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Welcome to the very first Super Smash Past article! One of the coolest things about Smashboards is that its posts chronicle the long and exciting history of competitive Smash. Within the heart of this site lies little wonders and insights to the history of our scene and how mindsets can change over time. With this first Super Smash Past we take a look into the public archives...

Source Gaming is proud to announce the third episode of SourceCast, Endless Speculation. In this podcast, @Neo Zero, @Masked Man (仮面の男) , @Spazzy_D, @SmashChu and @PushDustIn discuss how speculation has gone on for over three years within the Smash Community. The topics covered are Smash Speculation Before DLC, DLC Development, Is the Ballot More Suggestion than Popularity, the Onslaught of Rumors, and Questions...

We may finally have some incoming Smash news as a new Nintendo direct has been announced! This will be the first Nintendo Direct since its hiatus with the passing of Satoru Iwata so it will be interesting to see how the presentation differs from before. The main subject of the direct is vague simply stating "updates on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases"...

With Genesis a little over two months away, time is ticking to put together funds for travel and accommodations. The Smash 64 community may be feeling this pressure the most out of the entire Smash umbrella, as it hopes to make history with unprecedented international attendance.

After Apex 2015 and Super Smash Con achieved record registration numbers, Genesis 3 is hopeful to raise the bar even higher. With the return of Isai after a two year hiatus, as well as dominant players like SuPeRbOoMfAn, KeroKeroppi, Jaime, Fireblaster, and Wizzrobe confirmed attending, Genesis 3 is looking to be...

The People's Choice Awards has been broadcast on CBS since its first show in 1975. The concept of the show is to allow the American people to vote on things like favorite television shows, movies, musics, and more in general categories. This year for the 42nd edition of the show a new category has been added for favorite video game. Super Smash Bros has been nominated along with several other titles to win a People's Choice Award for 2016!

It seems Melee player Hax just can't escape the musical parodies! Smash fans sure to have amazing ways of expressing their love of the game and its players through song. Be it through rap, pop songs, or strange remixes Smash fans really rock out. For those who do not know, Hax is a well known Fox main who was once known for his mastery of Captain Falcon. He has been the subject of several other Disney parodies including "Do You Wanna Play Some Falcon" and "Part Of Fox's World".

Missed the best moments from the past week in the competitive Smash community? EMG has you covered and just posted the 43rd installment of their Play of the Week series! Featured in this episode are highlights from Canada Cup 2015 including some classic PPMD & n0ne game play as well as a slew of unreal comebacks, combos and more!

In announcements spanning the last few days, eSports organization Arcane eSports has signed four Smash players onto their team: Myran, Lyric, Feel Tension, and Seagull Joe. "The Smash scene as a whole is an amazing community full of passionate and willing players and it is my honor to represent them as the Super Smash Bros. Melee player of Arcane eSports." said Lyric. "I'm looking forward to this extraordinary journey with you all."

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 26! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here.

Greetings, @Liberation here. Today, the Smashboards Rankings System has once again updated. As a result, we've returned to bring you the changes! Episode two featured a simple update on the statistics and categories of each game. For this episode, we'll be bringing you the current standings in each game. Without any more delay, let's jump right in!

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