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Nov 21, 2010
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Apr 9, 1992 (Age: 22)

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#1118, Male, 22

Hi, I'm Travis Apr 1, 2013

    1. KirbyandSonicrock14
      Hey. Can you move my thread to the smash 4 Wiiu/3ds general discussion? t's the "WElcome to the modern FGC Smash Community" one.
    2. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      I just LOVE what you did with your avatar, adding a Christmas hat to it.
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    3. Green_Kirby
      Happy birthday bro... >-<
    4. SuperMetroid44
      LOL! Hello sugarcake. How you doin'.
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    5. Tarnhold
      Hi, my name is Tyler Arnhold and I'm a student at DePaul University in Chicago. Currently I am in an Online Communities course in which we choose to research this site. I am IRB certified to legally perform the required interviews. ALL information in the interview will be kept private. No personal information will be reported. If you could help me get an interview with anyone, I would VERY much appreciate it!
      1. Green_Kirby likes this.
    6. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    7. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Things are going a little well, a step at a time of course. Currently, i'm just waiting for november to get here while bracing myself for the cold weather up on this mountain where i'm at.
    8. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Hello Gatgat :)
    9. Fluggerson
      3DS Friend code? Do you have Xiivii's? Where is he anyway :(
    10. Yurika
      Never knew you were staff here :P

      It's Slater from the MK Community, hope SB treats me well!
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    11. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      I'm not sure if I should feel honored or what?

      I'll gladly accept it. It'll look good on my Smashboards resume!
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    12. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Gatgat........... things have changed where I'm at. First it seems were moving then she doesn't send any more things to the old house, I lowered my head as if to say why but I was too aggravated. I didn't mention this but my mom is deeply in love with the guy. Anyway I'm sorry if this is drama-like.

      also nice avi.
    13. Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon
      Is that from Housepets too?
    14. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Her Final decision: We are moving, but we'll be making small trips back in forth, i'll still be able to get online for short periods of time. Just thought i'd tell you her final thought.
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    15. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Believe me I would like to move out. Friday (just yesterday) she told me she wasn't gonna let the little 8 year old kid break her and her Bf apart, she wants to find out if her Bf will correct him by the end of this weekend. I can't tell what will happen tomorrow, but I'm hoping she will move. I'll let you know what happens.
    16. FalcoPaunch!121
      Love the avatar!
    17. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      I might be having to move again, back to the house I was at before. Mom's relationship with her bf is at a breaking point, his son is a spoiled brat and hates getting corrected, so the guy (her boyfriend) does not even bother correcting him. Basically things are bad right now:(
    18. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Hello Gatlin
    19. PingPongCop
      Housepets fans unite :)
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    20. Bui
      Good luck my fatlin ill be here if you need me :D
    21. Bui
      Because it hard in arizona you 5 kids and your a single father you couldnt find jobs so you moved to indiana because amir said you get paid more in his homeland.
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    22. Bui
      Wow did you find work dude.
      Or you work in a another cvs :)
    23. Bui
      So youre still in indiana its like amir homeland or youre just to lazy to change your location bud :D
    24. Aeralfos
      i just caught up on housepets after seeing your avatar yesterday, dat reveal to fox a few weeks ago, all da feels
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    25. #HBC | marshy
      #HBC | marshy
    26. TimeSmash
      That avatar Me-WOW
      1. Gatlin likes this.
    27. dimensionsword64
      Can you nominate two characters for Hurt and Heal 2?
    28. dimensionsword64
      I'm not sure anyone will let you hug them with that scawy avatar. =P
    29. dimensionsword64
      Did you change the title of the Bob-ombs thread to 3000 bob-ombs?
    30. Xiroey
      1. Xiroey
        Jun 18, 2014
    31. dimensionsword64
      Hey, can I make a "The Users/Mods/Admins have to count to 300 bob-ombs before the Premium post!" thread?
    32. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      I'm doing good even though I'm bored since brawl Wi-Fi was discontinued. I hope you find what it is you're trying to busy yourself with. I know with the arena temporarily out of frequent visitors, I have nothing to watch over.
    33. DtJ Teczero
      DtJ Teczero
      It is actually why I am buying a WiiU probs LOL
    34. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      hi Gatlin, I hope you've been well.
    35. Xeylode
    36. Luco
      Gatlin can't you get some people to go make the bob-omb thread any fun? :D

      Then ruin it for all of us? :'(
    37. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      I never knew you were a mod for the welcome center, I always thought you were in charge of the forum games area. Glad to have you in the welcome center, Gatlin.
    38. Richard 89
      Richard 89
      Hi gatlin, i now have a new status, one that i've really achieved from laddering different opponents on a different site (aib mainly).
    39. Xiroey
      Gatlin nooooooooo

      Not teemo!

      1. Gatlin likes this.
    40. Airgemini
      Happy birthday!!!
      1. Gatlin likes this.
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    Apr 9, 1992 (Age: 22)
    Smash 64 Main:
    Melee Main:
    Brawl Main:
    Project M Main:
    Smash 3DS Main:
    Toon Link
    Smash WiiU Main:
    Hiya, I'm Travis :)
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