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Jun 26, 2014
Apr 5, 2011
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San Diego California
student for now

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Smash Ace, from San Diego California

knuckles213 was last seen:
Jun 26, 2014
    1. I.S FoxMkloud
      I.S FoxMkloud
      khjin.izze is my skype id lol.
      Oh, Kuares was able to add you in the group and as soon as you are able to verify, I will add you as well or you could add me!
    2. Bui
      I see we have the same avi very interesting
    3. Kuares
      Yo, just wondering if you'd be able to talk today?
    4. NeoBatou
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    Brawl Name: SWAKA


    San Diego California
    student for now
    Brawl Main:
    I'm a chill guy who loves video games and would like to one day create them along with consoles with hopes of owning a gaming company. (I'm not joking I'm being serious)

    Plus I'm down to brawl or melee anyone even if you are the best player in the
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