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Last Activity:
Feb 9, 2016 at 12:54 AM
May 20, 2009
Likes Received:
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Dec 19, 1992 (Age: 23)
Home Page:
WeJo, Utah

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Smash Legend, Male, 23, from WeJo, Utah

Z'zgashi was last seen:
Feb 9, 2016 at 12:54 AM
    1. Raheem The Dream
      Raheem The Dream
    2. Shuzen^
      Hey..I'm new to this site and I was wondering if you could kind of let me know what there is to do lol...I chose you completely at random
    3. Scinn
      Zzshy halp.
      I would like to know what foxes worst MU's are and you are the most MLG guy I know.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Scinn
        I'm gonna play online smash soon... and just wanted to know "Do I really suck or is this just a bad MU?" Kinda thing. Because I know I'm really good at fighters overall after playing dks2 for so long. (That game is literally just learning fighting game basics that can be applied to any fighter lol)
        May 3, 2015
      3. Z'zgashi
        Yeah Fox is super solid, theres no match up in the game he cant handle, even the match ups he loses, he only loses slightly.
        May 3, 2015
      4. Scinn
        That wasn't the case in brawl lol. Fox lost almost everything to infinates or the inability to actually do anything due to spacing. It was like he only had a few decent MU's which bothered me.
        May 3, 2015
    4. Rie Sonomura
      Rie Sonomura
      You're the owner of the Neku thread in the Character support forum, right? I made a post there...with DLC being possible now Neku's on my DLC wishlist for sure.
      1. Raheem The Dream likes this.
    5. Kofu
      Hey, Z, would you be up for some Wi-Fi matches sometime? The people on the Villager boards want to know about the Villager/Yoshi MU and I'd like to help with it, but you're the main good Yoshi I know. Since we live in the same state, I figure lag won't be too bad.
    6. Apple Jaxx
      Apple Jaxx
      Hey it's Jax from arena! We gotta play sometime.
    7. Brickbox
      Thanks Gashi.

      Cant wait to play you when the game comes out :D
    8. Brickbox
      Awesome, any idea how many frames you are invincible on the ledge?
    9. Scinn
      I would like to apologize for all those times I was a complete ******* in the hftow group because I'm having guilt problems atm. So yeah... srry... I just felt like I should apologize is all.
    10. LIQUID12A
    11. Kumaru
      Woad Scout Quinn <3
      1. Z'zgashi likes this.
    12. IsmaR
      Charcific Valley tho

      NES Ridley tho
    13. Shaya
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Shaya
        I forgot.
        Feb 16, 2014
      3. Shaya
        Something something funny something something don't something manly.
        Feb 16, 2014
      4. Z'zgashi
        Feb 16, 2014
    14. Disfunkshunal
    15. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      Merry Christmas Z'z!
    16. CourageHound
      I admire peoplw who do nuzlocke runs. I couldn't stand the thought of one of my team dying and not being able to use him/her anymore ;~;
    17. Oz
      Hey you.
      Get back on the Bowser bandwagon brah
    18. CourageHound
      Hey, whats up?

      Do you usually get good stuff through wonder trade or just really bad pokes meant to troll?
      1. Z'zgashi
        About half and half, but even if you get bad stuff you can always wonder trade it right back.
        Oct 29, 2013
    19. Indigo Jeans
      Indigo Jeans
      But why MegaAmpharos ;_;
    20. Brickbox
      yus! Nice choice of a Pokemon to name after me =D
    21. Oz
      How good is your region? I'd like some context to see how I fair in comparison to my own.
      1. Z'zgashi
        Were okay I guess lol. Nowhere near any of the power house regions, but not bad. Our best player got out of pools at Apex so I guess thats good ;p
        Jun 18, 2013
      2. Oz
        Better than what I could say about my own and myself.
        Nice on PR'ing 4-5th with Bowser/Yoshi.
        Jun 18, 2013
      3. Z'zgashi
        Nah, Im not PR'd 5th, Im actually at 7th atm, I just took 5th at the tournament last weekend ;p
        Jun 19, 2013
    22. -Final-
    23. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      What made you change your mind?
    24. Z'zgashi
      The Element of Magic
      1. Raheem The Dream likes this.
    25. Oz
      She says she's no good with words but I'm worse
    26. yoshi8984
      Thanks Z'z! ^__^
      Hopefully we can get back into playing MKWii online again sometime haha
    27. Scinn
      PROFILE picture. lol.
      It's the one with the dog guy saying. "do you even believe"
    28. Scinn
      Where did you get your profile picture? LOL
    29. Brickbox
      Hope things get more lax for you, thanks for the reply man, I'll be training my bowser jr. :)
    30. Brickbox
      Hey I got Mario tennis open :D would you like to play some this week?
    31. Sephiroths Masamune
      Sephiroths Masamune
      Merry Christmas Z'z!
    32. Sunnysunny
      You found a way to combo into parappa's level one?
      Do tell~

      There's a tourney coming up and that can be incredibly useful in a pinch for me.
    33. Druid.
    34. Luigisama
      you should change your name to Z'zflashy because you do cool stuff with bowser
    35. Sunnysunny
      Gashi should team with Sunny sometime in PSAS. :>
    36. Sunnysunny
      Oh my...
      My casual scrub is showing!

      So he's like cap? I can really dig that then! Right now it's a toss up between him and Spike. Lool. Dude. I read your post or whatever about "Using lotsa aerial side square and level to down circle." and thats like, all I do at this point. Those triple banana's are tooo goooood~!

      Spike feels like such a troll character.
      I honestly didn't know who he was from at first so me and my friend called him "That beyblade kid" for the longest time. >w>

      He's pretty neat though.

      Oh! And thanks. Yea tech chases seem sooooooo strong! Maybe it's because i'm comparing it to smash too much, but theres nothing better then the continuously grounding an opponent and sapping there SP like that. <3
    37. Sunnysunny
      You've really been putting in work then...Man.

      Do you think he has any general playstyle yet? Doesn't seem like he has any glaring weakness's yet. Decent mid range, awesome AP gain, alot of ways too approach. OH! And alot of ways to floor the enemy for tech chases. <3

      Stop me if i'm sounding scrubby, but i've got a question about sly's lack of dodge roll as well. since you've been playing this much longer then me. Does sly have any options to get out of d-throw tech chases that floor him? I don't know the frame data on get up rolls and what not yet, but his get up rolls pretty garbage distance wise. In 1 on 1 if you d-throw him in a tight space it doesn't seem like he has much options to escape.

      I know he has a teleport but I don't know the invincibility frames on that either.
    38. Sunnysunny
      Sometimes I feel as though you are my equally if not more awesome long lost twin brother Z'z babes.

      I've been trying to drum up the scene in CO's smash facebook. I really want this game to become a thing and not be written off as just a smash clone! Ya know?

      Buuut my PS3 decided to be a dumb butt and crash on me right when I got this game. Couldn't handle how good my PaRappa was.

      When I get it fixed, you have to show me how a true Rappa believes. <3 I just like...
      spam microphone into combo's alot. :V
    39. Эикельманн [РУС]
      Эикельманн [РУС]
      still can't believe there are two mooneys in the smash community
    40. Sunnysunny
      I voted Gashi in as a MU chart panelist.

      He's the only one fit to lead this great country!
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  • About

    Dec 19, 1992 (Age: 23)
    Home Page:
    WeJo, Utah
    3DS FC:
    Brawl FC:
    Wii Number:
    4221 6061 8113 1036
    Smash 64 Main:
    Melee Main:
    Brawl Main:
    Smash 3DS Main:
    Meta Knight
    Smash WiiU Main:
    If you wanna play me online for anything, just add and message me either here or in game. Here are my usernames and such if you wanna play anything:

    PSN: ZzgashiZzShy
    LoL: ZzShy
    3DS FC: 1521-3678-2980

    Smash Mains:
    64: :mario64: :fox64: :yoshi64: :jigglypuff64:
    Melee: :mariomelee: :marthmelee: :jigglypuffmelee: :yoshimelee: :bowsermelee: :drmario:
    Brawl: :yoshi2: :metaknight: :bowser2: :falco: :mario2: :warioc:
    3DS/WiiU: :4metaknight::4yoshi: :4bowser: :4mario: :4wario2: :4falco: (:4corrin:)


    Smash 64:
    S: :pikachu64:
    A: :kirby64: :fox64:

    B: :falcon64: :mario64: :yoshi64:
    C: :jigglypuff64: :ness64: :samus64: :dk64:

    D: :link64: :luigi64:

    S: :foxmelee: :falcomelee:
    A: :marthmelee: :sheikmelee: :jigglypuffmelee: :peachmelee:

    B: :falconmelee: :icsmelee: :pikachumelee: :samusmelee:
    C: :drmario: :luigimelee: :ganondorfmelee: :mariomelee: :yoshimelee:

    D: :younglinkmelee: :linkmelee: :dkmelee:
    E: :zeldamelee: :mewtwomelee: :roymelee:

    F: :gawmelee: :nessmelee:
    G: :bowsermelee: :pichumelee: :kirbymelee:

    S: :metaknight: :popo:
    A: :olimar: :diddy:

    B: :snake: :falco: :marth:
    C: :pikachu2: :zerosuitsamus: :wario:

    D: :lucario: :dedede: :toonlink: :fox: :gw: :rob:
    E: :wolf: :pit: :peach: :kirby2: :dk2: :ike:
    F: :sonic: :sheik: :ness2: :yoshi2: :lucas: :pt:

    G: :luigi2: :samus2: :bowser2:
    H: :falcon: :mario2: :link2: :jigglypuff:
    I: :zelda: :ganondorf:

    Smash 4:
    S: :4sheik: :4zss: :rosalina: :4ryu: :4villager: :4pikachu:
    A: :4sonic: :4fox: :4metaknight: :4diddy: :4mario:

    B: :4ness: :4yoshi: :4cloud: :4rob: :4falcon:
    C: :4pit: :4darkpit: :4tlink: :4wario: :4olimar: :4peach:

    D: :4lucario: :4gaw: :4kirby: :4myfriends: :4lucas: :4luigi:
    E: :4dk: :4greninja: :4feroy: :4drmario: :4bowser:

    F: :4robinm: :4megaman: :4falco: :4miibrawl: :4wiifit: :4pacman: :4mewtwo:
    G: :4bowserjr: :4littlemac: :4link: :4shulk: :4palutena: :4duckhunt:

    H: :4dedede: :4miisword: :4charizard: :4marth: :4ganondorf:
    I: :4miigun: :4lucina: :4samus: :4jigglypuff: :4zelda:


    Twitch.tv Username:


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