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Sin Gaming, which currently sponsors an Australian pro League of Legends team, will be extending its reach into the world of Smash for the first time to sign Spud! Spud became famous after being the highest placing Oceania Melee player at BAM7 as well as being the only Oceania player to take down an international guest. Does this mean we'll see more of Spud possibly at events in the United States? "We're currently negotiating with sponsors." Sin Gaming said on Twitter. "Very keen to make it possible."

Last October 24, the Philippine's largest event to date, ESGS Brawlfest occurred. With 32+ and 50+ players in the brackets for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. 4, the attendee list comprised of some of the country's best players.

Earlier this year, we sat down with long time Super Smash Bros. Melee veteran Myk "Playbook Elite | L1NK" Villaflor as part of our coverage on the Asian scene. Due to conflicts...

Perhaps the most interesting thing in competitive Smash Bros. are the rivalries and relationships between the players - not only in game, but as people. For Melee in particular, the relationships between three of the elusive "Big 6" - Mango, Hungrybox, and Leffen, have developed to become some of Melee's most storied rivalries in the past years.

There are several stereotypes around Smash 4 and quite a few in jokes within the Smash community surrounding it. Some are more lighthearted and others not. However as Payne Stewart said, "If you can't laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else? I think people see the human side of you when you do that."

Enter The Keef Crew. Armed with a solid sense of humor they charge into the battlegrounds of comedy to take on topical moments in the Smash...

School spirit and Super Smash Bros never felt so right. Fans ready to watch the Aggies play some football got a pleasant surprise come halftime with a Smash themed halftime show! A student involved gave some details. "We had about nine hours to put the show together. Three hours on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a tough show, with a number of key changes and tempo changes. I'm surprised we got through it all." Complete with some of the most famous songs in Smash, fancy formations, and even a Smash battle on the field this show is sure to impress Give it a watch!

Mind Over Meta is a weekly series of articles on /r/SSBPM, the Project M subreddit. Written by several different authors, this series covers many of the mental aspects of playing smash and other subjects related specifically to Project M. This week user orangegluon wrote about stages. The original article can be found here. To read the...

With Smash Bros, you can play the game in a variety of ways. But for the majority, the competitive tournament stage is the true heart of the community. These crucial events allow players to meet up, play, mingle and form strong friendships with. Without them, we’d have very few opportunities. But what really makes a tournament is the TO, or Tournament Organizer. These people are the ones responsible for making tournaments happen; they work tirelessly, day and night to ensure that these events are the best they can possibly be. Earlier this year, we...

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 24! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. Even with Summer coming to a close the tournament scene is still kicking with many tournaments going into Fall for fans to watch. So without further ado here is the Weekend Watchlist!

HTC has teased a new series that Melee fans are sure to enjoy. As described by the video's description and comments from HTC, "Competitive Smash was born from offline competition. As a result, some of the greatest rivalries in all of eSports were forged. HTC Rivals is a mini series that follows the rivalry between pro Super Smash Bros. Melee players Cloud9 Mang0, Team Liquid Hungrybox, and TSM Leffen." The teaser video for the series is here below. Give it a watch and stay tuned to Smashboards for updates...

Smash 4 has been seeing lots of major sponsorships recently. With ZeRo joining Team SoloMid and Nairo joining Team Liquid, it would only make sense for fan favorite NAKAT to join the ranks of Counter Logic Gaming. This is CLG's first venture in Smash 4 after welcoming PewPewU to the team earlier this year for Melee. Here is what CLG has to say from the official press release:

"CLG is proud to announce that Tyrell "NAKAT" Coleman is joining the team as it's first Smash 4 player! NAKAT has been an avid...
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