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Nov 14, 2011
Jan 31, 2009
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the grand line

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Smash Journeyman, from the grand line

~Zack~ was last seen:
Nov 14, 2011
    1. Mampam
    2. ZHMT
      yea ill be on all day todays and night
    3. ZHMT
      ill be on all day =]
    4. ZHMT
      dam, I hope it gets better =[
    5. ZHMT
      The cables are outside too right? xP

      Maybe your neighbors have the same problems, if not, you should ask whoever is giving you internet since they might be able to replace the cables and stuff
    6. ZHMT
      Possibly the temperature? Thats what I always thought it was when it happened to me, does it get really cold where you live? Sometimes it messes it up idk why tho
    7. ZHMT
      You should talk with your internet service provider about it, it really shouldnt happen, also I really dont mind playing for you if you really want me to
    8. ZHMT
      yesh were gonna be super ****, I promise =]

      also, Ill sub, as long as its allowed and all, just let them know that Imma sub for you and Ill make sure to do my best

      Also my connection got weird when its winter too when I lived in PA, idk why though, but it only lasted like 2 weeks and it stopped =[
    9. ZHMT
      its okay, just get on when you can

      and yeah lets team and I dont mind teaming with MK, I use MK as well as a few other chars now
    10. ZHMT
      You never disappointed me tho xP

      Also that would be so fun, I miss teaming with yous, we would do great, dont worry about not getting on aib atm, Im going here again too xD
    11. ZHMT
      Your too <3

      Were gonna play agains xP
    12. ZHMT
      oh snap, hey ther <33
    13. Minato
    14. Jimmyfosho
    15. #HBC | Bunzy
      #HBC | Bunzy
      um, lets see, how about 6:00 PM east today? otherwise 5:00 east PM tommorow
    16. Nysyarc
      If you come online, send me a VM; I'll be online for the next several hours and ready to do our set.

    17. Inui
      I wish Hayate would pick Hinagiku, but I doubt it. The anime is popular, so I'm assuming they'll make more at some point.
    18. Inui
      I think, in the end, he'll be with Nagi. That's how these things go.
    19. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      Awww haha Hinagiku is sooo cute >_<
    20. Inui
      First half focuses heavily on Hinagiku. I suspect they decided to do that based on her massive popularity. The ending theme is even done by her voice actress and all about her, lol. The next half is back to randomness and Hayate never really decides.
    21. Inui
      It's basically about Hinagiku falling in love with Hayate in the first half, then it goes back to its normal craziness in the second half. Hinagiku is like the main character in the first half. It's just like the first, but a bit more serious and a lot more Hinagiku. I guess they realized how popular she was.
    22. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      Nice avatar :)

      <3 Senjougahara
    23. ZHMT
      damm xD, lateeeee reply, I havent been going here so yea

      but anyways, you can team with whoever your teaming with now, sowwy again lol
    24. ZHMT
    25. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~Alright, will do.
    26. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~Can you brawl now?
    27. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~Today is the last day left for round 2 of my tourney, when can you play?
    28. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~Hey ~Zack~, will u be available say around 3:00 pm est time?
    29. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~awwwwwwwww he went awayz again *sob sob cry*
    30. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~Oh man u just went offline >.< Hit me up when you get back on
    31. professor mgw
      professor mgw
      ~How does 12:00 in the afternoon sound today?
    32. justaway12
      That's stupid, people get too hyperactive with snowballs =/
      I knew a friend who bled because of snowballs with rocks in them. The snow's gone now for me, what a short-lived experience xD
    33. ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
    34. ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
      ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
      go to the utah thread and check out mars' blog
    35. justaway12
      Yeah, that too, and no, they don't throw ice balls at me personally, some idiots outside of school do, I never got hit by one, but I know some people who did and they both had to go home >_>
      Oh and it snowed yesterday and settled fast so know it's already mushy and brown >_>
    36. ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
      ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
      O; OH HAI <3

      and lol... ima be lurkin yo boards all the time now :3
    37. ☆_Mutha-Foxin GangstaKirby_☆
    38. justaway12
      She says it's going to get her in the night or make her fall and break her.

      Yeah, I hate the cold too, I could get into a lot of snowball fights because of that ¬_¬
      Other than that, it's a lot of fun, until it get's all brown at the end and people throw ice balls.
    39. ZHMT
      your avy is incredibleeee<3
    40. justaway12
      Lucky :(
      I want it to snow again, nobody else does though, a friend thinks that snow is going to kill her, I'm aso going to collage soon, so school being really tough recently.
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