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Creator Showcase is making a return, but this time we have the interview in the form of a video. For this episode, we reached out to RelaxAlax, a YouTuber known to dig into the analytical side of Smash!​

Listen to the first interview Dean Harrington has ever done on his work on Melee!

Amazing things can happen when the world of traditional sports collides with Smash. WOZO, a radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently started a series on it's Sports program INKSports to discuss eSports and, as part of its first segment, invited Smashboard's own SmashCapps to discuss competitive Smash and how eSports compared to traditional sports.

With Project M ceasing development, the Smash community has been in a bit of turmoil. Famous vloggers have made their comments, members of the old PMDT have made personal appeals, and now the largest Project M Podcast, The Salt Mines, has had a chance to weigh in themselves. They show how not all is bad with these recent announcements and even have something new to show off on their own. Give it a watch!

Today, SmashBoards and Source Gaming are proud to announce, “Smash Weekly”. Smash Weekly is a partnership between the two sites in order to provide high quality, enjoyable podcasts for the Smash Community. Smash Weekly will alternate between the two sites, and “themes”, allowing a wide variety of topics within the Smash community to be highlighted.

Source Gaming is proud to announce the third episode of SourceCast, Endless Speculation. In this podcast, @Neo Zero, @Masked Man (仮面の男) , @Spazzy_D, @SmashChu and @PushDustIn discuss how speculation has gone on for over three years within the Smash Community. The topics covered are Smash Speculation Before DLC, DLC Development, Is the Ballot More Suggestion than Popularity, the Onslaught of Rumors, and Questions...

Delving into the mind of Sakurai through digging into translations is common work for the awesome folks at Source Gaming. Many of their creative minds alongside a special guest came together to discuss some of the things they've dug up related to recent news in a brand new podcast! In the first episode of what has been dubbed SourceCast Smashboards writer PushDustIn alongside Nantendo, Spazzy_D, SmashChu, and special guest RelaxAlax came together to discuss DLC,...​

When looking to catch up a bit on Project M one of the best ways to do so is listening to or watching The Salt Mines. The Salt Mines aims to be "a weekly Podcast that consists of top tier personalities and players that discuss the current outlook of the metagame and recent/upcoming events in the Project M Smash community. This week PlayOnSunday, The NZA, Apollo Ali, and...​
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