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With the announcement of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch, many community figures have spoken out to give their thoughts on what they expect from the release. This now includes Calvin "Gimr" Lofton, president of VGBootCamp, who appeared as a guest on Sleep Talk Podcast.

Justin Wharton is a digital artist mostly known for his vaporwave-inspired paintings of popular Super Smash Bros. characters. His immense talent, charming personality, and easily recognizable style has led him into a road of success, becoming one of the most popular artists in the scene.

Jon “Sol” Lackey first broke into the Super Smash Bros. scene early in 2015, making waves with solid performances in his home state of Florida and quickly ascending in popularity to be nearly universally recognized as the best Little Mac player in the game. His innovative techniques and unique playstyle helped shape the character as we know it today. These accomplishments are only made all the more impressive when one learns that Sol bumped into the Smash scene nearly by accident.

The Smash community has always prided itself in its diversity, with players of all ages, nationalities and races coming together for the sake of having some healthy competitive fun with the game we all love. The scene, however, has always had a bit of trouble attracting women.

After a largely successful inaugural year, Super FamiCon is back! This year's tournament will be in downtown Greensboro, NC November 17-19. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with its organizers Joe Scott, professional event organizer and owner of the coffee shop Geeksboro, and Dylan “MrBeenReady” McGrath, a seasoned Smash tournament organizer and host of the podcast Super Wavecast, to discuss the event and what it means to be a good TO. There’s still time to register, by the way, but the deadline is November 14th at 11:59 PM EST!

We recently had a chance to sit down with Delzethin to learn more about the process and inspiration behind Challenger Approaching, a YouTube series where he provides in-depth analyses and discussion regarding potential characters for future Smash releases.

A few years ago, a man of the name Blank Mauser started on a platform fighter called Earth Romancer. With the game’s first trailer being here. It’s our privilege to be able to cover him.

Love Smash? Love Loot Crate like subscription boxes? Look no further, Smash Crate has you covered! An interview with Smash Crate and their motivations.

Smash enthusiast Jucchan spoke with takera on his experiences competing in and TOing for the Kanto region. If you want to support takera, you can contribute to his SCR Saga compendium.
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