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Make Your Move! Super Smash Boards Brawl - And the winners are...

Discussion in 'Brawl General Discussion' started by Fawriel, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    -The Infinite Sakurai Theorem-
    The Idea

    "The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a particular chosen text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare."-Wikipedia

    Now if we assume that there is an infinite number of alternate universes, that means there's also an infinite number of Sakurais, which means that there's an infinite number of Brawls, which means that every character who has ever existed will somehow make it into Brawl!

    Now let's bring this totally scientific theorem to its completely illogical conclusion, right?

    -Make Your Move-
    The Thread

    Brawl is out. By now, you all know the roster. By now, you all know that it lacks something.
    For instance, it lacks all the shoe-ins that we defended so much in our spare time!
    But, actually, it also lacks some less likely characters as well.
    In fact, it shows a remarkable lack of completely obscure characters.
    In fact, Brawl would be the best game ever if it had the hero from my favourite cartoon, or the antagonist from that novel I'm writing, or even better, myself!

    So thinks the Smash fanatic and giggles to himself.

    This thread welcomes all crazy Smash fanatics who like to let their imagination run wild! If you love a certain fictional character, person, animal or inanimate object, and you want to show the world how awesome they'd look in Smash, here's the place to do it.

    Just show us the character and give them some moves!
    Any submission with a bit of effort put into it will join the list of current submissions in the appropriate category, with the name and author, a snazzy avatar, and a rating on a three-star-scale, plus a link to the respective post that will allow people browsing the first post to check out what you wrote!

    Assist Trophy/Secondary Character Section:
    You can also enter Assist Trophies, or Secondary Characters, whatever you want to call them!
    If you have a character idea that doesn't have as much potential as some of your others, or if you're not willing to put too much effort into a character, here's your section.
    This also opens up possibilities for a possible Subspace Emissary plot: Give your character a non-playable boss... or maybe a non-playable ally!
    As I said, no limits.

    As a little addition, if you don't have an image of your character, you can ask me to draw one for you. I'm not an extremely good artist, but I get better.

    And that's all you need to know about this part!

    -Super Smash Boards Brawl-
    The Contest

    The Super Smash Boards Brawl contest is a contest held within the thread of Make Your Move.

    When the thread was born, the goal was to amass at least enough high-quality submissions to be able to create a mock Brawl character select screen after the image of the true select screen.

    By now, the deadline is over, and over 120 characters from all manners of origin have qualified to participate. It's truly amazing to look back at it to see some of the fantastic work people have delivered.

    Of course, such awesomeness cannot possibly be contained within 35 character slots.
    The final Super Smash Boards Brawl character select screen will hold 50 characters!
    But that's not all.

    With the help of Comrade Canada's flash skills, the select screen will become interactive, to show all the 50 winners in all their splendor.
    For a unified style, all winners will be drawn by me.
    An announcer will emphatically shout out their names when selected.
    It will be awesome.

    And even until that select screen is finally completed, a complete Adventure Mode plot will be written starring the winners and all their related characters.

    Now, the question is... who will the winners be?

    -The Voting-
    The voting!

    To qualify for the contest, characters had to have gained a 3-star rating before the end of the deadline.
    Now, the rest depends on you. Vote for the ones you deem worthy. Here are the rules:

    1. Out of the list of eligible characters, you may choose up to 50 to give normal votes to.
    2. You don't have to make a full list. You can also vote for just a handful of characters who caught your attention if you like. You may also vote for your own submissions.
    3. You can turn a normal vote into a Super Vote with more influence on the final result. The condition is that you have to write a review of at the very least three whole lines for the submission in question. Turning a normal vote into a Super Vote does not give you any more normal votes. In the end, you can only have 50.
    4. The review must contain valid points regarding the quality of the post. "I like the character" is not a valid point. "I like the character and the post has managed to perfectly capture the reason I like him because..." is a valid point.
    5. Since you obviously can't review your own submissions, giving yourself a Super Vote is out of the question.
    6. If you chose 50 characters and there are still some submissions that you think deserve some recognition, you may list them as runners-up, which gives them votes with less effect on the final outcome.
    7. The deadline for voting is March 14, the same time the Dojo! updates go up. Until then, no votes are final. You may post to list your current list of votes, give feedback to those you are unsure about, do whatever you like. Until March 14, no votes are counted. Keep checking back here to see whether anyone updated their submissions!

    Additionally, please take into account these guidelines:

    1. Please respect Original Creations. While you probably didn't know them before coming to this thread since they were made up by other members of these forums, coming up with an Original Creation takes far more creativity than just grabbing someone from an already existing story and coming up with stuff for them. If you see a potentially interesting OC in the list, go ahead and check them out. Chances are they're more interesting than characters you already knew.
    2. Vote for quality! It's only natural for you to vote for characters you love. But please take into account that there are authors around here who spent a good few hours working hard on their submissions. Be nice to them.
    3. You are encouraged to give feedback. Giving feedback does not automatically mean you're giving someone a Super Vote. The review rule was introduced to ensure that effort is more important than popularity. Simple feedback serves to give an author the chance to improve, or to simply make them a little bit happier.

    Now to get to the actual list of characters.

    -The Index-
    Where you'll find all the shiny characters.

    First, let me explain some things about those images.

    Categories: There are several categories. A character will always have a line inserted in one of the new, big category images. Fact: This is awesome. It allows for all characters to be displayed adequately, thus blasting away all previous boundaries, it allows for casual passers-by to look for what they're interested in in characters, makes the thread prettier and allows for me to update more easily and with less stress, which means more updates. Hooray!

    Star ratings:
    3 Stars: Movesets with 3 stars are solid and definitely worthy of a read-through. Submissions with this rating will participate in the final voting.
    2 Stars: The line is often quite blurry between what is complete and what isn't. 2 star ratings mean that there is still something missing to make the submission complete.
    1 Star: For very incomplete submissions.
    No Star: ...

    !Exlamation mark!
    This sexy little sign denotes characters who are outstanding in some way. Got a backstory the size of a small novel? 5 movesets in one? Is it FUN to read? There are many things that make a submission outstanding.
    The exclamation mark has no bearing on the contest, it's just a sort of trophy that draws attention to those who had original ideas or put a special kind of effort into their work. This piece is what all true warriors strive for! If you think you deserve an exclamation mark, go ahead and argue with me, and I'll listen and see what I can do about it. After all, I never claimed to be able to keep track of a hundred small pieces of art.

    The green OC sign denotes Original Characters, which were created by the writer himself. These deserve a special kind of attention, I believe.

    And now that that's done with, let's get to the good stuff.

    Ace Lightning - Anonymous - Astro Boy - Ben Ten - Chell - Conan & Ai & Heiji - Crash Bandicoot by Apdat - Crash Bandicoot by Moon/Sun - Buzz Lightyear - Dean - Dude - Farthing Fox - Edin Notn - Edward Elric - Eye Scream - Great Clay Monkey - Hiro - Ike - Joker - Kenji - Les Stroud - Megaman X - Naruto - Pink Panther - Roy Mustang - Somasu - Spyro - Taga - Winn

    ????? - Bass - Bill Brasky - Buddy - Chatu Ranga - Comrade Canada - Cromag - Feraligatr - King Leonidas - Motoko Kusanagi - Roronoa Zoro part 1, part 2 - Sam Fisher - Scrooge McDuck -
    Stone Cold - Temali - Travis Touchdown - Tyranitar - Willis Brooke - Yoda - Yutabooz

    Aku - Chaos - Cthulhu - Etheream - Keramon - Kurai Oscuro - Light - Malandros Nyclo - Mikelo Chrors - Phantom of the Opera - Rythe - Sasuke

    Billy Hatcher - Birdo - Celebi&Mew - Furret - Haruhi - Hugo - Kero-chan - Konata - Pippi Longstocking - Viki - Vooze - Waddle Dee - Whismur - Yuki

    a mage girl - Arceus - Aves - Cena - Elza - Fawriel - Flygon - Fuego - Howl - Luggage - Lupis - Mask Link - Polaris - Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon - Sailor Venus - Sindel - Tale Team - Warxe

    Fusajiro Yamauchi - Friedrich Nietzsche - Genghis Khan - Socrates by MetaLord - Socrates by TheOfficialSonicFanboy - Vladimir Lenin

    Don Quixote - Mary Poppins - Odysseus - Ronia

    Anthony Kiedis - Ludwig van Beethoven - Eddie - Eminem - Kelsi Nielsen - Miku - Tori Amos

    Alien Guy - Angry Video Game Nerd - Bobobo - Chiyo-chan&Osaka - Captain Crunch - Cyberjunkie - Dwight Schrute - Flying Dutchman - Gir - Homestar Runner - Peter Griffin - Prince of all Cosmos - S0crat3s - Strong Bad - The Salesman - Tommy Pickles - Waldo - Warner Brothers - Woody Woodpecker - Yahtzee by simplicityho - Yahtzee by Kirby M.D.

    Al Gore - Bill Cosby&Squirtle - CD-i Link - Christer Lindarw - Cursor - Dave Chapelle - Firefox - Hitler - Hyacinth Bucket - King Ganonidas Boss - Landmaster - Loop aka Greg - Mario - Metapod&Kakuna - Mr. Mario Paint - Nog - Phaaze - Porkman - Steve Ballmer - Zero Suit Snake

    -The Winners-

    The List of Winners!
    Click here!​
  2. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    SECONDARY CHARACTERS: ( to be updated soon )

    Tycho & Gabe (Penny Arcade) (page 20, post 291)​

    Mercias Havokk (page 3, post 36)​
    Ferver and the 100 Wolf Armada (page 3, post 36)​

    Pompom (Homestarrunner) (page 19, post 277)​
    Red Headband Ninja (page 17, post 244)​
    Devil Doctor (page 17, post 244)​
    Gnasty Gnorc (page 19, post 271)​
    Senor Cardgage (Homestarrunner) (page 19, post 277)​

    Insurance Salesman:
    Ice Cream Man (page 7, post 94)
    The Wolf (Stronghold) (page 16, post 232)​

    Sailor Saturn (page 19, post 280)​

    Emperor Xerxes (page 2, post 25)​

    Makruk (page 19, post 275)​
    Shotranj (page 19, post 275)​
    Raja Ogar (page 19, post 275)​

    Heckle (page 9, post 123)​

    The Nerd:
    Darth Sion (page 13, post 181)​
  3. :034:

    :034: Smash Hero

    Jun 9, 2007
    Bump! I will update this with mine when I have the time.
  4. Eaode

    Eaode Smash Champion

    Jun 4, 2006
    Glen Cove/RIT, New York.



    Yes, the very character that Eaode created that you did not know about joins the Brawl!!!

    Taga is a Bouxrie (Booh-Ree) Dragon, a Bipedal Species of Reptile that has unique attributes such as the ability to speak, a human level intelligence, and the ability to summon electricity at will.


    Size: ***
    Taga is average height compared to the rest of the cast.

    Weight: **
    Taga's weight is a little bit below average.

    Speed: ****
    Taga is decently speedy, having a fast running speed and relatively speedy attack execution

    Power: ***
    Taga doesn't have too much power, but enough to be able to rack up damages and get kills at around 100%

    Range: ***
    Taga has average range on his regular atacks, but gets more range when using electricity.

    Fall Speed: ****
    Taga falls a bit faster than most characters, increasing his combo ability and his ability to get comboed.


    A: Taga jabs out with his left hand. No knockback.
    AA: Taga Spins counter-clockwise, hitting opponents with his tail. If A is not pressed again he will stay facing the other direction. Low knockback
    AAA: Taga completes the spin with a right hook. Has knockback equal to Mario's AAA, and hits enemies up and away.

    Forward Tilt: Taga jumps in the air, spinning clockwise, striking with his tail and kicking immediately after with his right foot. Has decent knockback but a little bit of lag afterward.
    Up Tilt: Taga quickly thrusts his right fist staright above him while clenching his left in anger.
    Down Tilt: Taga quickly does a crouching spin and sweeps the ground with his tail. Pops the opponent up in the air with knockback like Roy's Dtilt in Melee.

    Forward Smash: Taga brings his arms back quickly and then thrusts them forward in a kamehameha-like stance, unleashing a small explosion of electricity in his hands kncoking opponents up and away. this move won't kill outright on most characters until about 125% but you can at least knock them off and edgeguard.

    Down Smash: Taga turns and jerks both his arms at a downward angle toward the ground, releasing small lightning bolts quickly downward with decent knockback. If the lightning does not hit the ground, it will continue downward at it's predetermined angle until it hits something. But it will lose knockback the more distance it covers. This move is great for edgeguarding because it will shoot down off the stage at a 45 degree angle and hit recovering opponents.

    Up Smash: Taga crouches down and then launches himself into the air doing a barrel roll. He hits the opponents with a double kick and his tail (if the kicks don't connect). The final tail hit only connects if the kicks do not,m and the tail doesn't have as much knockback as the second kick. This move combos well at low percents, and at higher percents if you hit with the tail instead.

    Forward Aerial: Starts out like Mario's Fair in SSB64, Taga spins and kicks with his left foot and then flips and delivers a second kick with his right foot at an upward angle. This move is great for combos because if knocks them upward without to much knockback and has decent stun.
    Up Aerial: Taga does a backflip and kicks the enemy twice and then lands. The end of this move has an additional hit from his tail in the back that sends people at a slightly downward horizontal angle with weak knockback. The regular part of this move if just like Mario's or Falcon's in that it can continue combos well.
    Neutral Aerial: Sex Kick with decent knocback.
    Back Aerial: Taga spins back and extend a kick with good reach. Works like Samus's Bair in Melee but not quite as strong.
    Down Aerial: Taga lifts up his legs and swipes downward with his tail like Mewtwo's Dair without the flip, and a little faster. This is a meteor smash.


    Up Special: Cloud Strike. A Cloud Zips by Taga's head and he grabs onto it's tail, hanging onto it for a little while before jumping off with a kick forward.

    Neutral Special: Taga puts his hands together very briefly and summons a ball of electricity in his hand. This acts like an item, he can throw it in any direction with warying degrees of strength. Once he throws it, it will elongated and travel in a straight path (if sent up/down) or in an arc (if thrown to the side). It gives decen damage and a bit of knockback. It can be followed up because it has a little stun like YLink's arrows in Melee.

    Forward Special: Taga reaches one hand out and Summons electromagnetic force to pull distant enemies toward him. Has little lag so it can be followed up by a grab, attack, etc. Does not damage opponent. (this could be great for saving your teammate as well :D)

    Down Special: Taga summons a huge lightningbolt down from the heavens to strike himself. If the opponent is hit by the bolt above Taga they will receive decent damage but barely any knockback. However, when the Lightning Bolt hits Taga, he will redirect it through his body and out of his hands on both sides of him. This delivers good knockback and damage, and has good range, but is very laggy afterwards.


    Grab: Taga reaches out his right arm and grabs the opponents.
    Grab Attack: Taga jerks the opponents by their neck while jolting electric current through them.
    Forward Throw: Taga holds the enemy in place and kicks them away, like Link's Fthrow but more powerful.
    Down Throw: Slams the enemy into the ground and then stomps them, popping them into the air a little bit. Good for starting combos
    Back Throw: Heaves the opponent into the air behind him and then sends out a Thunderbolt to intercept them, giving additional knockback and damage.
    Up Throw: Just tosses them up into the air. Can be followed up at lower percents.

    Get up Attacks:
    < 100%: Taga pushes himself into a backflip and land on his feet.
    > 100%: Taga Struggles to get up, and then punches in both directions.

    Ledge attack:
    < 100%: Taga springs himself up like a gymnast and kicks his enemies out of the way
    > 100%: Taga gets one le back on the stage, swipes his tail, and gets up.

    Up: Taga raises his head toward the sky and laughs
    Side: Taga motions with his hands toward the side with a "WTF" motion
    Down: Taga makes an open hand gesture and says "Of Course." in a sigh.


    Taga Takes a powerful stance and stomps onto the ground. Electricty flows through the stage as all solid platforms and sage elements become an electrical hazard. Characters that touch the ground will take 10% damage and be knocked into the air with a bit of stun. Taga is immune to the danger and can roam the stage dealing additional damage to his enemies. This effect lasts for 15 seconds.
  5. vesperview

    vesperview Smash Hero

    Dec 20, 2006
    New Pork City, Colonel Mains: Ness, Luc
    Cloud Strife, nuff said.
  6. Eaode

    Eaode Smash Champion

    Jun 4, 2006
    Glen Cove/RIT, New York.
    Cloud Strike Is Taga's Up-B :D
  7. Darkurai

    Darkurai Smash Debater

    Aug 20, 2007

    This character is entirely made up by me. He's the character I use in the RP I do with my girlfriend.

    Name: Kurai Scaten-Oscuro
    Age: 20 (although his body was affected by some sort of magic, so he's physically 15)
    Sex: Male
    Species: Nallen Hybrid
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Red
    Primary Weapon: Sword

    World Icon:


    Picture of Kurai Oscuro (picture drawn by the IRL peofun1) His skin is actually a dark blackish color, what with him being of a dark race and all that.

    "When the Red Shadow has all but consumed the land, a hybrid will come. This hybrid will have a power unlike any other. He shall have a form of a dark angel, and he, with the help of his light, shall bring down the furious thunder unto the Source, and return Nallthen to the age it was once in."
    This is the Prophecy of the Dark Angel. The prophecy speaks of Kurai Oscuro, a boy who was born a hybrid between a normal Nallen woman, and an Elite Nallen. Kurai attempted to save his home planet of Nallthen from a dark substance known as the "Red Shadow" when he was fourteen, but he failed. He was forced to kill the girl he loved, and he fled to an alternate dimension, to a planet called "Earth".
    Kurai saw Earth as a very strange planet. It seemed to mirror Nallthen. The terrain was nearly identical.
    Earth also seemed to be the opposite of Nallthen. Nallthen, while beautiful in its own right, was very dark and depressing. Earth was a brighter planet.
    The process of crossing dimensions seemed to have affected Kurai physically. His body became five years younger. He went from being fourteen to being nine.
    Kurai also had very limited power to alter the minds of humans. Although he couldn't use it much. He was able to alter the minds of a human family to cause them to believe that he was their son. Kurai was known as "Matt" on Earth.
    By the time he was physically 14 again, Kurai had fallen in love with a girl on Earth named Christine. Kurai never shared his true identity with Christine.
    One day, however, Kurai's most hated enemy, Nerez Scaten, came to Earth from Nallthen in search of him. Kurai and Christine were attacked, and Kurai was forced to reveal his identity in front of Christine.
    However, Christine also had an identity to reveal. She was not human either. She was of a species called "Linck". Lincks were creatures that had different "kinds". Christine was a cat-Linck named peofun1 Akiuri.
    Scaten was not the only danger to them. A witch named Illismerillia had followed peo to this dimension with intentions to torture her, both physically and mentally, and then kill her.
    The more Kurai and peo fought alongside each other, the stronger they became, and the stronger their love became. They see each other as motivation to fight their hardest to survive.
    A day would come when it was finally time to save Nallthen from the Red Shadow. Kurai, peo, peo's twin sister Negi, Kurai's female clone Kalah, and even Illismerillia (who seemed to also be in danger because of the Red Shadow) traveled to Kurai's home planet where they fought Nerez Scaten. Scaten was stabbed through the stomach, and thrown through the window of a building, plummeting to the ground below. It wasn't long until the group found the Source, a dark being that seemed to have created the Red Shadow.They fought the source, and defeated it. But the Red Shadow did not disappear. It was not tied to the Source, it was instead tied to Nerez Scaten, who had somehow survived the earlier battle. Scaten did not fight the entire group. He would only fight Kurai and peo, he formed a barrier keeping everyone else out. It was an intense fight, but Kurai and peo eventually won. Scaten apparantly died, and the Red Shadow disappeared forever.
    Illismerillia disappeared after the battle, swearing that this partnership was a one time deal, and she still wanted to kill peo, and Kurai.
    peo and Negi returned to Earth, but Kurai still had things he needed to do. He returned to Earth one month later, with a scar over his left eye, and his left arm replaced with a mechanical one.
    Illismerillia held up her promise that she would return. She was not especially unkind to Kurai as well as peo. One day, Illismerillia even ***** Kurai and got pregnant. The witch went to another dimension known as "Oblivion". She controlled the passage of time, so she gave birth and raised Kurai's son, Kraken, for twelve years before a week on Earth passed. Once Kraken was twelve years old, Illismerillia sent Kraken to kill Kurai without telling him that he was his father. Kraken eventually learned the truth, and turned on his mother. Kraken then returned to Oblivion, where he slowed time so that time would move faster on Earth.
    In time, Kurai would face his path, and learn horrible truths about it. Kurai's own father, Nifun Oscuro, who treated him like crap when he was young and even killed his mother, fell in love with the witch. Illismerillia became pregnant again, but Nifun was soon killed by peo. The witch was not going to let them off easy though. six "years" later, Illismerillia sent her daughter, Karmen, to kill Kraken. Upon learning of his son's death, Kurai hated the witch more than ever before. He also wanted to hate Karmen, but he couldn't, as Kraken's dying wish was for him to "save her, like you saved me". Kurai and peo soon confronted the witch one last time in a final battle to the death. At the end of the battle, Illismerillia revealed a horrible secret that answered many questions about Kurai's past: Nifun was not Kurai's father. Kurai's father was really his most hated enemy; Nerez Scaten.

    Size: ***
    Average "human" size.

    Weight: ****
    He's based off me. And I'm overweight. So I made him a bit heavier.

    Speed: ****
    One of the faster characters, but far from the fastest.

    Power: **
    Kurai relies more on speed than power.

    Range: ***
    Not much to say.

    A: Horizantal sword slice.
    AA: Diagonal sword slice
    AAA: Finishes with a stab.

    Forward tilt: A kick
    Up tilt: Uppercut punch (like Mario's)
    Down tilt: Spins with his sword facing outright at a downward angle

    Forward Smash: Holds the sword by the top of the hilt, and hits the enemy with the hilt. Doesn't have good range or knockback, but good damage.
    Up Smash: Holds hand left hand in the air and fires a column of flames into the air.
    Down Smash: Summons shadows up from the ground around him that damage the enemy.

    Neutral air: Spins in the air with his sword facing outright
    Forward air: Dives forward with sword facing in front of him. Does strong damage if it hits. Kurai is unable to move until he lands after this attack. (think Falcon's forward B)
    Up air: A sword slice above him
    Back air: Turns around and slices with his sword. He stays turned around after this.
    Down air: Holds sword in front of him and stays like that until he lands (think of how Ike holds his sword while coming down during Aether)

    Grab: Kurai grabs the enemy with his left hand.
    Grab attack: Kurai forms a flame with his left hand which burns the enemy
    Forward throw: Lets go of the opponent and quickly fires a Nova beam (see below) at them, knocking them away from him.
    Down throw: Hits the enemy on the head with his sword, knocking them out of his grip and to the ground.
    Up throw: A simple throw into the air
    Back throw: Throws the enemy backwards and fires dark energy at them while they're in the air.

    Special Moves
    Standard: Nova
    "Nova" is a beam of green energy. It comes from his palm, and goes straight until it hits something. It has strong knockback, but does little damage.

    Side: Shadow Sword
    Kurai throws his sword and it spins (if you've played Star Wars Battlefront II, then it spins like when you throw the lightsaber). After it lands on the ground, it sinks into the shadows. It then comes out from the shadows under Kurai's right sleeve and into his right hand.

    Down: Hypermode
    Based off of hypermode from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the gauntlet on Kurai's right hand glows red, and he now does double damage and knockback. However, Kurai gains 5% damage for every second Hypermode is active. Hypermode can be disabled the same way it was activated, and that is the only way it's deactivated.

    Up: Shadow Grab (tether recovery)
    Kurai shoots a shadow from his arm, which grabs the ledge and pulls him up.

    Final Smash
    Dark Angel
    When it begins, Kurai grows black angel wings and his eyes turn cyan. Shadows fly from him in one direction towards another player, similar to how Link's FS is activated. Then, using his enhanced speed, he flies to the player trapped in the shadows and grabs them. Kurai then fires several Novas in to the player's stomach. He then throws the other player high into the air, and flies into the air after them and meteor-smashes them into the ground with his sword. He finishes by shooting a fireball out of his left hand at them while they're on the ground. Visually, it would be one of the more impressive Final Smashes in the game.

    1. Kurai spins his sword around at his side.
    2. Kurai shouts "BISHAAN!!"
    3: Kurai forms a fireball in his left hand, looks at it for a moment, and it disappears.
    Victory Poses
    1. Kurai tosses his sword into the air and the hilt hits him on the head, knocking him out.
    2. Kurai stands in his Dark Angel form, glaring at the camera.
    3. Kurai licks the blood off of his sword.

    Assist Trophy:
    peofun1 Akiuri
    Picture: Here (drawn by the IRL peofun1) (lol chibi)
    peofun1 is a Linck from an alternate dimension. When her home was wiped out by the witch, Illismerillia, she came to Earth. peo, as a Linck, has many useful abilities that could be used. But unfortunately, like with most Assist Trophies, she gets the "run in and slash wildly" treatment.
    peo wields dual blades. She runs in and does devastating damage, but little knockback. She can jump onto platforms to attack enemies. Before she disappears, she licks blood off of her sword.
  8. TidalSpiral

    TidalSpiral Smash Journeyman

    Oct 15, 2007
    San Antonio, TX

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, Waldo of Where's Waldo book fame joins the brawl! :O *gazes out at the startled and horrified faces*

    Utilizing mad trickery skills, he annoys and confuses his opponents until they inevitably homerun themselves to escape the voices in their brain!

    Up Smash - Clone Flipkick - Waldo stuffs his hands into his pockets at the beginning of the move, then when released he pulls them out and performs a majestic flying kick straight upwards, but somehow he's still standing where he was looking as if he's thrown himself into the air. When he lands they conjoin into one person again, but during the move both can be hit to interrupt / cause damage.

    Down Smash - Book Burst - He holds out a big book and waits until the release where he drops it and drives his heel into the binding, causing a burst of pages on either side of him that cause rapid light hits based on how many pages touch the enemy.

    Forward Smash - Tricky Fists - Leaning back with a fist ready, Waldo appears as though he's going to deck someone directly in front of him. However when he pulls the move off he suddenly pulls the held back arm into his shirt and punches with both hands through the same sleeve.

    Special Moves:

    Up B - Hat Trick - Tossing his little striped cap into the sky, Waldo magically flies up and reconnects it to his head as if he were a powerful magnet. His enemies are left shaking their cracked and bleeding fists at the sky in hopes that he will fall back to them.

    Side B - Scroll of Doom - Waldo chunks an indistinct bound scroll in front of him. When an enemy collides with it, a random character from his books will briefly poof into existence long enough to make players cry.

    Down B - Lost Shoe - The most notorious of all Waldo skills, he not so accidentally drops one of his loafers which can then be stepped upon by a foe, ensnaring their leg and making them walk half as fast as it clunks along.

    Standard B - Blinding Spectacles - Holding his glasses at just the right angle, Waldo momentarily blinds any opponent directly in front of him, causing them to hold their eyes in distress while he proceeds to cold clock them.

    Final Smash: One Versus One Hundred - In an epic move, Waldo plasters the screen in a red and white striped haze as many versions of himself suddenly come running in along the stripes with canes ready to clobber those who would try and find the original!


    Size - Medium (Extremely thin but almost as tall as Mewtwo.)

    Weight / Falling - Very Light (Almost appears to drift as he falls from lightness.)

    Speed - Medium (Looks like an average human when performing attacks.)

    Reach - Long (Longer than the common fool due to height.)

    Power - Weak (Has little to back up his swings with.)
  9. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Holy crap, Eaode. You came prepared, didn't you? That was impressive. o_o

    Alright, I added yours as well. I gave you a placeholder avatar for now, tell me when you have any better images available!

    Not in my game you won't!

    ... actually, that's kinda brilliant.
    I'll add him later. Keeping this thread updated turned out to be more work than expected. ^^;
  10. TidalSpiral

    TidalSpiral Smash Journeyman

    Oct 15, 2007
    San Antonio, TX
    Haha, thanks for taking it seriously because the more I thought about it the more I thought "hey... he'd actually kind of work." Plus I do believe there was one crappy Waldo game for SNES or something.


    It was an NES game, and my thread for Waldo got shutdown but at least the dream can live on.
  11. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate The Eternal Will of the Swarm

    Jul 4, 2007
    3DS FC:
    I got a character pic, but it would take me a while to think up what exactly his moves would be...

  12. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Cool... a very interesting design. I'll anticipate a moveset!

  13. TidalSpiral

    TidalSpiral Smash Journeyman

    Oct 15, 2007
    San Antonio, TX
    Alright, I added the regular smash attacks and some basic statistics for him. I truthfully can't think of all the regular moves cause they'd probably just be random punches and kicks, hope it's ok to leave those out.
  14. TidalSpiral

    TidalSpiral Smash Journeyman

    Oct 15, 2007
    San Antonio, TX
    I like your entire concept frankly but the Final Smash stood out as being totally awesome. Turning the stage against the enemies without giving Taga any other super power, pretty cool idea. Makes their life hell and lets you laugh... and laugh... and laugh.
  15. Z. Hoot

    Z. Hoot Smash Cadet

    Nov 2, 2007
    yep. It finally happened. EDDIE from "Iron Maiden" has joined the Brawl!!!


    B: Guitar Solo
    -Eddie whips out his guitar and proceeds to shred through a face-melting solo. All within Eddies awesomeness get their faces melted.

    VB: Eat Brains.
    -Eddie chomps the brains of the guy in front of him, turning him into a brainless minion of METAL

    >B: Shoot with a Gun
    -Eddie whips out his gun from "Ed Hunter" and blows the guy standing far away into a skinless heap

    ^B: Flaming Horns
    -Eddie flashes the Flaming Horns of the Goat and rises upward, as if lifted by the most excellent music. Anyone caught in his path is impaled and lit in flame with rock and roll.

    Final Smash: Iron Maiden in Concert!
    -Iron Maiden is shown playing in the background of the stage. Eddie is jamming right with them. Everybody who is a slave to the man dies.

    All of his other attacks involve brains, spears, and riffs. And beating people with a guitar.

  16. Collective of Bears

    Collective of Bears bleep

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    Nov 10, 2007
    North Carolina
    3DS FC:
    Oh my god, that's worse than Bill nye the Science guy (yes, I saw it on another forum).
  17. Darkurai

    Darkurai Smash Debater

    Aug 20, 2007

    Warning: Spoilers for Metroid Prime 3 ahead!

    That's right. Phaaze, the sentient planet from Metroid Prime 3! It enters the roster as the largest and heaviest character in the game!

    Special Moves
    Standard: Explode
    Phaaze explodes. The match then ends. Everyone dies and the stage is completely obliterated.

    Side: Leviathan
    Phaaze sends a Leviathan seed to strike the stage, obliterating the stages and killing everyone.

    Down: Crush
    Phaaze crushes the stage, obliterating it and killing everyone.

    Up: Out of Orbit
    Phaaze exits the stage and dies.

    Final Smash
    Phazon Corruption
    Phazon corrupts all the fighters, killing them.
  18. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Those are some really imaginative moves. I like them. ^^

    The idea is kinda awesome, but the moves.. don't really work. Oh well, I won't be picky for now. =P

    No it isn't.

    If that idea wasn't so completely idiotic, I'd reject it.
    Those moves... totally don't work, though. But you knew that. =P

    Added everyone, by the way.
    For now, the bar is set low for new entries, but once I get more, I'll have to get more critical. Keep 'em coming! *shakes fist*
  19. lukintosh

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    Sep 11, 2007
    Waiting for someone to play with
    Great idea, I'll add mine when I think of it.
  20. Darkurai

    Darkurai Smash Debater

    Aug 20, 2007

    It was a stupid idea, but Phaaze is alive, so it's technically a character. I couldn't resist.
    It's not easy thinking up a moveset for a planet...
  21. HollabackRyu

    HollabackRyu Smash Journeyman

    Nov 2, 2007
    Viewtiful Joe is my character.
  22. smashmaniac16

    smashmaniac16 Smash Journeyman

    Jul 22, 2007
  23. The Nerd

    The Nerd Smash Journeyman

    Nov 3, 2007
    The Angry Video Game Nerd


    This is a movelist/description of the Angry Video Game Nerd, the angriest gamer there is. If you don't know this guy, I can't do him justice, but you may want to consider watching one of his videos, because they're hilarious. A list of his videos, with a couple missing. Lots of profanity. http://www.screwattack.com/AngryNerdMain.html

    The Foulest, most perverse, angriest guy known to game-kind storms into brawl to take bad videogame characters by the throat, ending their lives as efficiently as he has some of the older games. Poorly thought out ideas and sub-par gameplay, beware, for he's come prepared, with Power Glove and Zapper!


    Power: 4 The Nerd may not be amazingly strong physically, but his wrath makes up for that.
    Speed: 2 He's a Nerd. He's not the fastest of guys, but he can run when he really needs to.
    Weight: 3 He's average weight, and falls only a little faster than Mario.
    Traction: 4 He has good shoes, oddly enough. However, it isn't anything really special, and ice will still cause him to slip around.
    Size: 3.5 He's around Link's height.

    The Nerd stands perfectly still in combat, a tribute to the times when characters didn't move from the 8-bit era. He stands perfectly straight, and is walk is merely a straight walk, the leg movements slightly choppy. His dash reduces his height very little, and his legs get reasonably far apart at the apex. As far as dashes go, it lands between Mario and Links, probably just a hair faster than Samus. His run is much more fluent than his walk.

    His jumps are roughly average, but he does next to no flips, maximum of one each jump. He doesn't appear at home in the air, his stance less confident appearing than the one on the ground. His duck cuts his height by about half. He crouches on one knee.


    Standard Combo:
    He quick, weak jab. Not much range, although for an A attack it is decent. There is no second hit, but the lag both on the start-up and after-delay is minimal. He says D amn while using this tech.

    Forward tilt: He uses Simon's Whip, sending it out quickly before taking it back in. This attack is extremely quick, and has good range, but very little damage and knockback, not enough to make a fan-like effect. Primarily used for a tactic to stop other people from charging in. The Whip is brown normally, but there's a 5% chance it'll be a flame whip, which is the same speed, but much more damage and knockback, although not enough to be a cool move. He gives a cry of frustration when he uses this tech.

    Down tilt: His uses the silver surfer board to jab at his enemies feet. Decent Damage and knockback, but has a second worth of delay after using it where he's vulnerable.

    Up tilt: He raises his hand slightly and a ghost from ghost busters flies out directly above him for a second. This attack's hitbox is very large, covering his entire upper body for a couple seconds while the ghost appears. However, the ghost does very little damage, unless timed so that they are beneath him while the ghost goes up. In this case it launches them in the air at the end of the attack, and they take weak damage during it. However, the Nerd's lower half is completely vulnerable during the attack. It can be guard canceled half-way through, reducing vulnerability. The trade-off is that if someone is caught in the attack while you do this, they are simply let go. During the full attack, he says: "They might as well have just called it Boo! Haunter house."

    Forward Smash: Rolling Rock bottle. This is a very fast smash attack, with little start up lag. There's one frame that appears before the charge, and one that appears before the actual attack, meaning this can be a quick smash. He pulls back a Rolling Rock Bottle, and at the charge, lets go. This does a decent damage, although a little sub-par for a Smash, and knocks them into the air, but not far back. Generally considered good for combos. If it is charged for more than a six seconds, Nerd yells @#$%! and has a little wind-up for his swing, which does much more damage and knockback than normal, and is an excellent kill move.

    Down Smash: He pulls out either Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit by the ears, and swings them around on the floor similar to Mario's Forward Throw. At the end of it he doesn't throw them, however, they just disappear. There is a difference between Roger Rabbit and Bugs Bunny. Bugs does more damage, but Roger has more range. He yells the name of whatever character he used.

    Up Smash: He clenches his fist, and shoots the power glove up when released. It lacks a great amount of range, but does good damage. It also has a bit of delay before he puts his fist down, but during this delay his fist is still a hitbox that does a tiny amount of electric damage and knockback.

    Dash Attack: His pulls out a ghostbusting vacuum, which gives the attack good range, and a large hitbox directly in front of him, but once the attack is down, there is a two second lag, which can be fatal. Pro AVGN players avoid this attack.


    Neutral Aerial: Text block. The Nerd freezes in place for a second, while a text block surrounds him, saying something from Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest. It lasts two and a half seconds, and is not cancelable. It does good damage if the person is in the box while it appears but no knockback(one frame) and mediocre damage but a ton of knockback if they hit it after it appears, from the outside. IF someone hits him during this attack it does damage, but the actual attack bestows super armor.

    Up Aerial: 32X Add on. He holds a 32X for the Sega Genesis up above him, while saying 'another #$^*ing power adapter!' Does stun if it hits, with moderate damage and knockback. It has a disjointed hitbox from the Nerd, and goes out and in quickly as well. All in all, a quick attack for comboing.

    Forward Aerial: He swings the massive Atari 5200 straight down. This is a meteor spike if hit in the right location, at the center of gravity for the 5200. The rest is just mediocre damage and knockback. Also, the lag after the attack is longer than most aerials, and it takes him a couple seconds to right himself. However, this attack is insanely powerful if it hits, on par with the knee.

    Back Aerial: Nintendo Power! He pulls an issue of Nintendo power and hits the person behind him at fan-speed. This can be repeated as quickly as the fan can, and shares the same basic attributes, except due to the fact it is in mid-air, it is difficult to use it as one normally would the fan. It is a favourite of edge-guarders who dislike the 5200.

    Down Aerial: ***! He goes down butt first. This attack speeds his decent, forces him in a much more linear direction, nearly straight down, and has no range. However, if they get hit by it, they take quite a bit of damage, and are poisoned, similar to the effect the Lip Stick gives.


    He can uses a NES controller like a hookshot, and uses them to grab. This is different from the /\B he uses, as it actually leads to him grabbing and throwing them. Once he gets them with the controller he reels them in quickly, and grabs them by the neck with his power glove. His attack during this is shooting them with the Zapper.

    Forward Throw: He grabs their head, and shoots them through the stomach with the Zapper, sending them flying away. Decent damage, and a reliable throw, especially near an edge if facing the right way.

    Up Throw: He throws them somewhat, catching their leg in the air, and spinning, hitting them against the ground twice before shooting them straight into the air with the Zapper.

    Back Throw: He drops them behind him, and tries to take a dump while their head is right there. This is one, single decent hit with low knockback and damage, but has the same effect as his down aerial.

    Down Throw: He holds them to the ground, less than an inch away, and then his power glove goes berzerk, vibrating madly doing a lot of hits for 1 damage each before just dropping them. This attack's length is based on two things - how fast you can hit A, and how fast they can escape grabs. They can speed it up, while you slow it down. It automatically ends after they've taken 30 damage, however, and The Nerd takes some as well due to the electricity.


    Neutral Special:
    Lightgun. This attack is a simple shot, which can be aimed by holding B and moving the joystick. It gains some power when charged, but not very much in comparison to other charged attacks. However, he can shoot from straight up to a 70 degree angle, meaning it is good for keeping people at bay, annoying them. It has slow charge time. In midair he shoots it in whatever direction you happen to be pressing, and it cannot be charged.

    Side Special: He Shouts a loud, obnoxious swearword that does damage but no knockback to all within a small radius of him. This attack has a second of delay and start up, but is good to punish people with attacks like that of their own, as it does a fair bit of damage quickly.

    Up Special: He throws a NES controller in the air, which goes in a wide arc, while he keeps the chord. If it grabs a ledge or person, it wraps around them and he jumps next to them. This attack does little damage to the person, and also pulls them into the Nerd's direction. They can still move about freely during this period, but the Nerd can speed or slow his approach by using A and B, A making him get there in an instant, and B stopping him. This can lead to a mindgame of it's own, because the Nerd can use aerial attacks after using this.

    Down Special: He pulls out a game he's reviewed, and can throw it as an item, each one doing different damage and a special effect. Friday the 13 does no damage, but good knockback. Silver Surfer flies in a perfectly straight line, and never falls, but does little damage and knockback. Top Gun explodes. Bart Simpson Games do poison damage, Ghostbusters hit them in the opposite direction of whatever way they were supposed to go normally, and the rarest and most fiendish one of all, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde do no knockback, but 50 damage. It is extremely rare, however.


    Turns to the screen, and pretends to shoot as his fingers on the power glove until only the middle finger remains.
    2 He looks directly at the screen and says 'You and your friends are Dead. Game Over. '
    3 Takes out a Roland Rock and takes a drink.

    Entrance: The tangled mess of wires as big as bowser burst into pieces, as the Nerd emerges from the ooze, a stream of swearwords emerging from his mouth as the wires fall to the side and he stands up, prepared for another battle!

    Alt. Costumes:

    Normal Nerd: He wears a white, short-sleeved dress shirt, has brown hair with normal glasses, and brown pants.
    'Emo' Nerd: He wears a black short-sleeved dress shirt, has black hair with thick glasses, is much paler than usual, and has black dress pants.
    'Sega' Nerd: He wears a blue, short-sleeved dress shirt with white arms, has blond-ish hair, and normal glasses. Has black pants.
    'Nintendo' Nerd: He wears a red, short-sleeved dress shirt with white arms, has brown hair with normal glasses, and gray pants.
    'Legend of Zelda' Nerd: He wears an emerald green short-sleeved dress shirt, with dark-green pants. His hair is slightly lighter.
    'Mario' Nerd: He wears a red short-sleeved dress shirt, and blue pants. He has slightly darker hair with this one.


    This cruel technique summons a word box at the bottom of the screen. If anyone besides the Nerd touches this, they take good damage. The Nerd can stand on it as he wishes. In the box, commands appear. All other characters must comply with this, and every frame they don't they take 3% damage. The command changes every second, and they can do whatever else they want so long as they did the command once. This lasts for 10 seconds before disappearing, and the commands are random. The AV Nerd is free to do whatever he wants during this period. The possible commands are: Up! Down! Left! Right! A! B! Taunt! Shield! Up, down left and right can be dealt with the C-Stick, Joystick, or D-pad.

    Item Moves: While the Angry Videogame Nerd holds a baseball bat, beam-sword, or anything of the sort, his movelist changes slightly. Below are all the changes.

    Standard Combo: He swings in a small arc relatively close to him. It doesn't do much damage or potential knockback, nor does it have range. It is faster than his normal A, however, although it has worse delay after the attack.

    Forward Smash: He charges by holding the Rolling Rock Bottle as usual, but when it hits, they stay where they are, and he brings the other weapon up to send them straight in the air doing moderate damage. The second hit only sends them flying if they're hit by the first attack, otherwise it does weak damage and knockback. It has a slower start-up time than his original smash.

    Dash Attack: He swings vertically, with an attack that, although slow both starting and ending, has impressive range and disjointed hit-box, making it a useful attack when you get an item. It also does fairly good damage, and is unusually good for a dash attack with a weapon.

    Stage: Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest


    This? What is this? This is a screen shot from the very first videogame The Angry Video Game Nerd ever reviewed, Castlevania 2. In many ways, it was the grounds where he learned how to be an Angry Video Game Nerd. He returns there now to kick the *** of anyone who dares challenge him!

    This is a medium sized walk-off level. The wall at the top right corner of the screen is not there, and that platform is raised, as well as the ones which the stairs go to, although not very much. The stairs themselves are just decoration. During the level, Simon Belmont occasionally appears on the right hand side underneath the platform, on the raised ledge. He throws knives, axes, and occasionally just uses a flaming whip. He cannot be destroyed, and stays for 15-20 seconds before retreating back off stage.

    Sound: The choice for his music is clear: The AVGN theme that plays at the start of most of his episodes. However, it isn't exactly conductive to battling on it's own. However, the Spiderman episode has a good instrumental version. Therefor, his Brawl music is simple: that style of the complete version, viewable in Sega CD, with the lyrics there, but reduced to increase the guitar, and a slight increase in the tempo to make the perfect music to fight to!
  24. SubparSmashBrother

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    Dec 29, 2006
    Final Destination
    This is a great thread. I'll add my Recoome/Ginyu Squad (DBZ) moveset tommorow. (I have tons of movesets. Making Smash movesets for random things is a hobby of mine, so expect me to post here alot.)
  25. MysticKenji

    MysticKenji Smash Master

    Jul 15, 2007
    Orlando, FL / Pittsburgh, PA
    Warning! Challenger Approaching!

    Newcomer: King Leonidas


    Power: ****
    Movement Speed: **
    Attack Speed: **
    Weight: ***1/2
    Jump: ***
    Floatiness: *
    Traction: ****
    Size: ****
    Recovery: **
    Range: ****
    Leonidas can walljump

    1. Powerful
    2. Being heavy makes him harder to kill
    3. A disjointed hitbox on several moves
    4. A projectile

    1. Slow
    2. Bad recovery
    3. Big + Heavy = easier to combo
    4. Low floatiness makes aerial combos hard to do.
    5. Bad throws

    Entrance: Falls down from the top of the screen

    Jab: A punch followed by a scimitar swing
    Dash Attack: A lunging knee attack

    Ftilt: A short ranged, weak punch. Setup for F-Smash
    Utilt: A weak uppercut. Setup for U-Smash
    Dtilt: His most powerful tilt. A downwards jab of the sword.
    F-Smash: The Kick. Y'know, THE kick.
    19% (sweetspot at heel does 25%) Full charge = 23%/25%
    U-Smash: Leonidas jumps into a powerful uppercut. And, by powerful, I mean you don't want to get hit by it. Srsly.
    25%, Full charge = 30%
    D-Smash: The two sided sword swipe that all human swordsmen have.
    12%/17%; Full charge = 15%/20%

    Nair: A sex kick
    Fair: A sword slash with forwards momentum. Can be used in recoveries.
    15% (no sweetspot)
    Bair: Leonidas jabs backwards with his sword.
    11% normal, 17% tipped
    Uair: Mid-air uppercut
    Dair: Leonidas curls up into a ball and does to strong punch downwards. Meteor smash and most powerful aerial move, however its lag prevents it from being overused.

    Grab: A left-handed grab
    Grab jab: A punch to the face
    Fthrow: Tossing the opponent forwards. F-Smash setup
    Bthrow: Throwing the opponent backwards into a sword slash
    Uthrow: Tossing the opponent up followed by a strong uppercut
    Dthrow: Throwing the opponent into the ground and jabbing them with the sword

    Get-up Attack: Punches both sides.
    7% each
    Ledge Attack (<100%): A weak sword swing. Avoid using it.
    Ledge Attack (100%+): Leonidas PUUUUUNCH. Do use this move.

    B: Sword Threaten
    Jabs his sword forward and poses. This move effectively has two hitboxes.
    The first one is the actual sword which does some damage and medium knockback.
    The second one is a small area beyond the sword's edge. If the oppnent is in that hitbox, they stop moving and any attack they were going to do is canceled.
    Has just enough lag so that it's not spammable, but not so much that it's unusable.

    >B: Epic Spear Throw
    If I have to explain this, you didn't watch 300. It also does massive damage to shields and has good priority.

    ^B: "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"
    Yells "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" downward. The sheer force propels him upwards and knocks anyone under him downwards. No damage.

    VB: Fighting in the Shade
    Leonidas cloaks himself with darkness to avoid attacks. Length of time the cloak lasts depends on time of day. You are also immobile when cloaked, so using >B is the best way to get opponents away from you.
    Don't let your opponent get behind you.

    FS: 300
    Summons his 299 comrades, who swarm the stage and attack everyone.

    1. Beats his sword against his shield thrice
    2. Does the pose in the above pic.
    3. Looks up at the sky

    Victory Poses
    1. Statue pose
    2. Drops his shield and sword, and looks directly at the players
    3. Jabs the spear in the ground, crosses his arms, and glares

    Utilt -> Usmash -> Nair -> Dash attack
    Pseudo-Ken Combo
    Dtilt -> Fsmash -> Fair -> Dair

    Leonidas also has an alt. costume...

    Stage: Thermopylae Pass
    Large stage
    Hazards: A walk-off edge on the right side
    Stage Music
    From the 300 Soundtrack: To Victory, The Hot Gates, Fight In The Shade, Immortals Battle, Fever Dream, Glory

    Leonidas is a VERY offensively oriented, ground-based character. However, his slowness may weaken his effectiveness on faster characters. He also has a weak aerial game due to his low jump and high fall speed. However, his Fair can be used in recoveries and his Dair is a good off-stage killer. All the other aerial moves, however, have very limited uses. Stick to the ground.

    His throws have bad knockback and damage, so they can't kill unless at really high percentages, but they can start combos decently well.

    B is just a setup move that sometimes does damage.
    >B is one of your only defensive moves and is your only projectile. Slow-moving but powerful, very few projectiles can out-prioritize it. It's good for when you opponent decides to go projectile-spamhappy on you.
    As far as ^B goes, don't. Unless you have to. Then it's okay, I guess.
    VB is VERY situational. Unless you can get your opponent away from you and infront of you so you can spear-spam, don't bother with it. At times around noon or so, it can be readily used to interrupt opponent's combos and start your own.

    And in honor of new secondary characters...
    During Leonidas's part of the storyline, you'll fight him at Thermopylae Pass.
    (Now who should Leonidas team up with??? Hm...)
    He'll be in his chair accompanied by a swarm of soldiers and an Uber-Immortal...

    First, you fight the soldiers!

    Then, the Uber-Immortal will be sent at you!

    Should you defeat the Uber-Immortal, you will then fight Xerxes himself!
  26. paralasalud

    paralasalud Smash Ace

    Jul 30, 2007
    Lombard, IL
    this thread is fun.


    btw, Fawriel, that was a killer opening quote. LOL. kudos.

    Ben Ten joins the brawl!
    *this isn't cohesive with the show because ben as a child couldn't stay in alien form and/or transform between aliens quickly.
    *i also realize this would be extremely complicated to program.

    Ben would fit in with brawl because his main antagonist, Villgax, resides and terrorizes outer space (searches for the omnitrix, and doing other evil stuff.). therefore he could easily be linked with the SSE. Ben, in an effort to save the world joins brawl alongside all our other favorite heroes.

    – There are 1 second flash surrounds Ben between transformations.
    – Ben's running, jumping/flying, and standing animation are in his XLR8 mode, so he is rather quick but light.
    – All his standard attacks are in his Four Arms mode, including grabs. (pile drivers, body slams, etc.)
    All attacks from enemies hit XLR8 regardless of the form that ben is in. his falling/hurt animations is in XLR8. i.e., if four arms is hit during his ftilt or something, his form cancels and XLR8 is hit. this makes ben a LIGHT character.


    four arms
    grey matter

    the omnitrix


    A– jabs with both left arms.
    AA– follows up with strong jabs with both right arms.
    FTILT– spinning backfists with both left/right arms.
    FSMASH– leans back and delivers a lunge punch.
    DTILT– crouching kick
    DSMASH– pounds the ground with all fours.
    UTILT– delivers a flurry of fists above him.
    USMASH– jumps up a little and throws a strong overhand punch.


    FTHROW– piledrive!!!
    BTHROW– suplex
    DTHROW– knee suplex
    UTHROW– holds opponent stretched out above him and delivers a headbutt.


    NAIR– spins around once with legs out.
    FAIR– kicks both legs forward, like SSB64 mario's, only very weak.
    DAIR– exactly like zelda's
    UAIR– like c falcon's, only he swings his tail around. super weak.
    BAIR– like sheiks but super weak.


    UP B – STINKFLY – once stinkfly is activated, players hold the direction in which they want to move and tap B for a flying recovery! (no gliding, equivalent to about 3 kirby jumps) anyone who touches stinkfly in midair gets stunned for a second due to its goo.

    SMASH B – CANNONBOLT – similar to yoshi's side B in length, but is harder to control and automatically bounces off of hit foes or walls. he can be hit out of it easily and will spiral off without any recovery if hit.

    NEUTRAL B – HEATBLAST – the longer B is held, the more powerful the blast becomes. it CAN be saved after it is fully charged. shoots as a straight beam and has little knock back.

    DOWN B – UPCHUCK – hold down and B to activate upchuck! ben crouches on the ground as upchuck for a set amount of time, again similar to marth/roy's neutral B. when a foe enters a small perimeter in which upchuck is charging, he swallows eats them and spits them back out as a projectile. this does no damage even though the enemy is sent very far. however, this is a very powerful projectile that packs a punch when it hits another enemy during a multi-man brawl.

    DOWN B ALTERNATIVE (this just might be a better idea)– UPCHUCK – similar to G&W's :p

    FINAL SMASH – DIAMONDHEAD/GRAMPS & GWEN – Ben becomes diamondhead! projectiles fly right off of him. Also, Gramps flys in with the RV, pummeling enemies with missles. Gwen ALSO enters as her alter ego Lucky Girl and fights alongside Diamondhead.

    FINAL SMASH ALTERNATIVE – GREY MATTER – there is a very small chance that ben turns into grey matter. this is essentially a backfire of a FS, because grey matter is a 5 inch tall alien (shorter than kirby's actual size :laugh:). Gwen and Gramps don't come out either in this case. easy KO, in yo face, Ben.

    TAUNT – temporarily becomes human and jumps with a fist in the air, rejoicing, "yeah!"

    ETCETERA – swimming animation becomes RIPJAWS.

    THE BIG THING – since 10 minutes isn't ideal in a brawl match, Ben becomes human after 2 or 3 minutes and has to stay human for 1 minute. This means he has no 3rd jump, no specials, and is very weak and very slow. ben becomes human after his final smash as well.
  27. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls Smash Lord

    Aug 9, 2007
    I need some time to get a moveset. Hell, I may need to GIMP him up a bit more.
  28. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls Smash Lord

    Aug 9, 2007
  29. Blackadder

    Blackadder Smash Master

    Jun 17, 2007
    Every damm loop from Sonic.


    That’s the *****.
    Look at him. Just look at him. Can you see the evil?

    Yes folks, the biggest motherfucking villain from the Sonic games is back! And this time, he's even MORE annoying!

    What are his moves, I here hear you ask? Simple.
    He stands. He waits. He lurks. And when you run up him, BAM!
    You're fucked! This guy is pure unadulterated madness.

    His Final Smash is of course terrifying, combining all the worst aspects from his games. Obviously, it is:


    Essentially you run up him...normal eh? But he keeps going. The loop never seems to end! You run for a while longer... keep going…no, farer than that. Farer. Farer. I said FARER! Okay now stop! Nah, kidding...you keep going.

    Incidentally, you'll be going up forever., The loop will never...EVER...EVER stop. Your game will then blow up if you even attempt to hit the reset button.

    Pure pwnsomness.

    Also, the Loop is invincible. Nothing you can do will hurt him, only make him stronger. And every Poke'ball he gets is The best one. Every AT is the same deal. If you touch him, you die. If you don't touch him, you have 4 seconds to do so, or you die. Fucking epic.

    Don’t even try to beat this badarse. You shall LOSE!

    Also, he likes to be called Greg. But only if you rub his sexy nipples. Actually, that kills him. Rub his nipples, and he goes down. Hard to describe but kinda like...well,


    Pretty awesome huh? Don't say no, he's a mod on this site. He WILL ban you.
    Oh, and his three taunts are:

    Taunt 1: "Moves slightly"
    Taunt 2: "Kills everyone somehow"
    Taunt 3: "Swears for no reason"

    Ironically, the character is low tier.
    Go home now.
  30. Andy4Brawl_911

    Andy4Brawl_911 Smash Journeyman

    Oct 19, 2007
    This spot is reserved for Bill Gates, unfortunately will be inspected, all assisans please leave area now... That include you Sakurai i know Japan and their evil Samurai ways.

    Bill Gates is Comming (replacing this crappy post):

    WHEN I CAN BE F*****

    Authorized by the government of London, spopken by King Jong-il, Michael Jackson, Bindi Irwin and Saddam Hussein.. THE ULTIMATE KILLER CREW!:mad:
  31. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Ahaha, nice job. I got some of those references, and they were hilarious! And at the same time, you made it work pretty well. Kudos to you. ^^

    And, besides, who could be a better representative of computer games nobody likes?

    It had to happen. ;o
    I'll add him when you're done with the moveset.

    You put quite some thought into that, didn't you? That's quite an interesting moveset.
    It actually sounds like you made him too weak, though. That's rare. Normally it's the opposite. :p

    I don't really see why everyone keeps reserving posts, but, okay. ;o

  32. paralasalud

    paralasalud Smash Ace

    Jul 30, 2007
    Lombard, IL
    yeah, i tend to do that. i hate the idea of overpowering characters. i'd rather have them weaker than strong. i don't know. i thought his standard attacks would be super strong with Four Arms and all. now that i look at it, all his specials are pretty weak.

    edit: i changed his ^B and his neutral B so it can be saved.
  33. Brawlmatt202

    Brawlmatt202 Smash Champion

    Feb 6, 2007
    ...Monkey D. Luffy, maybe? :dizzy:

    I don't know if I like this...
  34. Sabrewulf238

    Sabrewulf238 Smash Champion

    Oct 17, 2007
    I like the idea of this thread.....ok here I go....I'm going to make a random pick.....


    It's Velma! (as you can see this is quite random)

    B - Suspicious Hmm - Hmms suspiciously at the other fighters, causing them to act nervous and are not able to fight properly.

    B down - Interesting books - Throws Books on the ground causing damage, then the other fighters all begin to read the books for a short period of time.

    B right/left - Accusing Point - Velma points at a fighter accusing them of being the monster/Criminal, the fighter gains damage from this (somehow)

    B up - Throw Glasses - "Accidently" throws her glasses at the fighters, this does small damage and velma get's a boost into the air when she throws them.

    Taunt - Shouts "Jinkies" at the screen
    Taunt 2 - Drops glasses and says "oh no my glasses...I can't see without my glasses" then picks them up again.
    Taunt 3 - Calls out "scooby doo where are you?"

    Final Smash - The Mystery machine appears, you can drive it across the screen using the control pad. Any character caught in the vans path will be stuned and severly damaged.

    EDIT: I need to say what they're like too? Well if you watch scooby doo you'll know what she's like personality wise.
    EDIT 2: I give up...I don't think theres anyway I can get her onto the roster.....


    Power: * Very weak but makes up for it by being fast
    Speed: ***** Very fast and is able to get lots of hits in
    Weight: ** quite light, get's knocked off stage pretty easily
    Traction: ** she has little Traction
    Size: *** average size, slightly smaller than Link

    I know it may seem she's ridiculusly fast but in the cartoon when they run from the monsters she's REALLY fast at running.

    Sorry flying dutchman I kinda borrowed your Stats idea part...

    There you go, It's nice to be able to take a break from various will they won't they be in brawl arguements. :)
  35. :034:

    :034: Smash Hero

    Jun 9, 2007
    Okay, here we go.

    Flying Dutchman joins the Brawl!
    [Picture pending]


    The Flying Dutchman! Not the guy from SpongeBob. I hate him. 'Flying Dutchman' is from the famous ghost ship. I'm a usual guy.... That loves to play video games, listens to rock music and spends his time on the interwebs and with his friends. The most important thing is friends - where would we be without them? Dead in a puddle, probably. I'm a fun-lovin' guy, with a bunch of sarcastic and dry humor. I'm a bit of a clumsy person. Wait, a bit? I mean VERY. I fall over my own feet, sometimes. Aside from that, I always just laugh it off. I'm very opinionated though. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, whether you're a hobo or the president. I slip up with words though. Messing up sentences because... Apparently I'm too clumsy to even talk properly. I can be arrogant at times, but funny-arrogant. Like doing something stupid and saying "Yeah, I'm awesome.".. Stuff like that. It's all for the laughs though.

    And I absolutely LOVE chocolate chip cookies.


    Power: ** Not a very powerful character.
    Speed: *** Not ridiciously speedy either, dash speed is high though.
    Weight: * Ridiciously light, however.
    Traction: *** With moderate traction.
    Size: *** And a mid-low size. Bit smaller than Ike.

    My first jump is pretty low, making my short hop low as well. My second jump is a jetpack! Fly around freely, but I'll be making loops because I can't keep my balance in mid-air. It lasts around 3 seconds. I'm a very fast dasher though! I use Air Treck (rocket-powered roller skates) to move around, which makes my walk extremely slow, but a dashing speed that nearly matches Fox's Melee speed! I'm a very awkward character, with strange traction physics due to the Air Treck. When I tech, I can race out of the tech. It's called a "Race Cancel", I can do it from various attacks as well. I immediatly go into my dash.


    A,A (Standard Combo):
    Normal hook jabs.

    Forward tilt:
    A forward kick. Very clumsy looking, I'm apparently trying to make it look like Leonidas' SPARTA kick. Not much knockback.

    Down tilt:
    I drop a 20 kg anvil. It leaves a small shockwave which hurts you. Getting hit with the anvil in mid-air = meteor smash.

    Up tilt: (Race Cancelable)
    A backwards kick. I turn back and kick upwards with my foot. Upward knockback, strongest tilt attack, and it's race cancelable! It's only really useful if you can RC into an aerial though.

    Forward Smash:
    I dash forward and brake, creating an immense amount of friction on the floor.. Which ignites! The floor is on fire for a couple seconds. Charging this attack makes me dash further and creating more friction, thus more flames.

    Down Smash:
    Smash the floor! ...Ow! That hurts! I punch the floor but it really hurts, so I hop around, not looking where I'm hopping. I might hit people... Woops. Sorry about that.

    Up Smash:
    Smash the floor! Woops. That's your toe, isn't it... I crouch and hit the floor with a hammer. If somebody is hit by it, I'll hit him with a nice uppercut! Bam! If I don't hit anybody, it's race canceable.

    Dash Attack:
    It's a slide. I slide, tripping people. This attack can be race canceled, so I can do a couple in a row? Experiment with this move.

    Ledge Attack:
    Jump up from the ledge with the jetpack, then twirl around! The ultimate defense... Maybe. It's kinda laggy..

    Get-up Attack:
    You punched me... As I lie down on the floor, I look at the sky and see... a bird? Eh?! Don't come closer! He swoops down and quickly lifts me up. Huh. That was nice (but pretty scary as well).


    Neutral Aerial:
    I spin around with a hammer. It's a small hammer, so don't worry about getting hit.. Wait a minute, I'm supposed to hit you! I spin twice, the attack sucks you in. I can go with another hard hitting aerial right after that due to the low lag this attack has.

    Up Aerial:
    I yell SMAAAAAAAAAASH at the top of my lungs. The words appear on screen above me?! Apparently, touching the words hurts. Looks like a nice juggling move. Shouting doesn't give much lag, and the letters are pretty big, so this is a pretty good move against fastfallers.

    Forward Aerial:
    KICK! A powerful kick forward. It comes out quickly! ..But the lag afterwards is pretty bad. Like Bowser forward aerial bad. Still, it's pretty strong. A very good follow-up from the Nair.

    Back Aerial:
    I kick backwards, like the Up Smash. It has a nice upward knockback... Which is kinda weird for a bair. Anyway, it's a good follow-up from the Nair, though not as good as Fair, since that one just has more knockback. This attack doesn't have THAT much lag though.

    Down Aerial:
    A grab?! I lunge downward and grab somebody, then take them down with me! The floor hits hard, but a nice suicide isn't too bad either. Plus, it just looks really awesome. Start up lag is pretty good, but if I don't grab anybody, it's pretty bad.


    I grab somebody with both hands, then let go with one hand and give them a good whack as a grab attack.

    Forward Throw:
    I shout "Flame Regalia!" and take out a set of rollerskates... Which explodes in our faces. You fly away, I'm reduced to ashes... Don't worry, I build myself up again. This moves kills though. But the lag is bad.

    Up Throw:
    I take you up with my jetpack! ...Eh? We're hardly lifting off. I'll just throw you down and fly away again. Yeah. That's a good idea. I can do a mid-air jump afterwards, so it's kinda hit and run.

    Back Throw:
    I dash! I got behind you! It's a pretty powerful, friction-creating kick. There are flames on you, like in the forward smash. They deal an additional 3% damage. The knockback isn't as good as the forward throw, but less lag as well.

    Down Throw:
    I throw you down and race on you! Youch! The high-speed wheels.. That's gotta hurt. Rollerskates with as much power as a 4x4 is not a handy weapon in the arms of a madman.


    Neutral Special: IETAN PUNCH!

    I punch. Uhm? I can charge this though, but I can't keep the charge. When I do, this move evolves into a punch with the power of the Giant Punch! But... It's chance-related? Huh? Let's try and figure this out.

    Press B once: Small punch, weak knockback, race cancel.
    Press B once: High-speed punch with good knockback! No race cancel. 15% chance.

    Ahh. That explains it. However...

    Charge B: Good punch, with nice knockback. Race cancel as well!
    Charge B: Giant Punch-like power, and fast! No race cancel. 5% chance.

    As you can see, it's a tough move to use. Rely on the chance or just go for the good punch.

    Side Special: Stereotype Attack!

    It's easy. Just press the button, and I do one of these attacks:

    - Windmill Kick! A powerful vertical kick, going upward. Like a windmill, see?
    - Clog Kick! A forward kick. However, I'm wearing a clog now. These things hurt.
    - Tulip Dance! I spin around, throwing around tulips! They stick to you, and some even explode or poison you. Dangerous! Watch where you're throwing those things!
    - Smoking! Eh? Am I... Smoking something? *Cough* That's kinda.. *Cough cough!* Ugh. It's no good. I'm coughing everything out... The area is covered in smoke.

    Up Special: Jetpack Explosion!

    Eh? Explosion?! *BOOM* Ah.. It's too late.

    The Jetpack, well, explodes. I fly up in the air and get 1% damage. I can't fly, but I'll do what I must.

    Down Special: Splitting Emergency Escape!

    I brace myself for an attack... And when you hit me, I split up and you trip up. That's not good for you, but it is for me. I immediatly retaliate with a kick and make my body go back together. There we go.

    FINAL SMASH: Ghost Ship

    Is it real?! The Flying Dutchman, the famous Ghost Ship appears in the background. I hop on it, and a cursor appears on screen. I can move the cursor with the control stick. The ship automatically bombards wherever you're pointing the cursor. It's pretty awesome, don't you think? I shoot 10 times, and all of the shots have the power of a bomb-omb, except for the last one. That's the special cannonball, which does more damage than the oft-mentioned Smart Bomb. Be sure to hit your enemies, or you'll waste your Smash Ball.


    Up taunt: I spin around using my Air Treck and strike a pose! Hell yeah. I rock.
    Down taunt: I shrink. "Honey I shrunk myself! Bad sitcom producer! Bad!" Then I go back to normal height.

    Alternate Costumes:
    Lessee, I got me a red-white color (functions as Red Team color), green color, a black and white color and an angelic color where I go completly white! Pretty cool, huh? Oh - the standard outfit is the Blue Team color.

    Victory Poses:
    One: I sigh and scratch my head. I'm getting too old for this.
    Two: I fall on my butt. Even when I win, I'm still clumsy.
    Three: I jump up and down happily! I won! Hell yeah!

    Trophy Descriptions:

    Born in the Netherlands, he's very unlike what you would expect. The Flying Dutchman not only speaks perfect English, but he does away of every single stereostype, even though he still looks like a stoner. A special character rarely seen anywhere else, he appears in the most unsuspected places. Brawl seems to be one of those places now!

    Flying Dutchman is somewhat... Awkward. He moves around at high speed, but can this guy even keep his own two legs together?! He tries to pull his act together but often fails. The 'Air Gear' on his shoes hold him together, maybe. His Neutral Special and Side Special are full of chances. Be wary when using these dangerous moves!

    Even if he's awkward, the Flying Dutchman can really pack a punch! His weird physics and awkwardness really make him a sight to behold. Sometimes he's styling, but nobody can really see if he's able to even run in a straight line... Truly fascinating. His Up Special is one of the awkward moves, his jetpack explodes! But his Down Special - it's splitting! I mean, styling!


    A character needs music. That's pretty standard. As an upbeat, happy character, I would have to have music with a nice tune to it.

    "Calling All Friends" by Low Stars. A happy tune. Perhaps not really suitable for Smash, but it makes for a lot of calm and relaxed battles.
    "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz. This is more like it! Still not enough for an epic battle, but the outlook is seemingly grim when this tune plays! ...For the opponent, that is.


    Still need a stage, a picture and maybe some more music. Fixed the Final Smash to be a bit less broken.
  36. Copperpot

    Copperpot Smash Ace

    Jun 8, 2007
    In your cereal, stealin' your prizes!
    Well, it's been a long time since I've pulled this character out of my massive portfolio of designs, but I think he would suit the Brawl scene fairly well. So, without further a'dieu, I give you:


    AVES (Latin translation of "bird" species)

    Picture in the works

    Back Story:

    - Aves is an anthromorphic bird (similar to Falco, only Aves is more like a raven) from the planet Zeta Eisyket (pronounced 'Zay-Tah' 'Eye-Si-Ket'), a vessel roaming a distant galaxy.
    - This planet is home to various types of creatures, most of them also anthromorpic and recognizable here on Earth. These occupants have segregated themselves into large 'territories' by race and/or belief.
    - Currently, a war is raging between the Lunic (pronounced 'Loo-Nik', meaning "wolf") and Furogn (pronounced 'Fyoor-Un', meaning "lion") countries. The Furogn Militia, striving to create a unified world, began encroaching on Lunic territory when its leader, Mercias Havokk ('Mer-See-Us' 'Hay-Vuck'), learned of an ancient artifact that had the power to reshape the world. Mercias deemed it necessary to tread through "dog" country, and into the Volcana ('Vol-Kahn-Ah', meaning "bird") nation in order to acquire it. The Lunics viewed this as an act of treachery, and opted to force the Furogns from their lands.
    - Between the Furogns and Lunics, their populations represent a large portion of the world, and thus, they control the majority of Zeta Eisyket's resources. Because of this, several other races have chosen sides and taken up arms, sparking a massive battle in the heart of the mainland. This deciding battle has lasted nearly 14 years and is now referred to as the "War of the Pride" or, less commonly used and punishable by death, "War of the Hubris" (often referenced as a joke).
    - The land of Volcana is an island nation where the Shrine of the Cross is found. Inside this spritual "graveyard" is the Hilt of the Cross, commonly called "Foehn" ('Fain'). Foehn is the handle of an ancient weapon recovered from the highest peak in the world, Dissertia, located in the center of Volcana. Legends be told that it was placed their by the gods, and that a being of great feats would claim it for himself, bestowing the will of the gods upon a mortal world.
    - Upon acquiring it, Foehn constructs a blade that reflects the user's inner self. For example, someone possessing a very calm, disciplined, noble persona will prompt the hilt to forge a blade as pure (white/transluscent) and straight as can be. Conversely, a wielder with ownership of a foul or tainted soul would cause the hilt to craft a twisted, jagged, red blade. The Tenth Cross, as described, was wielded by a tyrant of a creature with a blade that could shake the Devil himself. Its power sent the world spiraling through a disastrous current of darkness and destruction, and consequently, caused many inhabitants to fear its wicked potential. It has been prophesized that another wielder will one day lift this shadowed veil cast over the land, using the Cross' reforged blade as his instrument.
    - Currently, Volcana is aligned with the Lunic nation, against the Furogn invasion. (For a complete list of races and their alignment, please see below.)

    - Aves, born of 33 years, is a high ranking knight and excedingly competant general in the Volcana military. As such, he is adorned in very ornate, borderline futuristic armor. He does not wear a helmet but bears a headdress that rests on his brow (just above his eyes). His chestplate features two 'pods' on his back that project wings made from pure, focused energy. He dons a brown, tattered cape.
    - As a knight, Aves is also a trained and disciplined swordsman. His expertise spans over more than two decades, since early childhood. His training required years of intense dedication and service to his lord, formally named Aegis, and taught him the use of a sharpened sword and a sharper mind. His was donned a knight after slaying the horrific beast, Ferver, who had laid waste to his homeland centuries ago. He found that his great deed was not taken lightly, as from the ashes of the beast lay the Hilt of the Cross. His sword, now dubbed the Eleventh Cross, has a broad, white, indestructible blade.
    - Some speculate that Aves is the 'Wielder of Legend', and that he will bring balance back to the world and its inhabitants. Many more would like Aves to become ruler of Volcana, as they see their current 'king', Mazus, as unfit and weak. Aves shares a close friendship with him, and while Mazus is a good man, he was merely born his role and is not an experienced leader.
    - Aves later discovers that the High Council of the Lunic Nation had sent the beast Ferver to Volcana to eradicate its inhabitants and recover the Hilt, and not to return until "no cry is heard, no limb would stir, and no breath was taken." The Furogn country caught wind of this and sent its forces to stave off the Lunics and protect the sacred weapon. The Lunic ruler, High Councilor Krauser, used his remarkable cunning to sway Mazus to his side and against the Furogns, claiming they sent for the blade in order to govern the world. After Aves discovers the corruption of the Lunic goverment, he attempts to inform Mazus, but he is too late. Krauser, on a visit to Volcana for 'diplomatic reasons', kills Mazus before Aves' eyes. In a rage, Aves slays Krauser, and as such, is labelled a tyrant by his people. He then fights alongside the Furogn army in order to surface the truth of his actions and purge the Lunic country of its tainted goverment.

    - Being a character with heavy armor and an appropriately heavy sword, Aves is not the fastest of characters. To help compensate for this, many of his moves have high priority. He also has three mid-air jumps via his armor pods plus the ability to glide.
    - In addition, as a bird, Aves has a heightened sense of danger and the unique ability to tear holes in space and time using his sword.


    Standard Combo (A, A, A):

    - Aves performs a vertical slash downward followed by a vertical slash upward. Aves then kicks straight out from his side, causing very little damage but moderate horizontal knockback with low priority.

    Dash Attack:

    - Aves ignites the armor pods on his back and does a flying knee attack. This attack has low damage and knockback.

    Tilt Attacks:

    - First, I will give an explanation as to how his tilts work. These attacks are very unorthodox as far as Smash is concerned. Instead of a straight-up attack, all of Aves' tilts start with a 'blocking' animation. Basically, Aves first holds his sword either horizontally above him (Up), vertically in front of him (Forward), or planted blade-first into the ground in front of him (Down). If an enemy's physical attack connects with his sword, Aves takes half of the normal attack damage and no knockback. Pressing the attack button again will then allow him to counter in that direction.

    - (Up) After parrying, Aves performs a basic overhead slash with low damage and moderate vertical knockback.
    - (Forward) After parrying, Aves lets out a war cry in front of him, momentarily dazing any enemy within a short range. Causes 1% damage and no knockback.
    - (Down) After parrying, Aves swings his body around his sword, sweeping an out-stretched leg along the ground.

    Note: Some stronger attacks (IE: Falcon Punch, a smash from Bowser, all Final Smashes) cannot be parried and will strike Aves. Also, there is minor lag between blocking and countering, so faster characters can sometimes squeeze a hit in to prevent the counter.

    Smash Attacks:

    - (Up) I'm going to dub this the 'Shovel Slash'. Aves first stabs toward the ground in front of him and then slashes up and over his head (like shoveling dirt and tossing it over your head). This is a very quick two-part attack. The stabbing motion causes very little damage and knockback. The sweeping motion over his head causes a great deal of knockback, sending enemies flying into the air behind him.
    - (Forward) Aves does a spin, extending his sword out in front of him. Causes substantial damage and moderate horizontal knockback. This attack can be angled.
    - (Down) Aves swipes his sword along the ground using the broad-side of his sword. This move causes very high damage, sending the opponent spinning wildly into the air (but no higher than Aves' height) and instantly sends them into the tumbling animation (causing them to flop onto the ground). In action, this looks like a very brutal 'tripping' attack.

    Aerial Attacks:

    - (Neutral) Aves ignites the armor pods on his back and somersaults, causing a wave of energy to circle around him. This attack has low, sustaining damage over time and little knockback, and it hits a maximum of three times.
    - (Up) Aves lays back horizontally, twists his body and kicks vertically into the air. The tips of his toes are sweet-spotted, and generate a lot of vertical knockback. This is a very quick attack.
    - (Forward) Aves does a spin, swinging his sword out in front of him. Basically, he performs his forward smash in the air, only less fierce and more graceful. This attack has moderate damage but low knockback.
    - (Backward) Aves turns and performs a quick pair of slashes behind him. Picture Marth's neutral air attack, only attack behind instead of in front.
    - (Down) Aves points his sword downward and plummets toward the ground. Similar to Link's down air, but instead of knocking enemies into the air, he falls right through them. This causes very little damage and knockback, but it increases his fall speed dramatically. Aves can perform a ground attack immediately upon landing from this move.

    Special Attacks:

    - (Neutral: Wormhole) Aves holds his sword vertically in front of his face, causing a portal to open in front of him. If an enemy shoots a projectile through the portal, it will send the object through a wormhole and back at the enemy from a random direction. This move has a lot of lag, as Aves does not resume his combat stance until the exit to the wormhole is opened. Performing this move in the air causes his fall speed to decrease substantially.

    An example of this move: Link shoots two arrows at Aves (at different times) and into the portal. The exit to each portal will appear a fixed distance from Link, but the first arrow may come from above, while the second arrow might appear from behind.

    - (Up: Bottle Rocket) Aves ignites his armor pods and jumps in a very vertical trajectory, twisting as he ascends with wings spread. His energy wings cause minor damage and knockback to nearby opponents. Aves can glide after the use of this move.

    - (Forward: Fearsome War Cry) Aves yells with such ferocity that enemies in front of him are damaged and knocked back. This ability can be charged, and at full capacity will do an immense amount of damage and horizontal knockback (see Donkey Kong's charged punch or Ganondorf's Warlock Punch).

    - (Down: Laundry Shute) Aves opens two portals, one directly beneath his feet and one directly above his head. Aves falls through the bottom portal and simultaneously comes out of the portal above. He can perform any normal aerial move while doing this, but he cannot execute another special attack until after landing on the ground again.


    - (Attack: Gut Punch) Exactly like it sounds, Aves grabs his adversary by the throat, holds them off the ground, and repeatedly punches their stomach.

    - (Up: Avian Call) Aves tosses his opponent above him and unleashes a war cry vertically (sounds like a screech from a hawk or eagle, only much more intense), sending the opponent flying straight up. This move causes high damage and low vertical knockback, but it also causes minor damage to any enemies in his immediate viscinity.

    - (Forward: Broadside) Similar to his Down-Smash, Aves shoves his opponent away and spins, smacking them across the face with the broad side of his sword. This move causes moderate damage but high horizontal knockback. Broadside can also strike enemies behind Aves.

    - (Backward: Shakedown) Aves tosses the opponent over his head and behind him. Before the enemy hits the ground, he brutally kicks out from his side, sending the opponent flopping along the ground like a skipping stone.

    - (Down: Warp Slide) Aves points his sword toward his opponent's feet, opening a wormhole. He then tosses his opponent into the air, hops up, and slashes them downward into the portal (think Cloud's 'Braver' Limit Break). The portal closes as the exit to the wormhole opens above. The opponent flies through the exit and crashes onto the ground. This attack, despite it's long description, is actually fairly quick, taking about 2.5 - 3 seconds to fully execute.

    This move has three separate attack properties:

    1) The initial throw causes minor damage (1% - 3%).
    2) The downward slash causes the most damage (roughly 12% - 15%).
    3) The opponent crashing onto the ground causes additional damage (roughly 5% - 8%)

    Final Smash:

    - (All Are Equal Under the Sun, then someone dies): Aves thrusts his sword straight up (Similar to an Up-Smash from Marth), and from it, a massive portal rockets high into the sky (out of view). Suddenly, the screen starts to shake, and an expanding sun (super nova) will begin to slowly cover the top half of the screen. This immense mass of flame possesses an equally strong force of gravity, and players who are airborne will find themselves caught in its current and, ultimately, consumed. All opponents caught in the nova will then be compressed into a tiny black ball (black hole), averaging out all of their damage percentages, directly above Aves. The gravity generated by this tiny object is so powerful, Aves lets his sword slip from his hands, and in a flash of light it flies up and pierces the black hole. This creates an extravagent explosion that causes an additional 15% damage and sends all affected opponents flying.

    - This move, at first glance, only causes 15% damage. It can actually heal an opponent if the damage percentages are different enough. For example, two opponents get caught in the super nova. One has 0% damage taken, while the other has 100%. Upon compression, both enemies then have 50%, and with the final strike, 65%. In short, one enemy was actually healed for 35%, but the other was damaged for 65%; however, any enemy over 70% before the last strike will be easily KO'd by the following explosion.

    - After the explosion, Aves' sword falls back to the stage, spinning wildly. The sword plants itself in the ground next to Aves. He crosses his arms, chuckles, and non-chalantly says "Had enough yet?" He then removes his sword from the ground and assumes his normal battle stance.

    - The easiest way to avoid being caught in this is to simply stay on ground level. Aves is invulnerable during it's duration, so enemies will have to fight over who keeps their feet planted.


    - (Up) Aves looks up to the sky and whispers, "Mazus, I failed you once . . . but never again."
    - (Forward) Aves holds his sword vertically in front of him. The sword's blade glows, illuminating his face.
    - (Down) Aves plants his sword into the ground, blade-first, and kneels in a knightly fashion.

    Victory Poses:

    - Aves jabs his sword into the ground and then kneels. He lowers his head in quiet contemplation.
    - Aves turns away from the screen, his cape flowing. He holds his sword at his side and says, "Do not waver in thy strength. Your misfortune brings justice to all."
    - Aves removes his headdress and wipes the sweat from his brow. He then holds his sword and headdress at his sides and looks up to the sky.
    - This pose only occurs if Aves is fighting all evil (bad, unjust, etc.) characters. Using his armor pods to keep him afloat, he hovers above the ground, holding his sword downward in front of him as it glows a bright white (think Ganondorf's 'sword' victory pose). He quietly mutters the words, "Filthy pests."


    Aves' stage takes place on high atop the snow-covered mountain, Dessertia. Strong, shifting winds blow wildly across the stage, propelling both dirt and snow into the air. It is represented by a large, central platform with lower ledges on each side. Players on these low ledges are exempt from the high gusts, but they are still minorly affected by the constant winds. A single, higher platform sits above the large platform directly in the center (all platforms resemble a triangular pattern). The pedestal where the Hilt of the Cross once rested can be seen in the background, encased in sunlight.
    - Periodically, Ferver will fly above the stage and spit acidic bombs down onto the players. These bombs consist of extremely potent stomach acids that are highly explosive and will burn affected players over time.

    - Players can be knocked out on all four sides of this stage.


    - Aves' music is heavily orchestrated, dramatic and climactic. Loud cymbal crashes and deep-toned bells accentuate the almost frantic woodwind and string instruments in the background. A french horn plays his bold main theme during the battle.


    - (Assist Trophy: Mercias Havokk) The king of the lion country enters the battle, clad in his royal battle armor. Mercias will follow the user around the stage, protecting them. He will block the next incoming attack and counter with an immense blow from his mace. This attack will knock out any opponent over 70%.

    - (Melee Attack Item: The Blade of Krauser) Players can pick up this dagger-sized blade to use in battle. They will find that, while it does not do much damage to opponents when attacking them head-on, stabbing someone in the back will result in incredible damage and equally powerful horizontal knockback (similar to the power of a Hammer, only sideways). A normal, frontal attack will cause roughly 3% damage, while an attack from behind will yield closer to 20%.

    Warning: Boss Approaching!

    - (Boss: Ferver and the 100 Wolf Armada) After the death of Mazus, Aves has revisited the peak of Dissertia on several occasions, praying to the gods to forgive him for failing a dear friend. This time, however, he realizes that he is not the only one to brave the cliffs of Dissertia. Ferver flies high atop the stage (just like his stage hazzard version), and the 100 Wolf Armada has setup an ambush to capture, and ultimately execute, Aves. He must slay the entire 100 Wolf Armada (who behave a lot like wire-frames with weapons and come in waves of 6-8), and upon doing so, Ferver will land on the stage and begin phase 2 of the battle. Ferver's abilities become exponentially more powerful on the ground, where he is not wasting a lot of his energy to stay airborne. His moves are as follows:
    - Acid Beam: Acid Beam fires across the entire length of the stage; it is so wide that Aves can only avoid it by jumping to the top platform. If Aves is caught in the beam, he takes 50% damage, is burned over time for 3% damage a second and is slowed by 20% for 10 seconds.
    - Acid Bomb: Ferver can still spit Acid Bombs onto the stage, only this time he shoots 2 at a time in an arched trajectory (similar to Yoshi's eggs, only much more deadly). The power of his bombs, despite there being 2, has not been compromised, and Aves will still be sent flying and burn over time if struck by these.
    - Acid Rain: Ferver will pause in battle and breathe a toxic mist into the air for 15 seconds, giving Aves ample time to chip away a decent chunk of his HP. However, if he is allowed to finish this ability, a deadly acid rain will begin to fall on the stage. It cannot be avoided, as it will instantly burn through any platform it contacts, and the resulting contact will burn for 5% damage a second for another 15 seconds. Once Ferver's Acid Rain begins to fall, he is once again free to move around and execute other abilities.
    - Ferver also has various claw and tail attacks at his disposal.

    Well, there you have it. I'll just have you know that it took me four hours to come up with a moveset and post it while working. XD
  37. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Actually, I was more worried about his aerials...
    I think the best way to avoid making a character too weak or too strong is to work out in advance what sort of a character it's supposed to be and write down a simple set of statistics, so you don't end up with either Kirby ( advantages=? ) or Captain Falcon ( weaknesses=... recovery is... kinda bad? ).
    When writing down the specific moves, it's probably best to only note how weak or how powerful the attack is when it's really supposed to stand out.
    Might just be me, though.

    You don't know if you like what?
    Luffy is a decent idea.

    Glad that you like my thread. Unfortunately, as interesting as the idea of Velma ( of all people! ) is, your moveset kinda doesn't work. ... though, to be fair, I've already accepted two unworkable characters.

    What the hell, you're in. ^^;

    Dude, that, like, sucks so hard, man.


    If I tell everyone that their movesets are awesome, nobody will take my praise seriously anymore! D=

    Seriously, though. Your post made me happy. I love it to hell. ^^

    Why do you make me feel so inadequate? D=

    That was downright amazing. Though, funnily enough, he seems kinda underpowered. Though he might be quite deadly in the hands of a tricky player.
    I'll bite. What's the character from? Are you writing a fantasy novel?
    I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy. For now, I'll give him a placeholder avatar.

    *goes update the first post*

    We're getting a pretty respectable roster already.
    By the way, everyone, don't hesitate to comment on other people's movesets!
  38. Sabrewulf238

    Sabrewulf238 Smash Champion

    Oct 17, 2007

    Well when I made Velma's moveset I was kinda making fun of her and what she does in the cartoon. That and a bit of silliness thrown in. ;)

    This is probably the only thread where I don't need to be serious when thinking of fighters for brawl.
  39. Fawriel

    Fawriel Smash Master

    Apr 2, 2007
    Haha, well, if you want to look at it that way, go ahead.
    I'll have to be a bit more picky if I get so many submissions that I can't hold them in two posts anymore, and I'll have to decide on the best ones when I collect characters for a final select screen...
    But until then, just go crazy, I guess. :p
  40. Sabrewulf238

    Sabrewulf238 Smash Champion

    Oct 17, 2007
    Uh...the link that's for Velma goes to Phaze instead :ohwell:

    Edit: There's actually alot of links that don't go to the right character but that's just me being picky it's not the end of the world.

    I hope Velma makes it, I might update her moveset a bit later

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