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3.5 Pit Frame Data and Guide (WiP) - trying to find time for 3.6 update

3.5 Pit Frame Data and Guide (WiP) - trying to find time for 3.6 update

3.6 changes:
Ftilt's range buffed, but kb/recovery nerfed.
Utilt/Fsmash/Nair connect better, Usmash/Dair tweaked.
Utilt kb/recovery buffed.
Dtilt faster (yay!) - hits 9-11 IASA on 30.
Dsmash's first hit no longer has a nasty angle (boo...), also gets buffed kb
Uair tweaked, faster l-cancel buff now 10 frames (yay!), I wonder how this compares to 3.0 pit?
Dthrow followups nerfed.
Grab buffed to get rid of a Roy-zone.
Arrows release later (19 from 15), shooting up and straight homogenized.
Glide has a duration (75 frames).
UpB fixed momentum and now REFLECTS PROJECTILES!
DownB has faster IASA by 10 frames.

Right now, it's just some data I got from Brawlbox.
I've found a ghetto way to make gifs, so I'll work on those, but if anyone has some tips for how to make them better, I'm eager to learn (right now I take screenshots with brawbox, upload them to gifmaker.me, then DL that output and upload it to gfycat).
Also, I got dolphin, so I can double check some of the missing data.
After that I'll move on to making it like a guide too, and I've only recently embraced Pit as my secondary, so I'll be willing to learn from the Pit community.

Table of Contents:
  1. Intro
  2. Moveset & Frame Data
  3. Movement Options
  4. Tech Chasing
  5. Matchups
  6. Stages

Pit Guide
Pit has a good dashdance/wavedash game that allows him to exploit center stage, which can be reclaimed with well placed Glides. He can space fullhop Fairs and Dairs in neutral, and use Nairs to poke platforms. Bair is also a lingering hitbox with a fast L-cancel, allowing you to fade back into a dashdance Falcon-style. Jab/Ftilt are good for poking at your opponent's zone (Ftilt does more damage angled up). Crossup Dash Attack can work against chars with poor OoS options. Dash in -> shield with the threat of retreating Fair OoS Marth-style is a powerful stance to take. Wavedash back -> arrows is a good way to pressure your opp.
Arrows need to be spaced now. There is enough lag on them that you can't out-camp other projectile-chars anymore. Straight arrows release 1 frame faster than vertical ones. Changing your direction takes 8 frames, but shooting up has 8 frames sooner IASA to compensate. [looped arrows vid]

Dthrow -> Dair tech chasing is a powerful option. Soft Uairs are really good for combos. His grab game seems similar to PAL Sheik, just with a better Uthrow and a slightly worse Dthrow. Dash attack is similar to Sheik's in that once you break CC, it's an ideal launcher.
Most of his chaingrabs can be DI'd out of now. Dtilt is slow AF, but a great launcher, and it's got the meteor on his body hitbox. Utilt is great for juggling, but has poor horizontal reach. The first hit of Fsmash can be mixed in for combo starting.

You can WoP ppl to death with soft Uairs, Fairs, and arrows. You can also finish with a strong Uair, and edgeguard with arrows. Spacies can be edgeguarded with Nair. The front hit of Dsmash is a solid finisher, especially out of a CC. Bair can also be a finisher. The strong hit of Usmash can KO really early. If you can land a fully charged arrow on a grounded opp nearby, you can often combo it into Usmash. Usmash OoS can work unless your opp's hurtbox is too low. Grounded UpB has a strong initial hit that is faster than a shield grab, but the Usmash OoS can catch ppl who try to crossup Dash Attack.
UpB is a lot harder to kill with now, and I find it a lot better to rely on Uair than UpB to prevent specialfall. The Dtilt meteor is meteor cancelable, and it's lag makes it too much of a risk to go for against chars with low-lag recoveries. The Dair spike is tough to finish with b/c it's not super strong.

Things I'd like data on:
Throw followups on all char types (Ftilt, regrab, etc)

Moveset & Frame Data
Knockback Formula:
(% after hit)/10

Then add to that result:
[(% after hit) * (damage of move)]/20

Then multiply that result by:
200/(weight + 100)

Then multiply that result by:

Then add to that result:

Then multiply that result by:

Then add to that result:

Then that result is multiplied by a crouch cancel value.

lol, nobody knows that in their head, just get a feel for it
Hitstun is 0.4*KB
Priority Disclaimer:
A lot of people think they know what priority means. It is a myth that certain moves just plain out beat other moves all the time (when ppl say "he just spams high-priority moves", they're just johning).
There are several kinds of legitimate priority.
When two actions happen at the same time, the person with the port closer to P1 will triumph. This is port priority.
When two characters' hitboxes collide, there are rules of priority that you can read about on ssbwiki that determine whose attack(s) get canceled out or not. Transcendent priority is related to that.
The priority I mention in my frame data has to do with moves that have multiple hitboxes that overlap. The hitboxes with a lower ID in the coding of the game will outprioritize the other hitboxes of that move.
When hitboxes of a move have different properties, body parts are listed with lower ID's first (i.e. higher priority hitboxes first).
BKB: "Base Knockback"
KBG: "Knockback Growth"
WKB: "Weight-Based Knockback"
IASA: "Interruptible As Soon As"
361°: Sakurai Angle, semi-spikes grounded opp's if KB<32, 44° for grounded foes above that, and 45° for aerial opp's.

NOTE: GIFs show hitbox priority backwards from debug mode. Here, low priority hitboxes are on top.

Jab 1
Jab 1|3%|10|40|80°
Hitbox: 5-6
IASA: 20
Total: 24
Window for Jab 2: 1-19
Shortest window for Jab 1: 1-8 (earliest input for Jab 2 results in frame 1 of Jab 2 being frame 9 of the action)
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042211ZZctzRKXzDJ4lxZxi9s4Sp

Jab 2
Jab 2|3%|40|85 (hand), 70 (sword/arm/body)|90° (hand), 145° (sword), 60° (arm), 361° (body)
Hitbox: 5-6
IASA: 21
Total: 26
Window for Jab 3: 1-21 (9-
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042211L4ImwAHb0H5e7TrLz4wGlc

Jab 3
Jab 3|5%|50|70|361°
Hitbox: 3-7
IASA: 32
Total: 35
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042505xxwfICLo13PMb05JQZVGwB

Rapid Jab*
|1% per hit|||
Hitbox: 3... ?
Total: ?​

Dash Attack
Dash Attack|12% (sword), 9% (body/leg), 7% (hand)|50|70|80° (arm), 70° (body), 60° (leg), 80° (hand)
Hitbox: 7-9
IASA: 34
Total: 45
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=20150425043P4G9wgVqBQbi62zHFd1I3

Utilt ("Jesus Kicks")
First Hit|6%|50 (hip)|90°(foot/knee), 95° (hip)
Second Hit|7%|50 (hip)|90°
Hitbox: 5-7, 12-15
IASA: 26
Total: 31
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042505PsfnyyL1OkxC3pQyu6xbRr

Hitbox (all angles): 10-13
IASA (all angles): 28
Total (all angles): 36​

Dtilt|12% (body), 10% (sword/hand)|45 (body), 22 (sword/hand)|90 (body), 95 (sword/hand)|280°(body), 80° (sword/hand)
Hitbox: 11-13
IASA: 32
Total: 35
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042215hVfKCCNDeFTXmGFBuoJkbI
NOTE: for the gif, to accommodate FSM distortion I doubled each of the first 5 frames to ensure that the hitbox comes out frame 11​

First Hit (1st upswing)|3%|-|100|25|230°
Second Hit (1st downswing|3%|50|40|-|110°
Third Hit (2nd upswing)|3%|50 (hand)|50 (hand), 100 (leg)|-|110° (hand), 230° (leg)
Fourth Hit (2nd downswing)|3%|50|40|-|110°
Fifth Hit (3rd swing)|10%|55|120|-|80°
Charge (?): 5
Hitbox: 8-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-27
Total: 50
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042709flTOyqZ9GgNuUBTimFOf7n

First Hit|4% (sword/hand), 6% (arm/shoulder)|50|20 (sword/hand), 25 (arm)|100° (sword), 95° (hand), 75° (arm/shoulder)
Second Hit|15% (knee/shoulder), 12% (hand/sword)|30|103 (knee/shoulder), 108 (hand/sword)|361°
Charge (?): 4
First Hitbox: 9-14
IASA (first hit only): 26
Total (first hit only): 47
Window for second hit: 12-24 (?)
Second Hitbox: 4-7 (frames after second input)
Total (with second hit): 40 (frames after second input)​

First Hit|13% (leg/shoulder), 12% (hand), 10% (sword)|30 (leg/shoulder), 25 (hand), 18 (sword)|100|361°
Second Hit|13% (leg/shoulder), 12% (hand), 10% (sword)|20|100|75°
Charge (?): 3
Hitbox: 7-9, 20-22
IASA: 43
Total: 52
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042710CHxdX35bV0K6LD5yww6ax0

First/Second/Third Hits|3% (hand), 2% (swords)|-|100|20|361°
Fourth Hit|3%|40|100|-|361°
Hitbox: 5-7, 10-12, 15-17, 20-22 (strong final hit)
Total: 52
Landing Lag: 8/16
Auto Cancel: >36
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042216fmFQUe1chabq2txNTSS2So

Early|14% (head), 10% (halo)|5|10|70°
Late|9% (head), 7% (halo)|5|110|80°
Hitbox: 9-13 (strong), 14-27 (late)
IASA: 43
Total: 45
Landing Lag: 11/22
Auto Cancel: >31
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042505MgHbI18yb0SIlZhdIDr6uF

Early|15% (body)|-|90|361°
Late|15% (body), 13% (left & right hands/swords)|-|90|361°
Hitbox: 10, 11
IASA: 33
Total: 36
Landing Lag: 8/17
Auto Cancel: >27
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042506NccKsLEDXnifJP2BoNw8qz

Early|12% (arm), 8% (hand/sword)|35|99 (arm), 118 (hand/sword)|75° (tip sends backwards 9-10 & forward 11, arm/hand sends backwards 9 & forward 10-11)
Late|8% (arm), 12% (hand/sword)|20 (arm), 40 (hand/sword)|88 (arm), 50 (hand/sword)|75° (arm), 300° (sword/hand; spike)
Hitbox: 9-11, 12-13
Total: 37
Landing Lag: 10/21
Auto Cancel: >34
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042505Jd31qcq7zhtSBpuFugMetl

Early|14% (hand, i.e. inside), 12% (sword shaft and tipper)|25|100|37°
Late|8% (hand, i.e. inside), 12% (sword shaft and tipper)|25|100|37°
Hitbox: 10-12 (strong), 13-25 (late)
Total: 39
Landing Lag: 9/19
Auto Cancel: >31
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042506ugoFUQTEqSqR3zn5fmvybt

Neutral B (Arrows)*
Startlag: 15
Startlag: 13? or 15?
Damage: 3%? (uncharged), 9%? (fully charged); begins decaying after first 5 airborne frames at a rate of 1% every 5 frames
Charge frames: charging can add up to 9 frames
Time to change direction: 8 extra frames

Up B (Shield Bash)*
First Hit|9%|85|90|70°
Second Hit|8%|65|90°
Third Hit|7%|60|110|75°
Intangibility: ?
Hitbox: 5 (strong initial hit), 8, 9-16
Total: 48
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042217TKPp20EJMvnbtvE7JOL5Hn

First Hit|14%|50|100|100°
Second Hit|9%|50|100|75°
Hitbox: 8-9 (strong), 10-16 (weak hit appears and out-prioritizes the strong ones)
Total: 48
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042502M8bweyXOy3DoXIK7WhFCtx

Reduced mobility while in use

Side B (Glide)*
  • Grounded:
    Airborne: 5
    IASA (can be canceled with B, jump, any aerial, or Zair/glide attack): 22
  • Aerial:
    IASA: 20
    eats all but one of your jumps
Landing lag (leaves you knocked down if not canceled before landing): 30
B Cancel: animation takes 20 frames, landing lag of ?​

Zair/Glide Attack
Zair|12% (shoulder/hand), 9% (disjoint sticking out from the sword hilt)|20|80|63°
Hitbox: 7-14
IASA: 35
Total: 35
Landing Lag: 16​

DownB (Reflector)*
Start: 6
Super/Heavy Armor (grounded only): 4-5 (tolerance=200 KB)
Reflect: 6 to end of hold animation
Reflected Projectile Damage: x1.5
Reflects projectiles and turns around oncoming opponents 7-end of hold animation; when reflecting incoming attacks, only hits back boss attacks.
Hold (grounded): min 21 frames, max 91 frames (can be tilted up a lil)
Hold (aerial): min 13 frames, max 91 frames (can be tilted up a lil)
End: 15
Total (grounded): 42 (fastest), 112 (slowest)
Total (aerial): 34 (fastest), 112 (slowest)
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042502DBhvNiOcUCPVOBs1WU7Dk8 (fastest grounded)
HQ GIF: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2015042504oAF8gFJyOpAB2Q7Am3feQr (fastest aerial)
Uthrow|7% + 1% (the Jesus Kick) = 8%|70 (throw), 30 (Jesus Kick)|65 (throw), 100 (Jesus Kick)|80° (throw/Jesus Kick)
Release (?): 13
Pivot (?): 15
IASA: 43
Total: 43​

Fthrow|4% + 6% (the sword bash) = 10%|30 (throw), 10 (sword bash)|150 (throw), 100 (sword bash)|45° (throw), 361° (sword bash)
Release (?): 13
IASA: 32
Total: 35​

Dthrow|4% + 4% (the slam down) = 8%|75 (throw), 80 (slam down)|45 (throw), 40 (slam down)|67° (throw), 270° (slam down)
Release (?): 15
unknown property (perhaps weight-dependence?): 16-40
IASA: 41
Total: 45​

Release (?): 24
IASA: 45
Total: 45​
Standing Grab
Grab: 7-8
Total: 31​

Dash Grab
Grab: 10-11
Total: 40​

Pivot Grab
Grab: 9-10
Total: 36​

Damage: 3%
BKB: 0
KBG: 100
WKB: 30
Direction: 361°

First Hit|%|||°

Hitbox: 2
Total: 18
NOTE: explicit FSM distortion 0.3334x (from start), 0.8182x (from frame 2)​
Spotdodge/Roll/Airdodge/Tech Options:
Spot Dodge
Intangible: 2-24
IASA: 32
Total: 32​

Roll (Forward & Backward)
Intangible: 4-19
IASA: 33
Total: 33​

Air Dodge
Intangible: 4-29
IASA: 50
Total: 50
Landlag: 10 (duh)​

Tech in Place
Intangible: 1-20
Total: 27​

Tech Roll (Forward & Backward)
Intangible: 1-20
Total: 41​
Knockdown Options:
Knockdown Getup
Intangible: 1-22
Total: 31​

Knockdown Getup Attack*
Damage: 6%
BKB: 80
KBG: 50
Direction: 361°

First Hit|%|||°

Intangible: 1-28 (1-27 if he landed on his belly?)
Hitbox: 16-17, 27-28
Total: 50​

Knockdown Roll*
Intangible: 1-14 (1-19 if he landed on his belly?)
Total: 36​
Intangible: 1-20 (1-20 if he landed on his belly?)
Total: 36​
Ledge Options:
Ledge Getup
Intangible: 1-26
Total: 35​
Intangible: 1-55
Total: 60​

Ledge Getup Attack
Intangible: 1-23
Damage: 8%
Shield Damage: 1
BKB: 70
KBG: 50
Direction: 361°

First Hit|%|||°

Hitbox: 25-29
Total: 56​
Intangible: 1-34
Damage: 10%
Shield Damage: 1
BKB: 70
KBG: 50
Direction: 361°

First Hit|%|||°

Hitbox: 38-42
Total: 70​

Ledge Jump
Intangible: 1-16
Total: 46​
Intangible: 1-20
Total: 41​

Ledge Roll
Intangible: 1-27
Total: 50​
Intangible: 1-50
Total: 80​
Tripped Options:
Tripped Getup
Intangible: 1-17
Total: 22​

Tripped Getup Attack
Damage: 5%
Shield Damage: 1
BKB: 80
KBG: 50
Direction: 361°

First Hit|%|||°

Intangible: 1-24
Hitbox: 19-24, 30-35
Total: 50​

Tripped Getup Roll (Forward & Backward)
Intangible: 1-10
Total: 34​

Jumpsquat: 5
SHFFL: 24 frames
Double Jumps: ?
Heavy (normal) Landing Lag: 4

From here:*
Weight: 80 "Lightweight" (33-36th heaviest, same as Falco/Lucas/Pika)
Walk: 1.18 (17th fastest, faster than Yoshi, slower than Sheik)
Run: 1.82 (10th fastest, faster than Sheik, slower than Lucario)
Spot Dodge: intangible 2-15, 7 endlag (tied for best)
Full Jump: 34.23 (17-18th highest, tied with DDD, higher than Sheik, lower than Samus)
Short Hop: 9.6 (third lowest, higher than Puff, lower than Fox)
Aerial Mobility/Drift: .075 (10th best, better than Falco/Peach, worse than Fox/Wolf/Sqrt/Lucas)
Running Jump Speed Carryover: 1.55 (12th most, more than Lucas/MK/etc, less than Diddy/Falco/Fox)
Max Air Speed: 1.0 (13-23rd fastest, tied with Diddy/Lucas/MK/ZSS/etc, faster than Zelda, slower than Ness)
Falling Speed: 1.9 "semi-floaty" (21-25th fastest, same as Bowser/Pika/etc)
Fastfalling Speed: 2.4 (25-28th fastest, same as ROB/Sonic/Wario)
SHFF: 24 frames (tied for 5th fastest, same as IC/Lucas)
Standing Grab Range: 11th longest of non-tethers (longer than Puff, shorter than Sheik)
Pivot Grab Range: 2nd shortest of non-tethers (longer than Sonic, shorter than Pika)
Wavedash: 31.31 (17th longest, longer than Fox, shorter than ZSS)​

Ledgedash/GALInt: ?

Dacus: ?

From Demojay:
Knockback for Ground Moves (with directions done by me):
Jab 1:
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 80°
Initial Knock-Back: 10
Knock-Back Growth: 40
Weight Knock-Back: 0

Jab 2:
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 90° (hand), 145° (sword), 60° (arm), 361° (body)
Initial Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 40
Weight Knock-Back: 70 (Other Hit-Boxes)/ 85 (Left Hand Hit-Box)

Jab 3:
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 361°
Initial Knock-Back: 50
Knock-Back Growth: 70
Weight Knock-Back: 0

Dash Attack:
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 80° (arm), 70° (body), 60° (leg), 80° (hand)
Initial Knock-Back: 20
Knock-Back Growth: 100 (Arm Hit-Box) /115 (Other Hit-Boxes)
Weight Knock-Back: 0

F Tilt:
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 361°
Initial Knock-Back: 50
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 70

U Tilt (1):
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 90° (foot/knee), 95° (hip)
Initial Knock-Back: 0
Weight Knock-Back: 0/90 (Hip)
Knock-Back Growth: 50/75 (Hip)

U Tilt (2)
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 90°
Initial Knock-Back: 40
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 80

D Tilt
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 280° (body), 80° (hands)
Initial Knock-Back: 45 (Body) / 22 (Hands)
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 90 (Body) / 95 (Hands)

F Smash 1
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 100° (sword), 95° (hand), 75° (shoulder/arm)
Initial Knock-Back: 50
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 20 (Hand/Sword) / 25 (Arm)

F Smash 2
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 361°
Initial Knock-Back: 30
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 103 (Knee/Shoulder) / 108 (Hand/Sword)

U Smash 1
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 230°
Initial Knock-Back: 0
Weight Knock-Back: 25
Knock-Back Growth: 100

U Smash 2
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 110°
Initial Knock-Back: 50
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 40

U Smash 3
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 110° (hand), 230° (leg)
Initial Knock-Back: 50 (Hand) / 0 (Leg)
Weight Knock-Back: 0 (Hand) / 25 (Leg)
Knock-Back Growth: 50 (Hand) / 100 (Leg)

U Smash 4
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 110°
Initial Knock-Back: 50
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 40

U Smash 5
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 80°
Initial Knock-Back: 55
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 120

D Smash 1
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 361°
Initial Knock-Back: 30 (Leg) /30 (Shoulder) /25 (Hand) /18 (Sword)
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 100

D Smash 2
Shield Damage: 0
Direction: 75°
Initial Knock-Back: 20
Weight Knock-Back: 0
Knock-Back Growth: 100
On shield data for ground moves:
NOTE: something was calculated wrong
Name|Damage|Blockstun|Active|Recovery|Frame Advantage
Jab 1|3|2|2|18|-18
Jab 2|3|2|2|20|-20
Jab 3|5|4|5|28|-29
Dash Attack (Sword)|12|6|3|36|-33
Dash Attack (Body/Knee)|9|6|3|36|-33
Dash Attack (Hand)|7|4|3|36|-35
FTilt (Up - Body/Knee)|14|8|4|23|-19
FTilt (Up - Sword/Hand)|11|6|4|23|-21
FTilt (Forward - Body/Knee)|13|6|4|23|-21
FTilt (Forward - Sword/Hand)|10|6|4|23|-21
FTilt (Down - Body/Knee)|12|6|4|23|-21
FTilt (Down - Sword/Hand)|9|6|4|23|-21
UTilt 1|6|4|3|16|-15
UTilt 2|7|4|4|16|-16
DTilt (Body)|12|6|3|22|-19
DTilt (Sword/Hand)|10|6|3|22|-19
FSmash 1 (Shoulder/Arm)|6|4|6|33|-35
FSmash 1 (Sword/Hand)|4|2|6|33|-37
FSmash 2 (Shoulder/Arm)|15|8|4|33|-29
FSmash 2 (Sword/Hand)|12|6|4|33|-31
USmash 1|3|2|3|23|-24
USmash 2|3|2|2|23|-23
USmash 3|3|2|3|23|-24
USmash 4|3|2|3|23|-24
USmash 5|3|2|9|23|-30
DSmash 1 (Shoulder/Leg)|13|6|3|30|-27
DSmash 1 (Hand)|12|6|3|30|-27
DSmash 1 (Sword)|10|6|3|30|-27
DSmash 2 (Shoulder/Leg)|13|6|3|30|-27
DSmash 2 (Hand)|12|6|3|30|-27
DSmash 2 (Sword)|10|6|3|30|-27

2.0 frame data:

3.0 moveset/guide:

3.0 character lesson from 5-1:

Movement Options




Out of Shield (OoS) Options

Tech Chasing
I'd like to do a frame analysis at some point, but right now I don't know whether it's best to wavedash towards their DI and dash -> JC grab regrab tech chase Sheik-style, or follow their DI with the wavedash to regrab tech-in-place and Dair tech rolls Falcon-style, or Fair tech in place and JC grab tech rolls also Falcon-style.
Just know that you'll want to get the inside hit of Fair, which is the strong hit. It's also ideal to get the spike on the Dair to prevent crouch canceling.

After some experimenting, I've found that you need to time a SH over where they might tech in place and along one tech roll direction, and Dair such that the spike would hit one option, and you can regrab any other direction.
Matchups (MU's)
I regularly play with a Lucario main who also uses Ike/Falcon/DK/Samus. The PM scene at my school is not as strong as the melee scene, but I can also work on MU tips for: Peach, Ganon, Luigi, spacies, Sheik, & Marth. Maybe also Puff/Lucas. I know there's a bigger scene down the peninsula, so maybe this summer I'll get even more experience.

Dthrow/Uthrow tech chase​

Uthrow regrab mixup with Dthrow
Uair -> Usmash​

Dthrow regrab on bad DI​

Dthrow regrab on bad DI​

Combo food, and I was going ham with Dair tech chasing.​

Green Hill Zone (GHZ)

Pokemon Stadium 2 (PS2)

Battlefield (BF)

Smashville (SV)

Dreamland (DL)

Yoshi's Story (YS)

Fountain of Dreams (FoD)

Final Destination (FD)

Warioware (WW)

Yoshi's Island (YI)




Distant Planet (DP)
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