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Last night Frostbite tournament organizers Alex “Vayseth” Varga and Kalle “Ori” Wanagat made an announcement: after the resounding success of Frostbite 2018, they will be continuing the tournament series into 2019.

Hey everyone, Sabre here! PMRank 2017 is out in full, and there’s a wealth of interesting information present in the rankings besides just the order of the players. Today I’ll be taking a deeper look at this year’s top 50 and examining character representation, use of single or multiple characters, and regional representation at the highest levels of Project M.

Esports organization Team Liquid has announced their return to Smash 4 with a new player!

Frostbite 2018 will run from February ninth through eleventh in Dearborn, MI. While last year's event was exclusively focused on Smash Wii U, this year a Rivals of Aether singles bracket joins the roster.

Last night, the EVO lineup reveal was broadcast live on Twitch, hosted by Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar and Mark "MarkMan" Julio. The reveal show not only featured the main stage lineup announcement but also a Q&A session at the end.

Matthew "MattDotZeb" Zaborowski announced his departure from the Leadership Panel for Melee It On Me's Competition Committee. His departure will not leave a vacancy in the panel, as his seat was shared with fellow Big Blue Esports co-founder and Shine TO Shi Deng.

At long last, PMRank 2017 has arrived at the top! Today we conclude out top 50 rankings with three venerated players who have achieved unparalleled success at dozens of highly competitive tournaments throughout the year.

Titans old and new make their appearance in ranks 6-4 of PMRank 2017. Each of them have defined the metagames of their respective characters in the current age of Project M.

Welcome back to PMRank 2017! Today we begin to share the stories of the top 10 Project M players in the world.

Pikachu is often underestimated. With enough practice and determination, however, Pika players like Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson and Eric “ESAM” Lew have come to realize his true potential.
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