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Smash Connect

  1. Art & Designs

    For those who design artwork for icons, shirts, and more! This section is primarily for original work by the artist. This will primarily be a section for established shops to promote themselves. A verified shop or website through a medium such as Etsy is required for promoting artwork that involves copyrighted and/or non-original IP.
  2. Customization Services

    For those who tinker with hardware. Do you want your controller modified to better suit your needs? Do you want to have your console custom designed? This section allows for those opportunities; no verified shop is required however actual modding of consoles, installation of burned discs, and other illegal modifications are strictly banned.
  3. Fundraisers & Donation Drives

    The Smash community has been a long-time, tight-knit grassroots community. With reliable online play being a relatively newfound phenomenon in the Smash community and local events still being the predominant mode of play, the bonds between local smashers is a strong one with deep-rooted friendships. When friends fall on hard times or when they wish to help one another donation drives are one method we connect together. Smashboards supports these endevours and they will be approved provided a valid donation link is presented.
  4. Game Codes, Giveaways & Misc

    If you have one-time use codes available for sale or trade, this is the place for that! If you want to run a giveaway, this is the place for that as well! Generally any types of sales and services that are not covered by the other categories and are legal.
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