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Home Of The Smash Community
Originally founded in August 2000 under the formal name of 'Smash World Forums', Smashboards has served as a home and central hub for the Smash community as it's grown from it's humble beginnings to the globally recognized scene it is today.
Justin, or Popi, is Smashboards' current editor-in-chief. A STEM HS student by day, he manages the publication and freelances at night. You can usually find him practicing Ice Climber desyncs, Doctor Doom TACs, Brewmaster rotations or just being a plain scrub in his favorite games.

Follow his social media antics on Twitter at @popissb.
Smashboards Lead Tech Admin
Warchamp7 is the head technical admin of Smashboards and Squidboards. Competing in events since 2007, he has managed several successful events and live broadcasts throughout his Smash career, pioneering many innovations in streaming along the way.

Watch for updates and improvements to the site from him and direct all the blame towards him when anything goes wrong.

Smashboards Director Of Staffing
Xiivi is the General Manager of Smashboards with nearly a decade of work in the Smash community. Successfully organizing multiple events with attendees in the hundreds as well as long-running weekly series in both New York and Indiana he knows what it takes to get the community active. When it comes to Smash he's one of your classic "Fox Only, Final Destination, No Items" type of players: maining Fox across the board and always more interested in some healthy eSports competition than casual play. Whether it's managing the scene in his home state of Indiana or working with players across the globe, he's where the Smash is at!
SmashBoards Administrator | SmashEurope Writer & Editor
Hailing from the Netherlands, Marc is a veteran of the Smash scene and has competed in all titles to date. These days he is mostly focused on TO'ing and various projects to further the growth of the competitive community. When he is not too busy traveling the world, he is an avid gamer, movie buff and a walking encyclopedia on DragonBall.

Associate Editor
Pikapal has been a big Smash fan for life. Starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee, he grew up with the series casually until he found a love for the competitive scene. You can keep up with his memes life on Twitter @MrPikapal.
Director of Content
Thirdkoopa is a Super Smash Bros. fan who currently resides in Washington State. He's also Game Producer, Collector, Composer, Writer, and plenty of other things. He works on seeing the best way to get the most content for the users and writers but as of late, he only comes out once every full moon due to being way too busy or being a werewolf. In his spare time away from working, he runs 1/2 of a nerdy band called Demo Disease, composes, and writes. If you want to talk with him more, check out his Twitter
Staff Writer/Japan Correspondent
Djent is an international Smash enthusiast who is especially knowledgeable about Japan's scenes. He writes previews of their major Wii U events and maintains the Japanese Results Compendium, an archive of notable tournament results. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message him on Twitter.
Staff Writer/Lead Video Specialist
1PC is a Super Smash Bros. Enthusiast and aspiring journalist that currently resides in Houston, TX. Specializing in the art of interviewing, 1PC spends his time interviewing and covering his local scene in Texas to give deserving players the recognition they deserve. You can find several of his interview content on YouTube by the name of Houston Smash Network.

Keep up with 1PC's recent events, articles, and interview content on Twitter @1PC_SSB!
Staff Writer/Latin America Correspondent
Diosdi is a young age veteran player at the Smash scene from Venezuela; he started in the competitive scene in 2010 and now he is a Smashboards Writer, Tournament Organizer, Smash 4 Back Roomer, and of course, a player. When talking about Smash, Diosdi only knows one word: Poyo.

Social Network
Twitter - YouTube - Tournament Mode - Google+
Staff Writer
Wncozens is a writer for Smashboards and is arguably the greatest human in existence. He is mainly interested in telling the stories various members of the community have to share and he favors a more in-depth style of reporting. You can follow him on Twitter @wnocoz for updates you probably don't care about.
Contributor/Mexico Correspondent
Nova is a Smash 4 player from the southern lands of Mexico, with the impressive ability to be immune to salt. Currently studying software engineering, he fights to get Kirby out of the low tiers and to keep growing his local scene.

Twitter: @_RedNova
Shades is a game design student and aspiring Smash 4 player from upstate New York. When he isn't studying, he's active in the Hudson Valley fighting game scene and working as a social media assistant for Circa eSports. From his passion for game design to his involvement in the Smash community, his love of gaming and thirst for knowledge have lead him towards many pursuits in life.
Contributor/UK Correspondent
Cyclops is a British Smash enthusiast, reddit moderator and recent Physics graduate. He also likes to record Smash history including keeping a list of all 100+ entrant tournaments. Please send him any love or hate mail on Twitter.
Contributor/Singapore Correspondent
Dominic "RayOfCannon" William, or Dom, is writer for Smashboards from Singapore. A recent arrival in the scene, he balances his time in playing competitively with his schooling. While not writing or playing Smash (and winning games by mis-inputting f-smashes), he loves to crack memes and admittedly terrible puns.
Hangman is an aspiring figure in the esports field with experiences stretching from Super Smash Bros. to being involved in the fighting game community. Hailing from New York with a love for gaming bred from arcade cabinets and nurtured in home consoles, Hangman had taken to analyzing what makes video games as fun to watch and talk about as they are to play. With a knack for the finer details of what makes a good player great and eyes on those that came before the greats of tomorrow, he looks to connect the humble past of competitive gaming with the bright future ahead of itself.

Follow him on Twitter @XIIHangman
Contributor/Smash 64 Specialist
KoRoBeNiKi or KoRo? for short is a 64/Melee/Project M player from North New Jersey. He started playing competitively in late 2007 and got into 64 within half a year. KoRo? prefers playing with a Keyboard due to his long term play on Kailera Netplay but also competes regularly on a Hori Minipad. He usually attends Nebulous smash tournaments and is otherwise known for running the most recent 64 Tier List thread as well as his puns within the 64 community. Outside of 64 he works in the healthcare industry and is a long term Chess player with an expert rating.

Follow @CabassoG for more information on the 64 community.
Contributor/Video Editor
Justin "Lee" Lee is a Video Editor for Smashboards. Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lee spends his time drawing, listening to music, and pretending that he's got a good Melee Captain Falcon. He doesn't. You can keep up with his dumb Twitter retweets at @JLEE702.
L_Pag is a Project M player hailing from New York. Originally starting his writing career with Mind over Meta, a series of articles devoted to exploring the meta of Project M, he has since become an avid writer, tournament organizer, and player. Follow him on twitter @L_Pag_.
Source Gaming Correspondent
Originally from the United States, PushDustIn is currently living in the Kansai region of Japan. Having studied Japanese for over five years, PushDustIn is interested in bringing more exposure to the Japanese side of the community. Extremely interested and passionate about the development and history of Smash Brothers, PushDustIn started Source Gaming, where he and the other writers involved with the site break apart every aspect of Smash and video games. You can follow him on Twitter, or like the Source Gaming Facebook page to stay up to date.
Q is a writer for Smashboards based in Brooklyn. Quin1014 is a certified #DocKid and gained a passion for Smash while at FSU. Catch him getting bodied at Apollo or various NYU Smash Fests. You can follow his escapades on Twitter @QuinLemieux.
A Melee writer and enthusiast from the state of New York.
4BR Correspondent
Tournament organizer, competitor and one of the leaders of the Smash 4 Backroom, Liberation has been an member of the Smash community for some time now. While he's primarily a Smash 4 player, he dabbles in many fighting games and other genres. Follow his adventures on Twitter.
Guest Writer - PMRank Leader & Game Designer
Strong Bad is a well-traveled Smash veteran who currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is known primarily for his performances in Project M tournaments and organizing PMRank. When he's not up-throwing unsuspecting opponents or tweeting song lyrics, he's hard at work in the game dev industry as a Game Designer. You can catch him on Twitter @Strong_Badam.
Smash Bros. Enthusiast
Toronto Joe is a competitive smasher, content creator, and event organizer who actively works in the Smash scene. When not creating highlight reels for Even Matchup Gaming (including the Smash Bros Play Of The Week series) he can be found at tournaments across North America or eating poutine.
Video Content Creator
Omni is a veteran Smash player who has been active in the scene for over 10 years. He currently produces Smash related content as a YouTuber through comedy induced vlogs and a community driven video series called Top 5 Smash Shorts.

When he's not creating content, Omni works full-time (and then some) as a Certified Public Accountant for a large real estate investment trust. His main hobbies include gaming, fitness, cooking, and watching anime. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for weekly Smash content and follow him on Twitter for all-around goofy GIF inspired tweets.
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