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Who is Richter Belmont?
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On August 8th 2018. Richter Belmont was revealed alongside his ancestor Simon for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Despite the series’ longtime dormancy. I was surprised by how few people knew of Richter despite his impact on the franchise.
Shovel Knight Announced for Rivals of Aether
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Over a year after their first guest character reveal, Shovel Knight has been announced during Rivals of Aether's panel at Super Smash Con 2018 as the game's final DLC character.

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Rest in peace, my 5 year old rabbit. I hope you passed knowing I loved you
Sorry about your precious bunny. It sucks losing pets. Cliche, but they are definitely members of the family.
Aww I know how it feels. I had to put down one of mine about a month ago because she was old and sick. She’s in a better place now.
Characters I support (confirmed playable in smash or are assist trophies not including): Donchan, Meowth, Isabelle or Rover (preferrably rover), Terra ~~Branflakes~~ Branford (lol), Bartz Klauser, the Skullkid (Now i'm public about it), Tails the Fox, and Crono. All of these have support topics. Please visit them sometime.
Donkey Kong Country Returns, or Tropical Freeze? I love Returns, but Freeze had better enemies, great gameplay, and Dixie! Although Returns might still be my preference, I’m not sure why, I just enjoy it so much.
Tropical Freeze by an extremely large margin.