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Apr 24, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Apr 17, 2010
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Kakariko Village, NH
Brawler and Melee...er

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Smash Champion, Male, from Kakariko Village, NH

~Quest~ was last seen:
Apr 24, 2014 at 11:08 AM
    1. IceArrow
      Hey, are you going to Apex? If you are we could play offline in NH during Christmas break. I will be there for a week at the end of December.
      john madden
    3. bmullins123
    4. bmullins123
      Hi, sorry for not notifying you sooner but the brawl singles will be happening tomorrow in http://xat.com/xat196531958. You might be pleased that I got rid of the character lock, so only if you get 1st-3rd in placements you will have to tell me the characters you used in the tourney, not all just the ones you used the most. Thanks and hope to see you there at 3:00 EST or 12:00 PST! P.S What happen to your avatar.
    5. bmullins123
      I found someone to host the tourney, Ajefk. So be there, I hope it goes well though.
    6. bmullins123
      Hi, Quest just putting a heads up saying I won't be able to do the tourney tomorrow. I was wondering if you could, if you can please contact me. Sorry for the short notice I was at my cousins with no internet that's also the reason why there was no P:M tourneys throughout this week.
    7. bmullins123
      Oh not bad, hope you can win 1st next time.
    8. bmullins123
      Yeah I heard you went to a tourney for a 200$. How did it go?
    9. bmullins123
      Hi, Quest the tourney will be happening today (Saturday) at 12:00 PST or 3:00 EST, I hope to see you there. Thanks!
    10. bmullins123
      The tourney for Brawl singles will start tomorrow at 3:00 EST or 12:00 PST. Don't be Late and don't forget to join the chat http://xat.com/xat196531958. Thanks.
    11. bmullins123
      Hi, Quest the next tourney will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST or 12:00 PST. If you want to help out it would be appreciated.
    12. bmullins123
      You have to state your mains in your post for the tourney. Thanks for joining and it's alright that weren't here but can you at least be on 2-3 or more times a week so I can update you of the tourney or if you want to help out your on. Thanks.
    13. bmullins123
    14. bmullins123
      The next tourney will be this Saturday, so if you want to come please do. It will start at 12:00 PST or 3:00 EST so don't be late. If theirs a way I can contact you Quest so I can tell you about these tourneys give me shout.
    15. bmullins123
      Yea I'm having another one this Saturday. So if you want to help just join the chat http://xat.com/xat196531958 or you can help with the brackets. Thanks
    16. bmullins123
      The tournament will start on Saturday, Quest you said you would join, host this but yet you haven't done anything for it or even been on. If anything can you at least join this with Lota or help with the rules, it would be greatly appreciate. Anyway the rules will be the same as the first post indicates and the tourney will start at 1:00pm Mountain Time or PST in http://xat.com/xat196531958 if you decide to come.
    17. bmullins123
      Hi got a guy, just need some more.
      1. bmullins123
        I managed to find about 9 people including me you Lota and some others. I think we should do it this weekend but I want at least 10 or so.
        Jun 6, 2013
    18. bmullins123
      Yea, I'll try getting some people. How much do you think would be a decent enough to get started?
    19. bmullins123
      We going to do online tournaments on the weekends, I can help if you need it.
    20. IceArrow
      No, I'm just bored.
    21. //JaZz\\
      Hey howz it goin? And thankz for tha shout out!
    22. R e d X
      R e d X
      Hey, MM@ Apex? :)
    23. Ori_bro
      sounds good
    24. Ori_bro
    25. Zeton
      It'll be after I get off work at 8-9pm central time but sure :)
    26. Mister Eric
      Mister Eric
      Certainly =]
    27. Raziek
      $5 Bo5?

    28. IceArrow
      I'll host actually, I'm ready too.
    29. Zeton
      Fail on my half...alright cool, I'll go ahead and get that taken care of. Btw when will you be available to chat on Skype?
    30. Zeton
      So is your player tag Quest with the Apex reg.? (Going to add you as my partner)
    31. Jimmyfosho
    32. Jimmyfosho
      doubles sucks
    33. Zeton
      Sorry if I seem absent. I've been focused on my college finals. Next week is my final school week for the semester though. I should be free next weekend and we can start talking/exchanging strats etc.
    34. MJG
      Yo my bad for never responding to you in the TLGD. Ill play that MU with you anytime we are both free (if you still want to).
    35. Zeton
      Skype should work what is your Skype name?
    36. Zeton
      Sounds good, we need to be sure to get some team practice in before the tourney though. Btw what is your register name (so I can register you as my partner for doubles) mine is Zeton (obviously).
    37. Jimmyfosho
      so when are you going to play me again son?
    38. Death Arcana
      Death Arcana
      Maybe idk I'll let you know
    39. Death Arcana
      Death Arcana
      like talking MUs and stuff idk XD
      once a upon a time ago i thought i was catching up to you
      but your recent results and watching your recent matches
      showed that you like transcended or something
      i hit a wall and don't know what to do atm to get better :/
    40. Death Arcana
      Death Arcana
      help me get better Plz?
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    Kakariko Village, NH
    Brawler and Melee...er
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