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by 1PC, Tuesday

In many ways, Super Smash Bros. could be considered as an art in its self. Martial arts and Smash are in a way, the same.

A chat with Umeubura's head TO RSZ|Umeki about the history of the series and his goals for its future.

Final Smash Comics is a project run by a user of the name Yayster. She releases comics throughout each month about the characters within the Super Smash Bros. franchise. We recently sat down with her to ask this came to be.

After the Yu's victory at the oft-called "EVO of Japan", we got the chance to talk to him on his win and what's next for Mexico and Japan's champion.

As part of the first group of Japanese players to travel to the US, Suinoko has been in the scene for years. Thanks to his veteran status, we were able to pick his brain on the dynamics of international Smash.

Abadango on his character, practice routine, and the Japanese scene. Be sure to root for him at Umebura Japan Major this weekend!

An interview with DreamHack Austin Smash TO Bear on his thoughts about the event and Smash Wii U's inclusion to the roster.

Rivals of Aether is one of, if not, the best looking Super Smash Bros. inspired game the public has ever seen. Recently, we sat down with some of the developers behind it to learn more about how Rivals of Aether became what it is today

An interview with Kieth "Mighty Keef" Ford of The Keef Crew, a YouTube channel that specializes in creating sketch comedy and combo videos for Super Smash Bros..

Youtuber GRSmash is responsible for revolutionizing Smash media and he's doing it in a way that nobody would expect. In this article, I interview GRsmash and provide some analysis on his impact on the community and the way he crafts his content.
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