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Rivals of Aether is an independently developed, Smash-inspired 2-D fighting game by a small team of talented indie developers. It beautifully combines Smash's core elements while bringing new features, making for a refreshing yet familiar experience. Along with that, Rivals of Aether boasts a wide variety of unique stages and characters, as well as a retro look and a catchy chip-tune soundtrack.

Last weekend, I had the good fortune of being able to go to APEX 2015. It was, simply put, awesome. Watching players from all around the world compete on the big screen with hundreds of other Smash fans is an experience I won't soon forget. Melee? Great. Smash 4? Amazing. Even 64 got its share of the limelight. But as some of the later Smash 4 matches rolled around, the event slowed to a crawl.

So you're a Brawl player trying to hold their own in Project M. You've got the new fundamentals mastered. You've adjusted to the increase in gameplay speed. Wavedashing is easy peezy. SHFFL'ing is a piece of cake. Ledge hogging gives you more invincibility. Blah blah blah. You get it. However, there are still several Melee mechanics that you probably weren't aware of that exist in Project M. Let's take a look at few techniques that you can use to level up your Project M game....
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