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Nov 12, 2015
Feb 5, 2008
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Smash Journeyman, from Utah

Jellyfishn was last seen:
Nov 12, 2015
    1. NinjaKnight
      Just Adding you as a friend on these forums and saying Hi.
    2. Mekos
      Thanks man!! :)
    3. Z'zgashi
    4. Z'zgashi
      Nah, imma be going on a competitive smash hiatus for the next couple months, ive started to get burnt out on the game lately and im not really feeling into it too much anymore. Ill still probably come to a smashfest here or there just to see you guys and hang out, but I dont really feel like doing anything competitive with it atm. I also have a lot of things going on in my life atm (starting a new job soon, probably moving out in the next few weeks, school is starting up for me soonish, and much more) and I also want to have time to dedicate to the other games I play. So yeah, I wont be able to make it, but dont ditch the tournament just cuz I wont be there. :p
    5. philbobjoe
      Lol I didn't even notice this.
    6. pokesmashfighter
      See you in two years. May you live on in all of us.
    7. Jellyfishn
      Hey all, as of Feb 11th, I will be spending the next two years in Japan, and I will not be able to access this account. Thanks, and I will miss you all!
    8. Dark Ryu
      Dark Ryu
      lol im keepin it:]
    9. Dark Ryu
      Dark Ryu
      Hey whats your numbah jelly:]
    10. Jellyfishn
      Woot! I am no longer a smash child! Just thought I would share this with the world...
    11. philbobjoe
      Thursday will probably work, and yes I have a facebook.
    12. philbobjoe
      I went to MA5. Getting a ride together is probably a good idea. Saves gas money. Plus we should play some time before MA6 to get warmed up.
    13. philbobjoe
      Sure. Most times should work. Also are you going to MA6?
    14. philbobjoe
      Ok, Thursday (Tomorrow) should work fine. We need to work out the details (When and Where). I'll call you tomorrow morning or something.
    15. philbobjoe
      I think Thursday will work I'll see if I can and get back to you.
    16. philbobjoe
      Hey, it's Devin, fancy seeing you here. I saw that you went to that Utah tourney. We should get together some time and smash it up.
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    Smash 64 Main:
    Melee Main:
    Brawl Main:
    Project M Main:
    Smash 3DS Main:
    Mr. Game & Watch
    Smash WiiU Main:
    Smash, Zelda, Mountain Biking


    Windows Live:
    [email protected]


    I will be streaming Smash for 3DS at midnight the day it releases in Japan!
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