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In Smash, it's always important to be a technical master while knowing your option selects. That's why OneSmash in partnership with Tourney Locator are here to present Tech of the Week #40: Hit Pause OS! The Hit Pause Option Select is a very useful technique that requires utmost precision, but it pays off with great options for all types of scenarios.

Viewers may have noticed the techs are not presented in order. This is because all of the techs to be shared are a part of the One Smash Tech Tree. This makes each video feed of the others, showing how each tech works together to form a complete game. Some other videos in the series include Fast Fall Break, Snap Back and Slow Run. A full playlist is available here so be sure to check these out to get the full idea of the One Smash Tech Tree.

Pokemon64ism is excited to see players use the Hit Pause OS to optimize their gameplay. You can follow him on Twitter @pokemon64ism.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, dash dancing was one of the game's most useful techniques. It was an important part of the neutral game that allowed for spacing mindgames. However, it was changed in Brawl and random tripping hindered its usefulness. Dash dancing is back once again in Smash 4, and it can be combined with fox trotting to maximize its effectiveness. Join My Smash Corner as they teach Extended Dash Dancing/Dance Trotting!

For years, Nebulous Games has provided a venue that has brought the New York City Smash community together like never before. Beforehand, the NYC community was in disarray - NYC Smashers were scattered all across the area, with no unified meeting point for them to come together and play Smash. But with the help of some of the area's Smashers they found a great venue for NYC - Nebulous.

While the newest DLC characters have not even been out for a month yet, Smashers everywhere have been quick to find their combos. Join My Smash Corner as they teach some of Lucas' best combos. This video covers many aspects of Lucas' combo game such as his many locks, kill setups, and grab combos.

Super Smash Con will be the first convention dedicated to all things Smash Bros., and it's fast approaching! The event starts one month from now and registration end in two weeks. For those who have not signed up yet, here's six reasons to attend Super Smash Con.

[In Smash Bros., most characters go into a free-fall animation after using certain specials. However, some characters cannot naturally go into free-fall. But in Smash 4, everyone has a free-fall animation because of Pac-man's up-special! After falling through Pac-man's trampoline, all characters go into free-fall whether they can do it naturally or not. To see these "rare" free-falls in action, watch this video by Beefy Smash Doods!

A new eSports team has formed! Created by former Smashers Alan "SamuraiPanda" Bunney and David "Mashumaro" Wu, Panda Gaming is not only a Fighting Game team, but also an eSports agency. SamuraiPanda and Mashumaro are two best friends who used to be top players in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as well as MOBAs such as League of Legends. SamuraiPanda is also a moderator here on Smashboards.

Rivals of Aether is an independently developed, Smash-inspired 2-D fighting game by a small team of talented indie developers. It beautifully combines Smash's core elements while bringing new features, making for a refreshing yet familiar experience. Along with that, Rivals of Aether boasts a wide variety of unique stages and characters, as well as a retro look and a catchy chip-tune soundtrack.

Last weekend, I had the good fortune of being able to go to APEX 2015. It was, simply put, awesome. Watching players from all around the world compete on the big screen with hundreds of other Smash fans is an experience I won't soon forget. Melee? Great. Smash 4? Amazing. Even 64 got its share of the limelight. But as some of the later Smash 4 matches rolled around, the event slowed to a crawl.

So you're a Brawl player trying to hold their own in Project M. You've got the new fundamentals mastered. You've adjusted to the increase in gameplay speed. Wavedashing is easy peezy. SHFFL'ing is a piece of cake. Ledge hogging gives you more invincibility. Blah blah blah. You get it. However, there are still several Melee mechanics that you probably weren't aware of that exist in Project M. Let's take a look at few techniques that you can use to level up your Project M game....
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