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100 Video Game Song Medley
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For his 100th Video, ChrisAllenHess brings a Medley with over 100+ Collaborators and 100 Video Game Songs.
Smash Blog Updates (10/7 - 10/11)
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Nintendo was trying to remind us to pay more attention to our health and go to the gym with last week's Smash Blog Updates.

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I agree. Melee hitstun and knockback make hits and combos feel very smooth. In smash 4, it seems to me that most extended combos are usually the same move and, more often than not, end with and up B or something like that. PM is really fun.

On a side note... Where does your tag come from?
Applebutter61 Applebutter61

I just made it up. I like the Linux Operating System. And the command for root access is sudo -i or sudo -su. And my main is Zelda, so. I just mashed the two

Yea, PM is just more fun to me for this reason. I hate how defensive Smash 4 is. It looks like its getting somewhat fixed in Ultimate at least.