decent power, medium lag, and is a disjointed hitbox. This move is extremely helpful and you should use this as a long range spacing tool this move can get you out of really sticky situations especially against characters with fast dashes and run speeds. The move even clangs with a lot of projectiles and is a good way to stop them in their tracks. The only real problem with this move is that it kind of sucks at close range but there is another move to compensate for that. D-Tilt is the pseudo close range version of F-Tilt possessing the opposite properties. Short rang, more power, around the same lag, and not disjointed. It may sound like an overall downgrade but it is really good at close range spacing and ledge-guarding. You may not use it as much but it does have optimal use in close range situations. U-Tilt is a good anti-air move as it comes out considerably fast, has some rang, and some good power to it; the move can even juggle fast fallers a low percent’s. Though it’s main use it to catch opponents that may try to attack from above you or whiff a recovery. Dash Attack is strong, slow, and has medium armor on start-up making it a surprisingly good edge-guarding move since the armor allows him to trump every recovery (besides tethers). Though onstage it is almost useless because of how slow it is, giving your opponent optimal time to shield, and then grab you.

Aerial moves

· F-Air

· D-Air

· U-Air

· B-Air

· N-Air

Dedede’s aerial attacks are among some of his best moves some could even consider themthe best of his arsenal. His F-Air has an absolutely ginormous hitbox, with a disjointed hitbox, great power, great speed, and covers Dedede’s entire front side when used. Of all his aerials this one is probably used most or second to most; the combination of speed and power makes this a deadly edge-guarding move and combo finisher and is overall one of his best moves. D-Air is also good as it has multiple hits, good start-up, good ground coverage, and many follow up options. D-Air is a good move to use against grounded opponents as if L-Canceled can be followed up with almost any ground attack or grab, though if you do get your opponent in the air with all every single hit from the move it will pop them up allowing you to follow up with a F-Air. The moves is best used when doing a ledge hop as if you activate the move after the hop it will cover directly under him punishing anyone who is next to the ledge, and since his ledge-hop is relatively fast it is really hard for an opponent to punish. U-Air is a good juggle tool and it isn’t very strong but that is its big advantage. This move is fantastic for punishing people who try to attack or avoid you from above (Hell this even works in Smash 4). The move can also be followed up from U-Throw on stages without an upper platform. Though you won’t be killing with this move you sure will be putting on a good amount of damage. B-Air is the aerial move you will probably use the most as it is one of his fastest attacks that has, decent power, okay range, and acts as a sex kick. This move is incredibly useful as it can be used almost exactly like Jiggs’s B-Air. You can even use to do a pseudo Wall of Pain with it. Though to be quick because this move has so many uses I’ll just say that is a great spacing, edge-guarding, and comboing move. N-Air is his signature OOS move as it comes out almost instantly, covers almost all of his fat jiggley body, and is a fantastic combo starter since it has little power but pops the opponent upward allowing for aerial follow-ups or even a grab at low percent’s.


· F-Smash

· D-Smash

· U-Smash

Dedede’s smashes are truly the best display of the great king’s power but I find there utility very limited since they are all relatively slow but DAMN they are strong. F-Smash is one of if not the most powerful smashes in the game. The move has a lot of start-up, and end-lag but also has a tremendous amount of power, and range and can kill some characters at under 50%. The move can even meteor smash an opponent if the they are directly under it when it lands and is one of the most satisfying things to do in the game (The first time I did this I dropped my controller ran outside my room then ran back in and screamed in my pillow), though it is actually not that useful since it is really slow and easily read. It is almost a better edge-guarding move because of its meteor smash properties, but once again there are moves that do a better job. D-Smash is probably the most useful of his Smashes being relatively fast, covering a wide area, and sending the opponent behind him. Though as a smash attack it has a lot of trouble actually killing since it fling people behind him making you face the opposite direction of the blast zone so this move is more of a combo starter but I haven’t really started any combos with it so I’m not sure of its utility. U-Smash………….To be frank I almost never use this move but it is does have the same uses as U-Tilt but is used more for killing since it is slower. Though personally I prefer the speed of U-Tilt over U-Smashes power maybe when 3.5 rolls around and everyone can DACUS I will test its utility again.

Grabs and Throws

· Grab Range

· F-Throw

· U-Throw

· B-Throw

· D-Throw

Dedede was known in Brawl for his infamous grab range and deadly throws and in PM they make a triumphant return but with different utilities and more reliance on follow-ups. Dedede’s grab range is MASSIVE he probably has the longest non tether grab in the game even subduing ol’Marth’s. This combined with its relative quick speed make it one of Dedede’s most useful defensive and offensive tools allowing for safe shield grabs and dash grabs. His grabs complement this with also being very good. His F-Throw is like most typical F-Throws mainly used when close toward a ledge to throw the opponent off. Most throws like this are always useful because they force your opponent to recover allowing you to gimp them. His U-Throw is great for starting a U-Air juggle string and can chain throw fast fallers at low percent’s. B-Throw is extremely powerful as it can kill most characters at just a little above 110% so it’s best used near the ledge. D-Throw was infamous in Brawl for being able to chain throw every character and could even infinite some. In PM it has been removed and now you need to rely more on tech-chasing to get the re-grab which is fine. IF you absolutely suck at tech chasing then it can be followed up with an F-Tilt or D-Tilt but which on you use is dependent on there percent (use your imagination on which percent you use which). The move can still chain throw large characters like Bowser or DK but only if they DI it incorrectly.


Neutral-B: Inhale

Dedede’s Neutral-B is what I like to call the anti-approach option the inhale has a suction box and can actually stop some momentum based moves like Sonic’s Spin Charge. Though since King Dedede is not as bloodthirsty as Kirby he cannot swallow the opponent but instead can only spit them out. The move once again seems to be good on characters that rely on moves where they dash at you with high speed (once again screw you Sonic) as it can intercept them. It’s still pretty good even as a just a normal grab esque move and can be used Dededeside if you are desperate.

Side-B: Waddle Dee Toss

Waddle Dee Toss is his signature projectile attack and it is a little slow but covers a great distance, can be angled in almost any direction like Mega Man’s Metal Blades in Smash 4, and has a random factor to it. He can throw Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos each with their own properties. I’ll just list them off below.

Waddle Dees: When they hit an opponent upward allowing for follow-ups. After they land they will casually roam around the stage and very rarely they will jump and actually be able to do damage, but they are relatively slow and the opponent can just smack them away if they come near. Waddle Dees have the most likely chance to appear being that 35/52 times they will appear.

Waddle Doos: Waddle Doos act almost exactly like Waddle Dees popping the opponent upward but doing slightly more damage and knockback. When they land they will only walk a very short distance before they stop and charge their signature beam ability doing small amounts of damage and stun if the opponent is caught inside and can be hard to SDI out of. Though if all hits from the beam connect it can rack up to 27% in total, but like Waddle Dees they can be dispatched in the same way by the opponent. Waddle Doos appear 10/52 times; significantly less than Waddle Dees. Both Dees and Doos cannot be reflected.

Gordos: Godos act very differently from Dees and Doos as they travel a tad bit faster, bounce off the ground, disappear if blocked, can be reflected ,and do ridiculous amount of damage (23%) and knockback. Gordos rarely appear as they only appear 4/52 times, but when they do they can be extremely deadly as they can KO most of the cast under 70% to 50% dependent on their weight. Gordos can also bounce once before they disappear and they can be reflected so they are best used close up but they are unpredictable so it is almost impossible to set them up perfectly. Gordos don’t bounce of shields like Dees and Doos instead they instantly disappear but if block they do a good amount of shield stun and damage.

Up-Special: Super Dedede Jump

Being an Up-Special its most practical use is for recovery and this move does not disappoint. When executed Dedede soars a tremendous distance upward very quickly he also does little damage and knockback on the way up and then plummets downward having a meteor effect on the way down and a vertical knockback when he lands. In Brawl the move had Super Armor making it almost impossible to gimp but in PM it has been removed. Also like in Brawl if you press down when raising upward the move will be canceled and Dedede will be put into free fall. If he lands on stage he will have to endure some landing lag though it’s not as significant as it was in Brawl making it a little bit safer. Canceling it also allows Dedede to snap on to ledges and seems to be the most practical reason for doing it. I'ts only downside is that it doesn't have much horizontal distance covered but Waddle Dashing can make up for that.

Down-Special: Jet Hammer

Jet Hammer is a very situational move as it does have a good amount of lag on it but some good power as well. The move functions are almost exactly the same way as in Brawl but with a key difference. When the move is released, depending on how much you charge it will give him a good amount of momentum forward. This may sound useful at first but it quickly becomes unsafe in most situations just because of how slow it is. IF this was his only way to get some aerial momentum then it would probably be better but since the Waddle-Dash does that accept much faster it doesn’t seem practical. IT does have some uses that can make it quite powerful in certain situations. If there are no Waddle Dees on the field to dash into, then you can use Jet Hammers forward momentum to propel you offstage for edge-guarding. The move uncharged is very fast and has some power to it but at the cost of no momentum and a lot of end-lag. I found that I only used this move to “style” on my opponent as it is very flashy and relatively risky.

Extra Stuff


I am going to dedicate a separate thread to this so this will be just a brief summary on it if you are starting out. The Waddle-Dash is an extremely useful tool that gives Dedede a significant amount of aerial momentum very quickly. It is done by simply Air-dodging into a Waddle Dee or Waddle Doo whether on the ground or in the air. When used on grounded Waddle Dees, Dedede will move a good distance forward while tossing the Waddle Dee in addition the Waddle Dee will be thrown faster than normal. This allows Dedede to move forward while throwing the Waddle Dee allowing for more follow-up opportunities and safe approaches. When used on aerial Waddle Dees or ones on platforms, Dedede will receive the same boost but since he is in the air he will travel much farther and faster. This allows you to do crazy leaps across the stage to chase opponents or recover a great horizontal distance. The Waddle-Dash is so versatile and beneficial to Dedede I’m going to open a separate thread where people can discuss the creative and practical uses for the Waddle Dash.

Wavedash and RAR:

Dedede’s Wavedash is relatively short and a tad slow but it really helps him with his tech-chases. Of course Wavelanding is useful for the entire cast and Dedede is no exception. He can use his Wavelands to drop off platforms and mix up aerial attacks. His RAR is pretty useful as he does get a little momentum from doing it making landing B-Airs a little easier.


Ripple VS Kels (Fox)

Ripple VS Ellis (Mario)

Ripple VS Sythe (Wolf)

(Ripple is hero Dedede deserves)

Extra Resources

Dedede’s character page on the PM website:


Dedede's Smash Wiki page:


Waddle Dash Discussion:


3.5 Changes

-Up Special(Super Dedede Jump)
--Now has flash overlay at startup to denote Knockback Armor
--Depletes all jumps
--Landing stars enlarged from 3.75 to 4.5
--Landing stars now have 50 BKB instead of 60 BKB
-Down Special(Jet Hammer)
--Vertical positioning on hold animations fixed
-Side Special(Waddle Dee Throw)
--Waddle Dash has increased friction after the toss
--Waddle Toss IASA increased 21 -> 30.

-Airdodge and jumps' stage collision detection adjusted, improving wavelanding ability significantly.
-Ledge jump animations adjusted to fix warping problems
-Screen shakes on aerial landings toned down
-Dash attack
--Now has a color overlay to denote Knockback Armor
--Shakes the screen on faceplant

So to summarize; Dedede received tiny nerfs and ascetic changes. The most notable is the nerf in the Waddle Dash. Now Dedede won't travel as far on the ground and has more lag on the throw, but is still able to travel the same distance in the air. Overall this nerf isn't to big a deal since it can still be used for recovery and approach relatively well but makes follow-ups more risky. Also after Dedede uses Super Dedede Jump he will lose all his jumps if knocked out of it. This means he is easier to gimp and nerfs his recovery slightly. Dedede did receive one buff in the form of easier wave-landing, increasing platform mobility. Please note that this only affects his wave-landing meaning his wave-dash is still the same. Overall he is still basically the same with a few new things to get use to, but you should be good to go.
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Great guide! I'd prefer if it was formatted a bit better and not very large blocks of text here and there though.
Amazing Guide!!!!!!
Great guide! Id prefer if you had each attack under itself instead of you listing several moves and then making a paragraph noting a bit of all of them. I feel it would also allow you to add more notes to each move easily if you update it for PM changes or new strats.
Very well written guide, Everything makes perfect sense and i feel as though you really got the best attributes of Dedede to show. If its a beginner guide, maybe write about How to function in neutral, Follow ups after a throw, or even Basic ways to Gimp, or setup a gimp.
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