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Dan Fornace's upcoming game, Rivals of Aether, has been in Early Access for a few months now. The game, appearing on Xbox One and PC, has drawn quite some attention for it’s Smash Bros styled gameplay, with interesting twists to the formula. So far, the roster has contained six characters; Zetterburn, Orcane, Wrastor, Kragg, Forsburn and Maypul. However, the update today adds many new things and changes to the game, including the 7th fighter and first “secret” character, Absa! This article will...

Week 9 already!? T
his week's Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts series features slick plays from a few underrepresented characters (Greninja, anyone?). Week 10 is going to be a blast, so make sure you enter! Who knows? Maybe we'll see you on the front page.

What is a Smash Short? As the name suggests, it's a quick moment or series of events in Smash that is so good, you have to share it with someone. We're giving you...

Welcome to the first ever edition of Smash Science! This will be a special series of articles delving into the curiosities of Smash through a scientific lens. Imagine if the color of the character a player chose could affect their win rate. Now think if the colors of a stage chosen could change the way two competitors played out a match. Sit down and prepare to learn the science of The Color Metagame!

Unfortunately for Zelda fans the Princess of Hyrule has not often found herself in a strong place within Smash. Ranked 19th in the most recent Melee tier list here on Smashboards and ranked second to last in the most recent list from Brawl, Zelda has not exactly been overwhelming in previous mainstream Smash titles. So how does she fare in Smash 4? We brought in three Zelda experts to weigh in on the character.

Beefy Smash Doods are well known for their in depth study of Smash 4 mechanics and making videos to explain them. They proved it can be impossible to tech, have found the best way to mash buttons, found the strongest hit in Smash 4, and more. This time they sat down to help players survive that much longer in a competitive match. They explain the details of how to cancel momentum and how it has changed since Brawl as well as explain how to shift hurtboxes to extend lifespans. Give the video a watch and increase that Smash 4 knowledge!

MySmashCorner's latest youtube video covers a technique he discovered early in the 3DS version of Smash 4, but could not reliably recreate until just recently--the ability to get up from the ledge without lag, letting the player act as soon as they are back on stage. In the video, he gives instructions on how to execute this new tech, and lists what known characters can take advantage of it, and on what stages.

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 27! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. So without further ado get ready to watch and read because here is our Weekend Watchlist!

Canada is known for much more than its bagged milk, maple syrup, polite inhabitants, or other silly stereotypes. Canada really knows how to Smash! Toronto has a thriving Smash 64 and Brawl scene, its Melee and Smash 4 players use a wide variety of lesser seen characters, and Project M and even Rivals of Aether are doing well!

Smashboards is proud to announce that the Smash Back Room has officially been launched for Smash Wii U. In the past Smash Back Rooms have existed for Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl. These rooms have served the purpose of centralizing and organizing leadership within the community in order to come together for projects such as tier lists and match-up charts. Players, organizers, content creators and theorists have all come together in the past to push the scene forward through a collaborate outlet. In addition to providing the medium, Smashboards will also be providing the group with a monetary budget to allow the group to have more ability to see projects through.

People headed to Las Vegas would love to see a royal flush at the the poker tables. Well this Vegas Smash 4 player got a royal flush but in a very different way. Kyle "RF7 SK92" King has been signed by eSports team Royal Flush! For those who do not know, RF& SK92 is the number one power ranked Melee player in Las Vegas playing as Falco and previously placed 8th place at the original GENESIS, 7th at EVO 2009, and 2nd at DVDA 8.
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