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Super Smash Bros. Melee at Evolution 2017 was a tournament that promised high-level Melee, and a showcasing of the best players the world has to offer. It delivered on that promise.

Who's ready to catch these ARMS?! 2GGaming's 2GGC: ARMS Saga is this weekend, here is a mini guide that we have compiled for your viewing pleasure.

With Blacklisted 3 coming this weekend, here's a primer on the event's streamed matches, and the players involved in them

The Little Mac community needs you! -- to help some of its community members get to the latest 2GGaming-organized event.

The summer of Smash is in full effect and by no means is Mexico missing out on it. The country's next big event, GALAXY LG, is set to happen this weekend in the northern state of Monterrey. The region's very best are ready to duke it out at a tournament of galactic proportions!

Catch up with what happened with the Smash 4 side of one of the most prestigious fighting game torunament series, CEO 2017.

This weekend, LA_Smash and the SSB64 League present SNOSA III, the third iteration of their California Super Smash Bros. international with over 102 players in attendance.

CEO 2017 is set to bring some top level Melee to Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Your destination for Nintendo social competitive updates is here! Besides Smash, at least for now.
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