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With several early 2016 majors on the horizon in both the US and Europe, the stock count in Smash 4 has once again become subject to debate. In an effort to gather more data on the various perspectives, SmashEurope has launched a global poll on the subject. Below you will find an excerpt of the accompanying article. All community members are encouraged to participate in this poll, as the results could have consequences...​

Genesis 3 has become the largest Smash 64 tournament of all time with over 200 entrants. Isai is attending and thanks to hanks to the efforts of the Smash 64 community fundraiser, as well as the Genesis 3 compendium many international names are attending including Mariguas, Kort, Banze, Dext3r, SSBPete, Shalaka, Wario, and more. With this looking to be the greatest Smash 64 tournament of all time, Tafokints sat down to talk with Smash 64 community leaders @pidgezero_one and @Shears to discuss Smash 64 at Genesis 3.

Welcome to our first TO Talks! In this series, we will talk to famous tournament organizers on upcoming events, recaps from majors, tournament tips, and more. For our first TO talks we got Vegas TO Bear. Bear is a manager for Panda Global Gaming, one of the tournament organizers for Genesis 3, and a local TO in Vegas. Bear gives his tips on time management, talks about his history hosting, and discusses the upcoming tournament series Vegas Cup.

After a small tease by SFAT and PewPewU, Counter Logic Game officially announced that SFAT would be joining there team on twitter. SFAT is currently ranked number two in NorCal's power rankings and has impressive placements such as CEO 2015 (9th), Evo 2015 (17th), HTC Throwdown (7th), and The Big House 5 (7th). This also means that one of the most famous teams of Melee, 'PewFat', will now be under the banner of CLG!

As Sakurai set to close the curtains on Smash 4, our excitements could not be contained. Whistles blew on hype trains across the world as Smash fans settled in for what was to be the final video presentation for Smash 4. We got many amazing announcement that are sure to entice. For those who have yet to watch the direct this is the final warning before we get to spoilers, so turn around now or learn what Smash 4 still has in store!

In collaboration with Smash Weekly, Source Gaming will be hosting SourceCast #6, LIVE! The show will begin an hour before the Final Smash Broadcast. The pre-show will be spoiler free (please be careful of the chat), so for people avoiding the recent data mining leaks will not have to worry about that.

Payne Stewart said, "If you can't laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else? I think people see the human side of you when you do that." The Keef Crew do just that in many of their videos to shed a humorous light on serious subjects in Smash. By far some of the most popular videos they have created are the Things Smash 4 Players Don't Say videos. This time they have a vlog on Expectations vs Reality. Warning: there's some strong language. Give it a watch!

Still recovering from Week 10? Well buckle up. Week 11 hits back hard with one of the best Smash Shorts we've seen up to date. This week's Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts series shows great plays introducing a new character to the series Wario. But the main dish goes to this week's #1. Make sure you stick around until the end to find out how you can win a free Xenoblade Chronicles X in a giveaway to mark our 10th video series (or just click here).

It may not be Brawl, but this veteran on the Smash battlefield still has some strong tricks! Victory is his destiny after all. Fortunately for Meta Knight fans Youtube channel My Smash Corner has compiled some of his best combos secrets and tricks all into one video to help improve the world of being a Meta-Main. Give it a watch!

Smash 4 at Genesis 3 is looking to be a legendary event. Players are coming from across the globe from Japan, Mexico, Peru, and more to compete. Inspired by Tafo Talks, NME | Xzax has created a video to discuss Smash 4 at Genesis 3. He was previously a ranked Brawl player in Tri-state and currently is power ranked in SoCal. With this big event happening so close to home get his thoughts on the event itself, international talent attending, and more.
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