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Another Smash 4 player has been signed in eSports today with @M@v now being a part of True Ambition! Mav is currently power ranked as number one in the Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) power rankings and is a member of the Smash 4 Backroom here on Smashboards and regularly places high in events locally as well as in Ohio.
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For players that have entered a live event in the fighting game community within the United States, the idea of sitting directly next to the opponent is something so commonplace that it is not often thought about. But in Asia many tournaments have players fighting on separate setups across each other on a stage. But which of these is better? Core-A Gaming takes a look at both layouts in their latest video and explain how each can alter the meta-game at events.

In his 495th installment of the Thoughts About the Video Games column, Sakurai discusses fan criticism following the reveal of Cloud in the last Nintendo Direct. After Cloud's reveal, some fans complained that Cloud was 'not Nintendo enough' to be in Smash.

Source Gaming has the full column translated for fans to read.

In the column, he begins with how George Lucas has stepped away from the newest Star Wars:

Mind Over Meta has migrated over from /r/ssbpm, the Project M subreddit, to be published full time on PM Underground! These articles still contain the information on how to improve your mental game and information on Project M written by a group of fantastic authors. With a Project M tier list recently being released it seemed as good a time as ever for OrangeGluon to write about tier lists. The full original article can be found here. Sit down, read, and enjoy.

SmashEurope just released a follow-up article to last week’s global poll about the stock count for Sm4sh. The questionnaire ended up getting close to 5000 responses and the results shed light on various questions and assumptions regarding the preferences of players and viewership. Taken together, roughly 58% of the...

As the finest provider in information regarding Smash on the net, the users and dedicated fans of Smashboards are always working on important projects to help the scene. One of these projects are the community patchnotes for Smash 4. After the latest version (1.1.3) was released, players got to work compiling all the changed for people to read. But what about those who prefer a visual approach? Youtuber Vitamin ZK has created videos that show the changes that took place after the patch. Give them a watch!

With the PMDT disbanded and Project M v3.6 as its final release, many players have been wondering where the characters will end up falling on a tier list now that the game will have time to settle. The folks at PM Underground have worked with Reslived to publish a tier list voted on by 50 Project players across various countries and show the findings from this poll. Ready to see the tier list? Give it a look!

Welcome to SmashBoards Writer'- Oh, this is a twist. The start of something new? General interviews? Starting with the one and only famous Smash 4 player ZeRo! - It makes sense considering even he was a SmashBoards writer.

In the future, these general interviews will have a bit more of a twist. Without further due still, please, give ZeRo a nice welcome!

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 33! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. So without further ado get ready to watch and read because here is our Weekend Watchlist!

Are the Sumabato NicoNico Qualifiers leaving readers wanting for even more Smash in Japan? Well this a lucky weekend as Umebura 20 will also be taking place! The tournament will be taking place December 27th and will not only give players a chance to see some of the best heading to Genesis 3 from Japan, but an impressive character variety.
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