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Latest News

How was Smash 64 so intuitive with it's tutorials? Tutorials are something that every game developer struggles with: We want our players to be able to understand as much as possible about our games, but we want to do it intuitively. Find out more here!

As Melee gets older, many propose the idea of a newer, cleaned up reinstallment of the game for the Switch. But this thinking is unrealistic.

With Bigger Balc coming up this weekend, special guest Sabre provides his insight on why Bigger Balc is so important to the Project M community.

With the conclusion of 2GGaming’s grandest event to date, 2GGC: Civil War Saga has set the bar for any and all Super Smash Bros. events.

The possibility of a Smash game for the Nintendo Switch is exciting. Consequently, amid the recent release of the Switch there has been much speculation and guesswork concerning the future of our beloved series.

Compiled by a team of tournament organizers and analysts with input from top players, the 2017 Recommended Ruleset aims to provide a single, unified ruleset for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments. While its contents are controversial, it may be exactly what the community needs.

Behind the smokescreen of fame there is always bitter tale left to be told. Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios’ climb to greatness is a story rife with struggle, disappointments and downfall; It is a story about overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

A breakdown of Singapore's five best Smash Wii U players according to the 2016 Year-End Power Rank.

In this op-ed piece, wncozens explains why Melee legend PPMD will strike back fierce - featuring excerpts from an interview he did with him.
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