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2122 Small Mii Brawler: the OPTIMAL MII

2122 Small Mii Brawler: the OPTIMAL MII

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U

Look..I get it. You’re playing friendlies. It’s not a tournament, but you still want to destroy for the funzies. You want a character who’s fun to play but none of the main characters work. You want crazy combos and easy wins. If so.. 2122 small mii brawler is PERFECT for you.

-Making you Mii brawler-

Since we want the optimal set of mii, you have to make it on mii maker. It doesn’t matter what the face is so do whatever. However, the height and weight for the set we need is small and thin. For those who are wondering why, the height and weight of the mii made in the mii maker actually affects its stats in smash.

The taller, the more range, at expense of speed. Same applies for weight but rather than speed it’s power. By making its height and weight to a minimum, we give it possibly the best mobility in the game, and still have killing power, with our only problem being range.

As for the specials, set it to the following:

Neutral special: 2 → Ultimate uppercut

Side Special: 1 → Onslaught

Up Special: 2 → Helicopter Kick

Down Special: 2 → Feint Jump

We will go over the specials later. Anyway, time to go over Mii Brawler at last!


Mii Brawler is a very good All-Rounder. Playing Mii Brawler is almost like playing Mario, in the aspect that you mainly rely on grabs for combos and can play Mii Brawler almost any possible way. The only thing making the Mii BETTER is his better options for approaching, thanks to the Brawler’s superior speed, having the fastest air speed in the game, along with better run speed.

The only thing he worries about is his range, since he has no disjoint or projectile in this set, and the fact that his recovery is somewhat linear. Despite those two weaknesses, it doesn’t stop him from being good, thanks to having good tools in the neutral, and also having a fierce edge guarding game.

Mii Brawler does best when he has a lead, as many of his combos can kill extremely early, since his moves flow into each other amazingly. With brawler, it’s all about gaining the flow of the match with tilts, aerials, and grab.


*Ground Moves*

Jab: Two punches following into rapid punches, finishing with a side kick. The first two punches can be used like fox, jab cancelling into other options like down tilt or a grab. If the cancel isn’t safe, you can just end it with the rapid jab, to better space your opponent, mainly against characters with better range. Your usage of jab is to create grab opportunities when you can’t simply run up and grab.

Forward tilt: A simple side kick, similar to Mario. It can be angled upward or downward for .5% more damage. It’s mainly used for spacing, as it’s usually safe at max range, and has good use out of a perfect pivot. It’s useful for tech chasing into smash attacks. Forward tilt also locks opponents.

Up tilt: An uppercut similar to Mario. On several characters (especially fast fallers), you can string multiple up tilts into different strings. It’s somewhat a good anti air. The difference between Mii and Mario’s Up tilt here is that Mii Brawler’s has a little more knock back. While it’ll kill earlier, it makes it harder to juggle for damage racking, even though it leads into aerials.

Down tilt: A sweeping leg kick like Mario but with a bit more knockback. It pops opponents upward into the air, so it’s great for comboing into aerials. It’s also his best tilt since it does what up tilt does but has more range, so it’s also safe on shield when spaced at max range. It’s also useful at the ledge for it’s good coverage.

Forward smash: A straight powerful punch. It comes out pretty quick and is the brawler’s strongest smash attack. It can be angled, with angling downward being good for 2-framing and upward somewhat acting as an anti air. However, it has HIGH ending lag, so it’ll be dangerous to whiff or use on shield regardless of spacing. It’s best to use as a hard punish or in a tech chase situation.

Up smash: A flip kick similar to yoshi. This is the brawler’s best anti-air due to its wide coverage. It has a later hitbox behind him, allowing up smash to start/ continue combos, and the first few frames of the active attack can combo at lower percents as well. It's also good out of shield.

Down smash: A punch and a kick simultaneously. Brawler’s fastest smash attack, and while weaker than the other two, it makes up for the semi spike angle. Used to cover rolls. The kick deals more damage and knockback.

Dash attack: A swift leaping kick similar to fox. It has a late hit box that does a little less knock back for possible strings.


Neutral air: a sex kick similar to Mario. It’s better than Mario's due to the better auto cancel window and the knock back sets it perfectly for combos. It can also lock opponents. It’s also useful at the ledge since it covers certain getup options (roll, jump and regular getup).

Forward air: Brawler’s main comboing aerial and somewhat useful for killing. Both hits combo into almost all of the other aerials except back air and down air. The first hit can be used like fox’s forward air thanks to it’s auto link angle when fast fallen. Forward air is usually used after a throw. It’s also a useful edge guarding tool.

Back air: A backward kick. Back air is simply a single-hitting forward air. It has a little more knock back, making it better for edge guarding. It’s also useful when RARed (Reverse aerial rushed).

Up air: An upward sweeping kick. Due to it’s useful speed, wide arc and low knockback, it’s brawler’s main aerial for juggles and has good combo potential. Also somewhat as an anti air if short hopped and auto canceled.

Down air: A downward double axe handle similar to Diddy. This is the only aerial that cannot be auto canceled out of short hop, rather it’s auto canceled when done at the peak of a full jump. It’s the Brawler’s strongest aerial and has a sweet spot when it lands under (where the fists are).

*Grab game*

Mii Brawler has a good grab game thanks to his run speed. Brawler also has a very good pivot grab. Brawler also has a good pummel since it’s really strong. Grab is also useful out of shield due to it's good usage of it's throws.

Forward throw and Back throw both are used for positioning the opponent, with forward throw having more usage since it can tech chase on certain characters and percentage and can kill at high percents from the ledge.

Up throw can combo into upair on heavier characters but loses its usage later.

DOWN THROW is your best throw and your MAIN combo starter. Down throw leads into every aerial, along with tilts and smashes on low percents and on certain characters. It’s usable until extremely high percents. Using this throw enables its deadliest combos.


Neutral B- The ultimate uppercut. It’s a chargeable attack but is a melee attack rather than a projectile. You can store charge by rolling or shielding. This attack also grants light armor uncharged and super armor when fully charged. It’s pretty much DK’s giant punch, but the knock back is more upward than sideways.

Side B- Onslaught. It’s basically raptor boost from Falcon. The differences are as follows:

> It does multiple hits. It’s possible to escape from it through sdi.
>It doesn’t do fire damage
>Has less knockback
>The aerial version when landed brings momentum upward, allowing the move to KO earlier than if it would’ve hit on the ground.

Up B- Main recovery option and your BEST COMBO FINISHER. It has lots of horizontal recovery at the expense of vertical recovery. The reason it’s your best combo finisher is due to how early it kills, capable of KOing at 30%, especially when done to finish an aerial combo. It's also extremely useful when used raw or done out of shield.

Down B- Your other recovery option. It’s like ZSS flip jump with several differences:

> The jump part of the move sends brawler a little more horizontally
> The kick doesn’t spike, and sends at a somewhat semi-spike angle. While it means it cannot kill early, it makes the knockback useful for
edge guarding
> the kick also launches the mii either forward or backward depending on the input direction. This enables better movement in the air and edge cancel combos.

-Combo game-

SM 2122 brawler has a ferocious combo game. He has plenty of combos and mix ups to use such as:

> down tilt-forward air- neutral air-grab to down throw- forward air- Up b

>down throw-forward air- neutral air- 2x up tilt- re-grab to down throw- forward air- Up b

>neutral air- grab to down throw- forward air- up air- regrab to down throw- forward air- Up b

Outside of long strings, he also has good footstool locking combos like Down throw to up air into footstool- locking with neutral air into anything you want.

Down throw is brawler bread and butter, but he still has good tools for combos and KOs.


KOing opponents is kind of tricky. Outside of combos into moves like up smash or up b, it mainly requires reads or tech chasing. Forward smash is good as a punish or a read, and up smash is great on platforms. Down smash is also good at the ledge. His aerials don't kill early, except a down air spike. It's best to use aerials to gimp or edge guard rather than waiting for a strong kill. Back air and Neutral air are useful for stage spikes.

-Matchups and stage picking-

SM 2122 Mii Brawler does well against a lot of characters. He does best against several fast fallers and heavies (only slightly struggling against Bowser due to range and Fox due to laser). He also does good against slower characters who are disadvantageous in close quarters. He also struggles a bit against characters with better range, Marth/ Lucina for example thanks to swords, or zoner characters like Toon Link due to his projectile game being extremely potent.

There are no stages that hurt brawler whatsoever. However, platforms area good idea to have, since it helps with brawler's mobility and combo/ko potential. Town and city is a good one due to the low blast zones and plentiful of platforms.


SM 2122 is very good and VERY FUN. As long as you have the lead, you will the biggest advantage in the game, and your objective is to obtain that big advantage. It doesn’t matter when you get it, but it can be anything. Look for opportunities to start combos and edge guards and secure KOs. What’s interesting is how many ways you can play this character. You can play defensively, offensively, or even mix up the two. What matters is how you WANT to play him and if it works for you, go for it.

Now get out there and wreck friendlies!!

Kaze Arashi
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