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Jan 13, 2015
Sep 10, 2007
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Jul 2, 1990 (Age: 24)
Loser's Semis vs ihavespaceballs
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Smash Champion, 24, from Loser's Semis vs ihavespaceballs

Vts was last seen:
Jan 13, 2015
    1. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
    2. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      xD good luck man :)
    3. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      I saw season 1 of it and yea it was really good.

      I'm studying for finals right now so I'm just waiting on it :<
    4. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      Your avatar makes me wanna watch Fate/Zero :<
    5. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      ok i think i'm staying w/ Ripple now anyway. i'll let u know
    6. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      My hugs are free and can be as long as necessary as long as I don't miss pools matches or something
    7. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      i am down for this... let me see if its k w/ my old room. <33
    8. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      how much rooom do you have? mind if i... bring a friend? ;)
    9. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      hey trying to reach you please contact me.
    10. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      i'm picking up ice climbers
      any tips?
    11. arbustos
      Pinnacle Studio 12
    12. GameClucks
      Between all of the games we have we should be 300++ gamers.
    13. GameClucks
      See Alex Strifes comments below. Need some support for TP SoCal, which is an APEX event in 10 days.
    14. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      are you able to talk today?>
    15. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      when can we talk...call me 6468420950...i wanna get a contract for this soon and speak to you contact
    16. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      we just started but I can guarantee u it will hit that mark. Unlike G2 this has a lot of steam PLUS qualifiers around the world and more than anything will have...plus this is gonna be supported by major companies...why leave urself out? xD
    17. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      should mention it will be the biggest tournament ever...cause it kinda will be xD
    18. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      what were the original issues ?
    19. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      What needs to be done for sabergaming? I have been waiting for a bit and I would love to work this out and talk to them about any issues they had at G2 will not happen at apex
    20. Alex Strife
      Alex Strife
      please refer them to our website at apexsmash.com and , if needed, we can meet with them or show them our new sponsorship package.

      also what are the issues pertaining to?
    21. Dr Peepee
      Dr Peepee
      Definitely man. =)
    22. Sars_Pirate
    23. Vts
      hmm might come visit so we can bro out, might bring seif along so we can have an anime type night where we can chill and talk about anime and be big **** :)

      I'll tell you tomorrow if we can june 4th for a day or 2
    24. ihavespaceblondes
      This weekend as in the one that has one (holiday) day left, or the June one a week from now? If the latter, probably not, but you'd be more than welcome at casa de spacebun.
    25. Death Arcana
      Death Arcana
      I'd did the exact same as the person below me but also paradox and mosaic in one sitting!
      And lol at our profile pics!
    26. 0Room
      Oh god
      Your icon/avatar

      Future Diary is so screwed up
      But I read it from beginning to end.

      Why couldn't I stop?!?!
    27. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      Just.... too much stuff going on.

      I couldn't deal with everything >___<
    28. Fly_Amanita
      I think only mods are able to embed videos.
    29. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      sorry to hear!
    30. Strong Bad
      Strong Bad
      you're going to e52 bro?
    31. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero

      Decisions decisions =3
    32. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      Did you just call me onii-chan?
    33. Ripple
      yeah, I meant ark
    34. Ripple
    35. Zivilyn Bane
      Zivilyn Bane
      lol thats too funny. Didn't know you were following that.
    36. Zivilyn Bane
      Zivilyn Bane
      For sure we will. The only reason we can't go is because I just started at T-Mobile on Tuesday and it's a Tues-Sat training for 8 weeks. So I'm basically missing all tournies for two months except for Pathways since I can still get there late. The crew was gonna go without me but I'm pretty sure they're not =/ Good luck there though hope you guys have fun.
    37. Zivilyn Bane
      Zivilyn Bane
      Yo, Springfield unfortunately isn't going to be able to make it to E52. But if I were you, I'd contact Jace. He lives decently close to the venue and was originally going to house us. Let him know Ziv referred you. He's a hella good smasher too so it should be fun for you. Check the KC topic to find him but I would just PM him after that.
    38. arbustos
    39. Solidusspriggan
      Close up your avatar looks like Lain, but zoomed out I can't actually tell. Regardless great tourney and Lain is the ****!
    40. DoH
      darkrain doesn't want to go, I don't want to go it alone, and nana is mia.

      and by nana i mean wobbles
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    Jul 2, 1990 (Age: 24)
    Loser's Semis vs ihavespaceballs
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