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May 23, 2009
Jun 27, 2008
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Smash Apprentice, from Istrakan

riboflavinbob was last seen:
May 23, 2009
    1. tyciol
      Those googles sure look oddly placed, like they`re slipping off.
    2. ignore the fire
      ignore the fire
      I quoted you in my sig lol. Your theory on the IC's relationship just made too much sense. :D
    3. ignore the fire
      ignore the fire
      Haha nahhh.
      I had a hard time against your zippy move lol.
    4. Teran
      Hey, any time you want some matches, feel free to challenge me when I'm online. I'm not sure about Falco dittos though... it's kinda like first one to get the grab wins, but hey why not, we don't just have to use him right? :bee:
    5. ignore the fire
      ignore the fire
      Hey thanks man.
      Were you the Falco I played 2nd round?
    6. fredymartinez1
      Hey Ribo,

      You currently being challenged by Falco vice and I came here to tell you to go to the F35 social group as soon as possible to arrange a time to fight him.
      Its a best of 3, 8 minutes, no items, and neutral stages only. If you have anymore questions pm Shadowfirex100 please.

      Good Luck~
    7. crazn137
    8. crazn137
    9. crazn137
    10. crazn137
    11. crazn137
    12. jorgewipy
      IM Fox master and i can be snake lets brawl and see who is the SNAKE MASTER
      Here is my msn [email protected]
    13. Byronman
      Then you must be extremely careful about what you say...lol
    14. Byronman
      Really? what is it about exactly?
    15. Byronman
      lul wut?
      did you read that character chart/tier thread thing I told you about?
    16. Byronman
      Are you sure? You have been an "x" for quite a while now!
    17. Byronman
      Um...ok. I will have to play you in that to test your skills.
      you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands...
    18. Byronman
      lol wut?

      Oh and good news: I am currently practicing chain throwing and can do it pretty well. But I still need a lot of work. I will continue to practice diligently when I get back from vacation. You want to brawl at someone's house when I get back?
    19. Byronman
      I see you are reading the thread I posted. What do you think?
    20. fredymartinez1
    21. Byronman
    22. Byronman
      Yeah since tuesday....you didn't know?
    23. Byronman
      I'm bored. You want to do something tomorrow? Imran's coming back.
    24. Byronman
      I was going to tell you about the fierce 35 site but it seems that you found it.
    25. Dflected
      well, we could still do the match if you get the right code, but whatever you want
    26. Dflected
      so the code you gave me is the right one?
      and ty for letting me take the win.
    27. Dflected
      hey, the friend code you gave me doesnt work. Hurry and give me the rigfht one k.
    28. Dflected
    29. Dflected
      okay, so i'll be on at 4 for me and 5 for you, see ya then! good luck. and, btw, do you know how to choose our first match place? i couldn't find it on the group page?
    30. Dflected
      so you've got mine? k ill add you

      how about monday for our match? (btw what timezone are you in? i'm in MST)

      and i'll prob use kirby
    31. crazn137
    32. Byronman
      You want to brawl with bob? I don't know if you can compete with him...
    33. Byronman
      But I can do better...Now it is time to practice...
    34. Byronman
      Tourney's done. There are a lot of really good people. You had better practice in the 2 months before the next brawl one to be able to compete with these guys. Did Imran give you the results?
    35. Byronman
      I can't today because I am on vacation and won't be back until tomorrow. I could maybe do something Tuesday though...
    36. Byronman
      Hey I just read your post on the god thread. Now I understand what you meant by the whole logical fallacy thing! That is also an extrememly excellent point that could close that whole 109 page thread! Why didn't you just tell that to me when you tried to explain it initially?
    37. Byronman
      Alright your a debater now!

      Hey if you are a debater, you can go to your user cp in group membership section and choose to be known as a smash debater instead of smash n00b
    38. Byronman
      Sounds good. I see you were invited to the hangout hut. There is also a social group for that online tourney that you should be invited too
    39. Byronman
    40. Byronman
      Are you using quick reply? Because that might be why your sig isn't showing. Just click add reply at the bottom instead of quick replying. You may also want to update your avatar and profile picture...

      Lol I am kind of spamming your visitor messages aren't I?
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