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The time has come again for the biggest celebration of Super Smash Bros. in Mexico and Latin America: Smash Factor 6! Running from August 4th through 6th in Puebla, Mexico, the following preview offers a glimpse into the event's storylines and significance. Don’t miss out!

Smash enthusiast Jucchan spoke with takera on his experiences competing in and TOing for the Kanto region. If you want to support takera, you can contribute to his SCR Saga compendium.

After 8 grueling years, 2GGaming returns to where it all started, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Not only will 2GG return to Melee, they will be partnering up with Red Bull to do so at Red Bull's first Super Smash Bros. event, 'Gods and Gatekeepers'.

SoCal's biggest production organizations collaborate under one roof! Both SoCal's FGC organizations, 2GGaming and Level Up Series, are joining forces to create 2GGC: SCR Saga!

With Supernova 2 coming up this weekend, here's a quick primer going over the event's pools matches, and who's likely to make it to round 2!

Dreamhack Atlanta is coming to the US, and will host tournaments for two of the Smash games. Check out some more info about one of the biggest LAN events in the world!

Super Smash Bros. Melee at Evolution 2017 was a tournament that promised high-level Melee, and a showcasing of the best players the world has to offer. It delivered on that promise.

After more than a year of buildup, Wavedash Games has announced Icons: Combat Arena, an upcoming platform fighter that draws influence from both the Super Smash Bros. series and traditional fighting games.
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