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Hey everyone! It's been a while since we've had one of these site update posts and I'm happy to say it's going to be a big one this time.

Smashboards is proud to present a new forum: Community VIP. This forum is read only for regular users and fully accessible to community figures (those new purple names you may have seen around). Once it gets rolling, be on the look out for interesting topics of discussion.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Delzethin to learn more about the process and inspiration behind Challenger Approaching, a YouTube series where he provides in-depth analyses and discussion regarding potential characters for future Smash releases.

Last year, the Syndicate Tournament series proved itself to be a must-watch event, not only for the European Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Melee scenes, but to the whole world.

Hailing from the Netherlands, prominent Tournament Organizer Marc Hagen has been a part of this initiative since the beginning and has shared with Smashboards his thoughts on the relevance of Syndicate, and the impact it has made in his homeland and Europe.

With the Smashboards news team’s recent change in leadership, we’re looking for some new volunteers to fill some gaps in the team.
If you’re looking to get on board with one of the largest Smash-centric publications on the web, now’s the perfect chance.

Following the departure of Justin "Popi" Banusing from Smashboards' writing staff, Blaise "Shades" Camacho has taken over as editor-in-chief.

SmashBoards will once again support the European Smash Bros. community by sponsoring their upcoming major Syndicate 2017!

That’s right! You, your smash loving friends and family, or anyone else can now send in pitches and articles to us!

It has been quite a while since our last Rankings Update and quite a few things have changed. As such, this article will be an introduction to how our Rankings System works.

As a fighting game's meta progresses, it is common to see tier lists being formed, often as a reference towards a character's tournament viability. The Smash community has done this for all games, with all of them having regularly updated tier lists. It's been half a year since the last 4BR Tier List, and with the metagame transforming, it's time for a new iteration!
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