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100 Video Game Song Medley
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For his 100th Video, ChrisAllenHess brings a Medley with over 100+ Collaborators and 100 Video Game Songs.
Smash Blog Updates (10/7 - 10/11)
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Nintendo was trying to remind us to pay more attention to our health and go to the gym with last week's Smash Blog Updates.

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Character Files #7 Fox
Full Name: Fox McCloud
Equipment: Blaster, Reflector, Arwing, Landmaster
First Appearance: Star Fox (1993, SNES)
Latest Appearance: Star Fox 2 (2017, SNES Classic)
First Smash Appearance: Super Smash Bros. (1999, N64)
Latest Smash Appearance: Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS (2014, Wii U, 3DS)
N64: 4th of 12
Melee: 1st of 26
Brawl: 15th of 37
Sm4sh: 7th of 55
For those who don't count Star Fox 2 as a legitimate release,
Latest Appearance: Star Fox Zero (2016, Wii U)