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Samox Details "The Next Episode" - Launches Kickstarter

Discussion in 'News' started by Smashboards, Apr 14, 2014.

By Smashboards on Apr 14, 2014 at 10:58 PM
  1. Smashboards

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    Aug 20, 2000
    The Grid
    Travis "Samox" Beauchamp, maker of arguably the best eSports and competitive gaming documentary ever, has launched a $26,000 kickstarter for a full feature length film. "The Next Episode" will feature Armada, one of the most dominant Smashers in history and winner of Apex 2012, Apex 2013, and Genesis 2. Beauchamp released late in 2013 "The Smash Brothers" documentary to immediately positive reviews. The 9 episode series, including the remastered versions, have already garnered over 1.5 million views. Produced on a shoe-string Kickstarter budget of only $9,000, Samox reached into his own pockets to get the documentary to completed - estimated total cost to produce the original 9 episode series was $14,000. It was universally acclaimed as an amazing production and has helped drive Smash into a Platinum Age.


    The huge success of "The Smash Brothers" comes in stark contrast to other eSports documentaries. The often delayed "Sons of Starcraft" documentary, by Jeff Alejos, raised $42,000 on Kickstarter. After over a year with no updates past the original due date, the endeavor had to be rescued with additional funds from onGamer's Kim Rom just to be completed. The final product was received poorly and many viewers saw "Sons of Starcraft" as one of the worst documentaries created for eSports and an example of how giving funds through Kickstarter can go wrong.

    With what Samox has already shown he can do in "The Smash Brothers", there should be little fear of a poor, Jeff Alejos, quality production. Instead, Smashers should expect from Travis Beauchamp an epic narrative, cohesive story telling, original and varied music, and the perfect finishing touch that comes with such a talented producer. Those who donate to "The Next Episode" can expect frequent updates from Beauchamp - he delivered near weekly updates during the production of "The Smash Brothers".

    Donate to the Kickstarter today and be a part of "The Next Episode"

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Discussion in 'News' started by Smashboards, Apr 14, 2014.

    1. lord narwhal
      lord narwhal
      This documentary is absolutely why I got back into Melee.

    2. the wizard howl
      the wizard howl
      woah woah woah,
      the GOAT's episode ends up being about hungrybox's johns and armada gets a full-length film?
      For as much homework as he's done sometimes it seems like Samox hasn't done any.
    3. KayB
      Has there ever been a review about the Smash Brothers on Reddit?
    4. caLviN-1260
      The doc was basically what made me take my Smash to the competitive level. I'm only 5 months in and I've already met so many incredible people and had many awesome experiences. It makes me proud to be apart of this new era. I couldn't not donate, and I hope others feel the same way
    5. Empyrean
      He should then do a doc on the effect his docs have on this community.
      I'm surprised there has yet to be a documentary on the transition to the creation of Project M's origins, it's development, demos released over time, and it's consistent inclusion in tournaments today. The original documentary was awesome. I have high hopes for this one as well. Although, it should not focus on only one player. That would ruin the documentary for me. A documentary of something like smash should stick to the formula of interviewing other top veteran players and what not. They seem to know what they're doing. Fellow smashers, we must unite and fund this to the ends of Final Destination.

      @JCDied4U Wife had an incredible back story. He was so well spoken in the documentary. He was so formal and passionate with every word he said. I could listen to that guy talk for hours on end. He deserves his own episode. His passionate speaking drove much of the strong happy feels throughout the documentary for me. Seeing someone be so passionate about Smash made me incredibly happy to see. The feels. Nearly teared up.
      Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
    7. magister54
      There are so many more players and things for him to talk about, I hope he keeps making episodes and films!
    8. JCDied4U
      WIFE needs to be in this one as well, he was arguably the best part of the documentary for me.
    9. ImaClubYou
      Where's the HomeMadeWaffles episode? His 2500+ videos on Youtube and the home of Wombo Combo deserve a spot.

      I feel Brandon was a big part of Melee's sustained popularity in the 09' -11' era.
      Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
    10. K.Louis
      I think what made the Smash Doc so interesting was that it was focused on the history of the players rather the developments of the game/metagame. I think PM is still a bit too young for that ATM.

      According to Samox Waffles is one the people he wants to interview the most, and it's on the Mango/Armada rivalry so PP/Hbox/M2K will inevitably be in it too.
      JB IV, ECHOnce, MLGF and 4 others like this.
    11. Osennecho
      "Male Full frontal nudity" = Dr. PP
      Get it?
      Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
    12. TreK
      The question being, do I help Melee grow even bigger now that I know that the one unit thing was indeed bullcrap like I suspected last year.

      Oh, so many dilemnas.
    13. BladeOFLucas
      Aw yeah. Return of the Smash. Is he going to use it as a continuation of The Smash Brothers, or a separate series altogether?
      Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
    14. Broasty
      Bring back Wife, his commentary was by far the best in the series!
    15. Ruben
      HBox and WIFE need to come back. They were a joy to listen to.
      P0pz likes this.
    16. lord narwhal
      lord narwhal
      Isai was by far my favorite to hear about, had no idea he wrecked Melee so hard back in the day. A falcon that moves as well as he did is still hard to find. Wish there was more to expand on.
      Ruben likes this.
    17. Ruben
      His episode was just the perfect amount of melancholy, by far the most artistic episode as well. Plus it was cool identifying with a fellow Mexican. Lol
      samox likes this.
    18. P0pz
      I think it's going to be treated as a sort of standalone bonus episode, in the same style as the previous ones. In any case I'm really hype about this, the older episodes were awesome and I want to see it continue.
    19. TheQuasiZillionaire
      This, to the max. I wasn't even competitive casually before I watched that. I am so psyched for this.

      Also, I would absolutely love to hear more from Wife, and HBox, too. They were well-spoken, knew what they were talking about, and were really passionate about their game and their life. I think Wife's interview(s) basically ran the commentary for the whole documentary.
      Ruben likes this.
    20. yamatosenpai
      Yay if there is going to be a drive or something I want to donate towards the documentary.
    21. TheQuasiZillionaire
      yamatosenpai likes this.
    22. Ruben
      Yes! I'm practicing in hopes of trying to become a pro right now. I might go for the melee scene, but I'll probably start with the new game, and it's all because if the doc. Wife's commentary was just so awesome; it held the entire series together. HBox was just very smart and pleasant to listen too, when he spoke of the real reason smash tourneys are so special. It was just awesome.
      TheQuasiZillionaire likes this.
    23. Kontrol
      The original documentary is the absolute reason my and all my roommates got back into smash. Ever since watching it, almost every night we all get together and smash.

      This summer were planning to drive around to all the local-ish tournaments, just to get a feel for the actual competitive scene.

      The hype is real.
      Ruben likes this.
    24. SSS
      This documentary made me switch from Brawl to Melee.

      Best decision of my life.
      yamatosenpai likes this.
    25. BladeOFLucas
      I wonder if this documentary, as it focuses on Armada, will include how he also plays Project M. Probably not, since they didn't mention it in the other documentary videos, but it would be nice.
    26. yamatosenpai

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