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Smashboards Director Of Staffing
Xiivi is the General Manager of Smashboards with nearly a decade of work in the Smash community. Successfully organizing multiple events with attendees in the hundreds as well as long-running weekly series in both New York and Indiana he knows what it takes to get the community active. When it comes to Smash he's one of your classic "Fox Only, Final Destination, No Items" type of players: maining Fox across the board and always more interested in some healthy eSports competition than casual play. Whether it's managing the scene in his home state of Indiana or working with players across the globe, he's where the Smash is at!

Latest News


Today is the final day for The New England Invitational streaming on Twitch at BigBlueES and featuring top players from the region in a Smash Summit style event. The bracket can be found here and features top players such as Slox, Mafia, Zoso, and...

Looking for where the top players are Smashing this weekend? Check out some of the biggest events for Wii U in the United States happening today!

Texas Gaming Championship 8
- Houston, TX: Featuring Vinnie, Megafox, Trela and more...

Catch one of Europe's premiere Wii U events with Avalon U-IV happening now in the Netherlands. The tournament is a precursor for Syndicate 2016 this fall. Being streamed on BYOC the tournament features top talent from the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom including iStudying, S1-14,...

The Spring 2016 Top 20 Melee Ranking done by Smash Europe has concluded. While some of the top placements might not come as a surprise to many overseas, the ranking does provide valuable insight on those players who are bubbling under. Sweden keeps a firm hold on the top ranks with @Armada and @leffen ranking at number one and two respectively. Below them are frequent travelers to the US: @-Ice- and @Professor Pro. The remainder of the Top 10 includes strong shows from Amsah, Zgetto, Android and more....

As more major events pop up in Europe such as Dreamhack Winter and with more European talent traveling to majors both within and outside of Europe, SmashEurope has been able to create a Top 20 ranking of this talent based on these results. The ranking takes players from a shortlist of those who placed either Top 24 at Heir II the Throne, Top 16 at Helix, or Top 32 at either Dreamhack or B.E.A.S.T. 6. With a panel of over twenty representatives from throughout Europe the ranking was able to become a reality.


2015 has been a great year for the Smash community and Smashboards with progress being made on multiple fronts. If you haven't read it yet, please check out the SmashBoards Year End Update for the full scoop. As the site moves forward in 2016 a hard look has been taken into reshaping the structure of staffing on the website. With new features comes new responsibilities which requires time and effort from the community. The site will now offer...

Over the past few years top players have pushed the metagame for Melee to new heights. As new techniques have been discovered and old techniques have been perfected and applied more consistently; match-ups have been taken into new directions and the dominant characters have changed. Smashboards polled played ranked in the Top 40 of either the Smashboards or MeleeItOnMe rankings during 2015 and complied the data to create the next official update to the tier list for Super Smash Bros Melee. The previous release can be found...

Smashboards is proud to announce that the Smash Back Room has officially been launched for Smash Wii U. In the past Smash Back Rooms have existed for Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl. These rooms have served the purpose of centralizing and organizing leadership within the community in order to come together for projects such as tier lists and match-up charts. Players, organizers, content creators and theorists have all come together in the past to push the scene forward through a collaborate outlet. In addition to providing the medium, Smashboards will also be providing the group with a monetary budget to allow the group to have more ability to see projects through.

Today Smashboards is launching a new medium for interacting with your fellow smashers: Smash Connect. In addition to talented players the Smash community is filled with talented artists and technically proficient individuals. Until this point there has not been an easily accessible method for these creative people to promote their work. Smash Connect now offers various sections that allow this.

The Big House 5 is one for the history books. Bolstering record attendance and a slew of events the event had set the stage for an amazing weekend of Super Smash Bros. With multiple top streamers, support from a variety of organizations and a grassroots compendium, and top tournament organizer talent all that was needed to deliver the perfect event was there: And it delivered. In the event preview the scope of the tournament and what to look at going forward was lined out. We've also had a quick glance at...
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